For most people, an escape room is like the real version of the online virtual games that they play. But here, when you touch the objects inside the escape room, you get some clues, or sometimes a puzzle is revealed. And you have to decipher the puzzles to escape. But there are a lot of escape room hacks that can help you with your quest.

These escape rooms are getting the interest of the players quickly and have enthusiasts from all over the world. These escape rooms are filled with thrill and excitement, and they challenge your presence of mind and your wit.  

And here, along with the hacks, there are some cheats as well, which would help you get out of the room quickly. Go through these tips and tricks, and you might be the one to set a new record for it. You might even be the one to make it into the hall of fame that every escape room has, including the escape room in Budapest, which is famous. 

Escape room hacks for your help 

Escape room hacks for your help

If you have cooked up a strategy for an escape room, it becomes more fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a newbie; to win some of the challenges, you need some tricks. Here, I have put together some of the best escape room hacks for all the players. 

Form the correct team 

To win a game in the escape room, the first step is to choose the correct people. It is better to include players who have knowledge and expertise in different areas. This is because they would be able to bring something unique and different to the team. 

There is no specific skill set or knowledge that can help you get out of the room. They are made with diverse ideas. Make sure you have members who are passionate about solving puzzles. It is sometimes good to play with strangers as there is less conflict. 

Be there on time 

It is important to get there on time, irrespective of whether you are there in person or playing in a virtual escape room. If you are arriving late, then miss the strategy time with your team.  

Be there on time

Make sure that you are not late because of traffic, or if you are playing virtually, make sure that you have a secure internet connection. Reach the location with a 10-minute buffer. This helps you to relax and discuss with your teammates how you wish to proceed.  

Sometimes, when you are late, you miss out on the story that the narrator explains before entering the room.  

Understand the rules 

This is one of the most crucial parts for beginners. It is a hack that is going to be of the most help for beginners. For solving the puzzles and racing the destination, it is important that you know all the rules.  

Understand the rules

One of the essential steps before starting the game is to know the rules and interpret them. After that, you will be able to properly use the escape room hacks, complete the game, and win. 

Some people find the games to be boring. Sometimes, the narrator hides the escape room tips and tricks within the guidelines itself. A few escape rooms let the player see the puzzle from the point of view of a character through a video or the story, and that makes it easy to solve the puzzle. 

Scan the room quickly 

Mostly, all escape rooms give a short introduction before the game begins. This is the time when you can take a scan of the entire room while they are doing the introduction bit of it.  

Scan the room quickly

Even though they will not allow you to touch anything, you get an idea about the setting of the escape room. This quick scan will put a picture in your mind, and you will get to decide where you want to start looking first. 

Look everywhere 

Games in an escape room are quite challenging, but it is the complexity that makes the game fun and interesting. It is important to look into the smallest details to find your way out of the escape room. 

Look everywhere

The most important escape room hack is to look everywhere in the room. They will have hints and clues in the most unexpected and uncommon places. If you ignore the cabinet that is covered with cobwebs or if you miss it under the table, it might cost you time and the game as well. 

One of the greatest escape room hacks is to check under the rugs. The game master puts a lot of effort into finding unusual places to hide the clues. But if there are clear instructions that you do not have to apply physical force to solve the puzzles, then do not waste time on heavy lifting. 

Communicate with your teammates about every clue 

It is important to communicate within the team as you work together. So, it is important for every member to know about all the clues. This way, they can give their input, and one can work for you.  

Communicate with your teammates about every clue

Another escape room hack is to shout out the clues. While there is a chance that it might create chaos and confusion, it is going to uncover the clues. As most of the cues are related, finding one of the cues can be helpful in finding the other ones as well. 

Spread out 

Do not make the mistake of looking in one place together. That is not a wise move. Instead, it is better to spread out the whole team and look at different places.  

If you want, you can assign different areas to different people and let them look for the hints in those assigned areas. This is going to help you find clues faster, and you all can discuss together about the clue and then solve the puzzle. 

If you need, ask for help 

Most of the time, escape rooms have a time limit. Try not to obsess over one puzzle. When you are playing, it is better to ask for help from your teammates when you cannot solve a clue. They can even ask for help from you. This will help in solving the puzzle quickly.  

ask for help Escape room hacks

But if you know that you have spent a lot of time on one puzzle and still cannot solve it, it is better to move to the next challenge. You might come across other clues that would help you with that puzzle. 

