Goa is much more than just the “party capital” of India. The Dudhsagar Falls depicts God’s riveting artistry. Located on the border of Karnataka and Goa, this wondrous creation is full of amazement. 

The flowing water right through the streams forms an illusion of gushing milk between two rocky mountains. Those who experience the view for the very first time end up imagining it as Michelangelo’s painting as it oozes beauty as well as power. 

The rattling water sound, along with rigid currents, puts an end to unnecessary chatters in the adjoining areas. This article is all about how to experience this scenic beauty, so make sure to go through it till the end. 

Facts About The Dudhsagar Waterfall We Bet You Didn’t Know

There's so much to know about Dudhsagar waterfalls that you would be tempted to add this to your bucket list right now - here's what you need to know about this beautiful waterfalls!

Myths About This Majestic Beauty

Myths about this majestic beauty

You might have heard in fables that once, a princess took a bath in a pond right beside her house, which is currently Dudhsagar. Her bathing ritual comprised a gold mug of sweetened milk which would eventually end her bath. One fine day, she observed a handsome prince taking a gaze at her bathing beauty from a distance. 

She then spills her milk in the water to hinder his view through the lake water. It is believed that these falls are a symbol of her milk mug that flows endlessly through the mountains. Thereafter, it was named the “Dudh” Sagar waterfall. 

Geographic Location

You are not the only one wondering the dudhsagar falls is in which state because, trust me, there are many. This four-tired waterfall ranks among the fifth-highest fall in India. The only way to access this strategic location is either by foot or train. Its initial sight is capable of casting spells on its viewers. 

One can notice rich vegetation as far as the eyes go because the local villagers are quite invested in their warmth as well as acumen. What’s even more intriguing about this drop-dead beauty is that you will find several friendly macaques. Dudhsagar railway track adds the ideal vantage point for appreciating its majestic view. 

Perfect Time To Visit

Perfect time to visit

Unlike a specified time period for visiting a certain location, you can visit the Dudhsagar Falls anytime. However, if you want to encounter the best view, you should plan a trip to these Falls during the month of October to June. Chances are you will experience pleasant weather along with the mystical sound. 

The only month you should prevent visiting this beauty is during the monsoon months between July to September. Monsoon winds are usually strong here and might hinder your journey for a while. 

Picturesque Destinations Around The Dudhsagar Falls

Given below is a list of destinations you can take a walk to when visiting the mystical Dudhsagar Falls. 

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary

Wildlife enthusiasts will get to spend quality time in the falls because of the presence of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. It is accompanied by the Mollem National Park, both located in Goa’s Sangeum Taluk. If you are planning on a dudhsagar falls jeep booking trip, this might be your ideal destination to visit. 

Location➼ Goa
Distance from the falls➼ 4.7 km approx
Ways to visit it by a car➼ It takes 17 minutes to reach here from the Dudhsagar waterfall.  
Walking alternatives ➼ Take a walk to this sanctuary which will take around an hour. 
Mammals and animals spotted➼ Wild boar, Wild dog, Barking deer, Bengal tiger, Emerald dove, among others

Tambdi Surla Temple

Tambdi Surla Temple

Popularly considered the Mahadeva Temple, this religious destination was built in the 12th century. The Tambdi Surla temple remains one of the most scenic destinations to visit near the Dudhsagar waterfall. You might be wrong if you think that this temple is only for religious purposes because it has got something more than that. 

Location➼ Surla, Goa, in the adjoining areas of Sangeum
Distance from the falls➼ 30 Km
Best time to visit➼ Mahashivratri 

Castle Rock Trek

Castle Rock Trek

If you are eager on trying your hands on the dudhsagar falls trek, the castle rock trek can be your ultimate solution. It usually takes the trekkers 4-5 hours to complete as it is 14 km long.  The mesmerizing beauty in the adjoining areas is no less than hypnotizing. 

Location➼ Lies within the Karnataka border
Distance from the falls➼ 11 Km
Tunnels➼ Tunnel 2 is the longest, stretching over 2.4 km

Sahyadri Farm

Sahyadri Farm

Don’t you want to stroll in the aromatic spice gardens? The Dudhsagar Falls is surrounded by the aromatic Sahyadri farm that spells out a strong fragrance of natural spices. This is a place that has the potential to kill all the homesickness you get from continuous traveling. You can invest an entire day to comprehend the variety of spices here. 

Location➼ Collem, Goa
Distance from the falls➼ 441 Km
Food findings➼ Mouth-watering herbal tea and delectable snacks

The Devil’s Canyon

The Devil’s Canyon

Last on our list is the Devil’s Canyon, which is infamously called the Devcharacho Kond. Every now and then, the Devil’s Canyon has continued to attract its trekkers with its intriguing beauty. It flows right between the picturesque patches of the jungle, where hiking is the primary recreational activity. The closest dudhsagar falls station to access this place is the Kulem railway station. 

Location➼ Near the Kulem railway station
Distance from the falls➼ 7.6 km
Things to be careful from➼ The place has several hard-hitting undercurrents and mold-covered rocks. 

The Bottom Line

The dudhsagar falls can become your favorite destination if you know which places to visit and, most importantly, when. In order to make your journey pleasurable, I have listed these points here. 

I hope you found this article useful. Comment below as you are open to sharing your experience of this beautiful scenery.

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