Life in a metro city is not at all easy. With a gradual increase in overall stress levels amongst young office goers, it is important that a city provides some places where these individuals can kick back and relax.

Keeping this in mind, the designers of the park have designed the whole thing in such a way that brings a range of activities to the table every day. This would keep individuals of all ages engaged and entertained.

So, get your adventure shoes on, and let us dive right in and learn about everything that one needs to know about EOD Adventure Park, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. Here are some of the EOD Adventure Park photos that you can check out.


EOD Amusement Park was set on Sanjay Lake in the year 2015. Sanjay Lake is an artificial lake that was built by DDA or the Delhi Development Authority in Trilokpuri. The park is located near Mayur Vihar II residential project. Therefore, it is fairly understandable if the park is a little crowded on weekends. This is amongst those places in Delhi where visitors can enjoy a quaint boat ride in the 4 Km long artificial lake and, at the same time, enjoy a walk. This adds a unique characteristic to the park, which is unparallel.

How To Reach It?  

How to reach it

Reaching EOD Amusement Park is not a tough feat. This is further made easy by the well-connected subway system in Delhi. To reach the park by metro, you need to get down at ‘eod adventure park nearest metro’ Mayur Vihar. Mayur Vihar station is the nearest metro station to EOD Adventure Park and is located around a kilometer away from the park, so it would take you around 15 minutes to reach if you decide to walk.

However, if you do not have access to the metro, do not worry. There are other ways to reach the park. If you decide to take a bus, then you can get down at the gate since there is a dedicated bus stand at the very gate of the amusement park.

A train is also an option if you are planning to visit the park anytime soon. To reach the park, get down to the New Delhi railway station. However, unlike the bus and the metro, this would take longer. Once you get down, you have to take some type of car or other means of transportation. It can take around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the park. Therefore, in our opinion, you should either consider taking a bus or a metro if you decide to take public transport.


‘Versatile’ would be an appropriate word to explain EOD Adventure Park. The park is known for its range of activities catering to different age groups. The website of the amusement park lists two types of activities that one can experience in the park. These two categories include “Thrilling Adventures for Teenagers and Adults” and “Kid’s Adventures” aimed at catering to different age groups.

Thrilling Adventures For Teenagers And Adults:  

Thrilling Adventures for Teenagers and Adults

According to the website, the ‘Thrilling Adventures for Teenagers and Adults’ activities include:

  • Tree Top Course: This offers 14 increasingly challenging tree top courses that can make anybody feel like one of the Ninja Warrior contestants.
  • Zip Line: measuring up to 150 meters, the park officials claim that it is the ‘longest Zipline of NCR.’
  • Zip Cycle: Take cycling and zip line, then combine them, and what you have is a Zip Cycle. One of the unique EOD Adventure Park rides that keep things interesting.
  • Bowling:  With seven alleys to bowl to your heart’s content.
  • Boating: The park is built around a 4 km long stretch of artificial water body; it is the only place where you can enjoy a nice boat ride in Delhi.
  • Archery: Who does not want to feel like Hawkeye? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then this activity is sure to keep you engaged.
  • Rain Dance: Beat the stress and heat by enjoying with your friends or family in this activity.
  • Bull Ride: Hold on! Before getting triggered, you should know that no animals were harmed here. Get the thrill of riding a real bull with this ride to see how long you can last before getting slammed to the floor.
  • Body Zorbing: Wanna feel like a giant ball and bump into people? EOD has got you covered.

Laser tag: Wanna shoot a laser at your friends and make your game night a little more? EOD takes care of that need as well.

Kid’s Adventures:  

Apart from the unique activities mentioned earlier, EOD Amusement Park also offers some kid-friendly activities that your little one might enjoy as well.

  • Jungle House: Delhi’s first adventure course with 14 different difficulty levels for your little one to explore and conquer.
  • Kid’s fun zone: Including a whole range of kid-friendly rides that your little one can enjoy safely, without any sort of mishap.

Apart from these activities, EOD Amusement Park also claims that it wants to bring newer activities to keep the visitors entertained and engaged.

Ticket Price:  

Ticket Price

The overall pricing of the tickets is divided into two distinct categories, one for adults and one for kids. These categories are further subdivided according to the days of the week. The officials have kept the EOD Adventure Park ticket price affordable.

Weekdays Combo includes four categories that visitors can explore:

  • Explorer combo: Priced at ₹200, this combo offers one-time availing of bowling, boating, treetop course, archery, rain dance, and board games. Every activity offered is one time.
  • Conqueror combo: Priced at ₹300, this combo offers zipline, bowling, boating, treetop course, archery, rain dance, and board games with one-time availing of bowling and zipline.
  • Killer combo: Priced at ₹400, this combo offers zipline, bowling, boating, treetop course, archery, rain dance, board games, zip-cycle, bull ride, body zorbing, and laser tag. With one-time availing of bowling, boating, zip line, laser tag, bull ride, body zorbing, and zip cycle

Apart from Weekdays combos, the park also provides weekend combos:

  • Adventurer combo: Priced at ₹300, this combo offers darts, boating, a treetop course, archery, rain dance, and board games. With one-time availing of boat rides.
  • Conqueror combo: Priced at ₹400, the combo offers zipline, darts, boating, treetop course, archery, rain dance, and board games. With one time availing of boating and zipline.
  • Supreme Combo: Priced at ₹400, this combo offers body zorbing, laser tag, bull ride, zip cycle, zipline, darts, boating, treetop course, archery, rain dance, and board games. With one-time availing of bowling, boating, zip line, laser tag, bull ride, body zorbing, and zip cycling.

For kids (less than 4 feet tall), the park official has kept a flat rate for both weekdays and weekends. This flat rate is ₹150 and includes activities like Kids Fun Zone, boat rides, jungle house, and rain dance. Moreover, the park also has a subscription system or ‘Annual Pass’ that is priced at ₹1200 that offers access to all the aforementioned activities for around a year.


EOD Adventure Park reviews are mostly positive and have been for a while due to its variety of activities. With a range of fun activities to take part in, this is a perfect place for you and your loved ones to kick back and enjoy your day. However, do get ready to have too much fun at this amazing place! So come along and let your inner child out!

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