Keep it organized 

Not even hack is written, nor is everyone going to tell you everything. But one of the most important escape room hacks is to keep it organized. Professions mainly use one clue to solve one puzzle when they design an escape room.  

Going off the tracks and using one clue for multiple puzzles is rare. Try to keep everything organized; that way, you will know which clue you have used and which are the unused ones. 

Do not overthink 

Players have a way of thinking outside the box when they are trying to solve a puzzle. Even though these puzzles are tricky, they are not impossible to solve. That is why try not to overthink it and overcomplicate it. 

The game masters mostly hide the answers inside the room itself, and they do it in a way that is going to help you solve the challenge. 

Ask them for hints 

If you are a beginner, do not shy away from asking for hints from the game masters. You might think of it as cheating, but it is not. It is also not against the rules. The game masters also want you to complete the challenge and win.  

When you get stuck, the game masters are the ones who are going to help you and guide you in the right direction. They aren’t going to help you solve the entire challenge. So if you get stuck somewhere or get confused, ask for help. 

Contribute to the team 

It becomes easy to solve an escape room challenge when all the members contribute to the game together. Everyone has a different perspective, and their thinking capabilities are also different. 

Contribute to the team Escape room hacks

So, it is better to involve every team member when you are solving a puzzle or completing a challenge. If you are assigned as the leader, it is upto you to give everyone a task and assign them something. Make sure you are utilizing your entire team.  

Know what you have to ignore 

You need to search an escape room thoroughly, but not everything needs your attention. Try not to spend too much time on these things, which can be unsafe as well. 

Here is a list of things that you can ignore inside an escape room

  • Try not to mess with the switchboards and other electrical components. These are safety hazards, and game masters never hide clues in there. 
  • The numbers marked on the furniture and tools are almost never part of the tool. 
  • Clues are never hidden on the ceiling. Most of the clues don’t even require you to touch the ceiling. But for your game, you can always look low and high. 

 If you need to avoid touching certain objects particularly, then they will inform you at the beginning of the game. For instance, they might instruct you not to look under the bed or lift the rug. Keeping aside these tricks you should always follow the rules of the game. 

Keep an eye on the clock 

Always keep a look at the clock. The first escape room hack is to learn about time management. Another thing you can try is checking the number of puzzles you have to solve and the time you have. Then, plan it accordingly. 

Keep an eye on the clock Escape room hacks

For instance, one puzzle can take five minutes, while another can take ten minutes. Check the complexity of the puzzle and divide your time. But always keep an eye on the watch. 

Dress properly 

Having a sharp mind and dressing according to the occasion always works best in an escape room. So, it is always better to wear something comfortable which will allow movement easily. Avoid wearing something that can get stuck in the props. 

If you have a specific theme in the game, then you country and dress according to that as well. But, if there is no theme, wear something comfortable. Women try not to wear anything flowy and long, and for men, it is best to come in a shirt and pants. 

Even though the environment in the escape room is always clean, you might have to get your hands dirty while digging up a clue. You might have to go up using a ladder. This is why you should always wear clothes that are comfortable. 

Never waste time on the last letters and digits 

Solving a puzzle using codes and ciphers takes time. It becomes easy to complete a phrase when you get the first few letters or the first few digits. Using the first few digits is a better and easier way of completing the word, as decoding can take some time. 

Never waste time Escape room hacks

The puzzle can also be made of a four-digit password, where you have to figure out the digits separately. In those cases, try to guess the first three or two digits from the given clues. Try the numbers together before you go and look for some other clues in the escape room. 

Never be scared of losing 

Losing is just as much part of a game as winning. Participating and enjoying the game together is the best part of the game. It is true that everyone puts in their best effort to win the escape room challenge, but the result is not always in your hands. 

Before you start the game, communicate with your team. You should always motivate your team members. Tell them that it is important to participate, and even when they lose, learn a lot and prepare for the next time. 

Wrapping up! 

There are many puzzles in the escape room that take time to solve. But with these escape room hacks, you can solve the puzzle and get out of the challenge in a record time. There are difficult puzzles, but they are made for team-building and enhance critical thinking. 

Escape room hacks have the ability to improve the game experience. But make sure that you and your team remember that participating is important, not the outcome of it.


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