The attractive town, Stowe, stands among the lush green valley, which is surrounded by the picturesque Worcester Rage in the East and the mesmerizing Mount Mansfield and various other peaks in the West. The Little River crosses this small village in Vermont, which connects the village with charming, rustic bridges.

This beautiful area serves as a family picnic spot during the summer. This is an ideal spot for people who enjoy being outdoors, and there are a lot of hiking, biking, and skiing paths in the town. But these are not the only things drawing attraction towards the town. 

If you are keen on getting adventurous from time to time, then this could be the perfect spot for you. There are a lot of thrilling and unique attractions that this place offers, including haunting places. People from all over the world come here to see the Gold Brook Bridge, popularly known as Emily’s Bridge, mainly for the paranormal activities that they have heard of.

Historic Overview

The bridge was built back in 1844. This is just like any other 19th-century bridge and is around 50 feet long and goes over the Gold Brook. People say when the construction was happening, the bridge smelled like pine, the black wood looked fresh, and it cracked every time a horse-drawn cart passed through it. 

But after that, the weather has ruled a lot of the old-school glamour. Presently, it is more popular as Emily’s Bridge. Well, you might smell something spooky about the name. You are not wrong. Let’s hear the story behind the name.

The Legend Behind Emily’s Bridge

This bridge is for something the faint-hearted should visit. The Gold Brook Bridge holds more mystery and charm when compared with any other eye-catching covered bridges that New England has. There is a legend that has been going around for years now about this bridge, which would send chills down your spine. 

The legend behind Emily’s bridge

Legend has it that Emily was a young woman who came from a low-income family in Stowe. But just like we see in any love story, that love does not follow rules. And here, Emily fell in love with a guy who came from a well-to-do family. Back then, she was just a teenager. This story dates back to the 1920s. 

The guy’s family did not support their romance because Emily did not have the same upbringing as the guy. She came from an underprivileged family. But the man chose to marry Emily even though his family was not ready to accept her. He decided to go against everyone and choose his love over everything.

The young couple made a plan to elope and leave the town of Stowe after they annulled their marriage. They planned to meet on ths very bridge that we are talking about today. But that was when the tragedy happened. The guy did not turn up, and to everyone’s disappointment, Emily hung herself out of desperation from the rafters of the bridge. 

I know how you must be feeling for poor Emily. You must be feeling emotional about her, who lost the love of her life and ended her life on the bridge. But that was not the end of it. But she had other plans for the bridge. She did not leave it just yet. Emily’s spirit haunts the bridge to date.  

The Paranormal Activities

The paranormal activities

Well, we have heard a lot of places being haunted, and people visit those places just to get the chills or check them out just out of mere curiosity. This is no different. The alleged haunted bridge also has many such tales that people have been saying for years, and some say they have witnessed the presence of something unnatural around there. 

Photographers Witnessed Some Mysterious Apparitions

Many people have said they have taken pictures of the bridge, and that did not come out well. The photographer saw some mysterious apparitions in the photograph, which did not appear when they took the picture. 

Some pictures show a ghostly apparition that resembles a girl. Photographers confirm that there were no women present during the time the photo was taken. 

White Light Coming Out Of Nowhere?

People have claimed they saw a white flash of light or phantom light coming their way but without a source. they can never find the source of the light. After a few moments, they often find scratch marks on their body as well as their cars.

People say that the temperature in this place drops abnormally and fluctuates without a reason. Some of the visitors claim to hear some uncanny voice. They find it difficult to find the source of the sound, but when heard properly, it sounds like a lady is calling out for help.

Other Instances

There have been some other instances that are most hostile. On days when there is no wind, people have said their hats have flown. There is a very popular story of a guy who suddenly saw the windshield fog just like that, and after that, there were some hand prints on the glass. There was no other person present around there who could have done that.

Back when there were horse carriages, they used to suddenly flee, looking terrified, as scratch marks appeared on their body suddenly, which was probably because of ghostly nails. And now the same is happening with cars. Even people have admitted that they have felt someone rubbing off their back or their body in general.

Once, a group even claimed to have met the infamous Emily. They went to Emily’s bridge and suddenly saw the apparition materializing before them and approaching them. They went back inside the car and locked the doors in terror. She tried to come inside, but her trials vent in vain, and the shape vanished. 

Wrapping Up!

It is said that people often hear phantom music on some days and describe the sound as close to the one of a wind chime. It is sometimes like a gentle tune of the harp.  mostly comes from under the bridge, from down the stream, which was the only witness to the tragic death of Emily. But they can never find the source of the music.

Now, it is upto you whether you want to believe it to be true or think of it like folklore. There are some people who say that Emily never existed, and this is a made-up story, but do let us know if you visit the place, if you had any scary experiences, or whether you have also encountered the spirits of Emily on Emily’s bridge.


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