Are you a beginner and looking for some escape room guide? I know it might seem a little difficult in the first place, but by the time you get to the end of the article, you will know the basics of an escape room.  

Looking for some escape room tips? Well, you have come to the right place. Know the escape room hacks and complete your quest faster than others. Even if you are a beginner, this article is going to help you in your quest and help you deal with the challenges they throw at you. 

A sneak peek at the escape room guide 

With the help of the basic escape room concept, you will have a heads-up on how to prepare for the adventure in the escape room. This guide is going to help you with tips and tricks for an escape room. It covers it all. 

A sneak peek at the escape room guide

But before you go, you must select an appropriate escape room, get a team together with different kinds of capabilities, and bring it on. But you must be great at communication, quick thinking, teamwork, and observation if you want to win the game. 

What is an escape room? 

An escape room is a place for live action, where participants interact with one another and work together to solve riddles and puzzles and complete the mission within the time limit that is given. 

What is an escape room

Well, think like you are in an actual movie or inside a video game. But the difference here is you are actually a part of it. You have to work on it yourself to get through past the challenges and solve the puzzles to get out of the room. 

The basic escape room concepts that you must know 

The basic concepts that you must know

As a beginner, you should be aware of the basic and important escape room concepts, like the theme of the game, the time limit that you have been given, the design of the room, and the game master. 

The theme 

An escape room can have anything as a theme. It could be a magical face-off with a witch or a fiction-based detective mission against some criminal mastermind. Choosing a theme is crucial, as different players can have different tastes. 

The layout and design of the room 

Escape rooms are designed to become appealing, engaging and virtually stimulating. You will find secret doors and hidden compartments, along with other props that help with the puzzle. 

You must pay close attention to every detail and learn what you must ignore. This is going to help you with the clues and get you on with the progress.  

The time limit 

As mentioned before, there is a time limit for every escape room, and you have to figure out the clues and plan an escape within that given time. You will not get the entire day or as long as you need to figure out an escape. Most of the escape rooms give 60 minutes as their time limit, but of course, there are exceptions. 

The game master 

Scared of trying out escape rooms? This easy escape room guide can help you get past your fears. 

The game master is a very important part of the escape room. The details of the escape room vary everywhere.  

But the game master is mostly responsible for welcoming you, briefing you about the game, looking after your progress in the game, providing you with hints when needed, and assisting you in every way possible. 

How to prepare for your very first escape room game 

How to prepare for your very first game

It is both intimidating and exciting together when you are preparing for your first-ever escape room challenge. There is no one-way set that you can follow; it depends on your experience and how you have engaged with people who are enthusiasts. 

Assemble the team 

The basic rule to win over an escape room is teamwork. It is best if you choose a team with people who have different skill sets. It is the collective effort that matters and not the skill of an individual. 

Think about inviting friends, family members, or colleagues who are interested in solving puzzles, have strong communication skills, and can work with a calm mind under pressure. If you are going for the very first time, then it is best to take people who are close to you. 

Select an escape room 

We discussed the game theme before. This is something that you have to consider while choosing an escape room. You have to choose an escape room that has a theme along with a storyline that you and your team would like. 

Another thing that you have to think about is the difficulty level of the escape room. If you are a beginner, go for the easy ones, or it might get you frustrated. Ask your friends who have some experience in that area for some suggestions. 

Set realistic expectations 

An escape room is mainly for fun. So, just enjoy the time you are in the escape room and spend all the time solving the puzzles and the codes and looking for the hidden treasures collectively with your teammates.  

Dress appropriately 

If you are thinking about your outfit for the escape room, then dress comfortably. Choose clothes which will allow you to move easily. You have to be comfortable in the clothes to move around and focus on the puzzles. 

Try not to wear high heels and clothes that do not restrict your movements so it does not become an obstacle for the game.  

Prepare yourself mentally 

It might sound lame and generic, but preparing yourself mentally can change the game altogether, mainly if you are a newbie.  

You have to be calm and keep your mind open to think creatively. Work with your team members, and never hesitate to share any idea that comes to your mind, even when you think it is lame. And whenever you think you need a clue, ask your game master. 

After the adventure – what’s next? 

After you have successfully come out of the escape room, then what? You should always debrief your team and discuss what worked in your favor and what did not. Moreover, this is going to help you with your future escape room experience. 

If you like the room, recommend it to your family and friends and give them a review online if you wish. Share it on your social media. However, many escape rooms arrange for a photo session after the game, where you all can pose and record your moment of victory. 

There are various escape rooms in the world. Some of the best escape rooms are in Budapest as well, so choose wisely, and before choosing, know their themes and read the escape room guide. 


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