There are many escape room tips and tricks available that can help you leave the room with success. The guide that is mentioned here is quite up-to-date and would help you in your quest to make it out on time from the escape room.  

The tips given here are broken into categories, and you will get to know each of those as you read through the article. And I believe these categories are going to help you better.  

Get Your Team Together  

Getting a team together is the first step to getting through it. You will need your friends or a team with whom you would get to strategize the plan and coordinate.  


Tip 1. Play with those you know  

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the escape rooms were turned into private game rooms, and they were reserved for one party only. This is a better way of getting through the game.   

And if the game is made public, you might get a random stranger as your wild card participant who might not coordinate well with your team. So, it is better to make a reservation beforehand and have an amazing experience.  

Tip 2. Make The Correct Team Size  

Well, even though it is always good to come with a group, the group should be of optimum size. And the maximum number of players allowed to play a game is never the optimum size. You must get the right number of people with you.  

If you are a group of beginners and have a large group, then try splitting into two different groups and playing separately for two different escape rooms. This way, the place is not overcrowded, and each one of you gets to celebrate those moments of victory as well.  


Communication is the key, and this is the best possible way to get out of the escape room on time.  

Tip 3. Listen to what your teammates have to say  

To get the best of all the functions, try everything. Even if you think that your teammate is suggesting something crazy, encourage them and try it with them. It might get you closer to the solution. Try it if it is reversible. It will be fun.  

Tip 4. Use Your Voice, Say What You Have Found  

This idea might seem a little chaotic, but this is one of the most effective ways of getting out of the escape room on time. You must communicate with your team members as soon as you find something related.   

This could be a key and code, a lock and a key, and if a similar pattern appears in two different places.  

Tip 5. Pass the baton  

If you think you are taking too long to solve a puzzle, then ask another teammate for help or let them take it over. This way, you will have enough eyes on the puzzle. And if you still cannot figure it out, then that is a sign that you have not gathered enough information yet.  

Spread Out Your Efforts  

Put your efforts into the game, and do not just stay by. And help your friends and contribute to your efforts.  


Tip 6. Try That What Others Are Not Doing  

If you try in those areas where others are not trying, then your team becomes maximally effective. People often tend to skip a few puzzles that seem too hard. Try those that people are avoiding, and that might help you escape faster.  

Tip 7. Do Not Be A Spectator, Contribute To The Game  

It is always easy to stand by and watch from afar when all your teammates are working together and making progress. But it gets better when everyone spreads out and tries to find a way.   

If there is only one puzzle, everyone should try and figure out a way. When everyone is brainstorming, the solution comes out easily. But if one person is focusing on one task, try not to break their concentration.  

Keep Things Organized  

Try to keep things organized, or there is a chance that you can mess this up or get confused between one key and another.  


Tip 8. Keep The Key Inside The Lock  

It is best to keep the key that you used to unlock the locker inside the locker itself. That way, you don’t mix things up, and you can use a used key to open another locker. Try to keep the locks inside the locker as well. That way, you will not mess things up.  

Whenever you find a key, the lock is close by, so try to open the lock as fast as possible, but if the lock needs multiple keys, then it could be a different scenario. This also keeps the place organized.  

Tip 9. Create A “Discard Pile”  

Make two piles, one for the used objects and one for the unused objects. That way, you will be able to play better without any confusion. But make sure that in many rooms, you have to use one object more than once.  

Tip 10. Organize Things Neatly  

To get things easily, you should always keep the room tidy. This way, you will be able to keep the related objects close to you and get those when you need them.  

Search Thoroughly  

This is something you cannot compromise with. You have to look for the objects thoroughly, and it is best to go in separate directions to get things fast.  


Tip 11. Divide And Conquer   

When you start looking for an object in a room, divide the team and go in different directions. That way, you will be able to find the object faster, and you will make sure that the whole room has been searched thoroughly. You will not miss out on any place or search one place multiple times.  

Tip 12. Search The Room Properly  

Be thorough when you are checking a room. Look everywhere, touch everything. Look as if you are painting it rather than searching for it. Sometimes they can hide in places like:  

  • A coat pockets  
  • Kept inside a book  
  • Within a bookcase  
  • In a secret compartment of the wall, floor, or shelf unit  
  • Attached magnetically to a column  
  • Tucked between the wall and the floor  

Work With The Host  

It is important to work with the host, listen to him, let him or her, and ask for help when you need it. 


Tip 13: Listen to the host 

Listen to your host when he is giving you the introduction; your game master could be slipping some hints at the beginning itself. And this could save a lot of your time. If they are life-action actors, they could be leaving some in-game hints as well. All of the staff together would try to put you in the right direction. 

Tip 14: Ask for hints 

There are always hints available in the game. You possibly have to look into the camera, wave at it, or use the walkie-talkie. Or it could be as simple as paying attention to the game master when he or she is explaining the game. 

Even though hints are distributed, it is always recommended to ask for hints whenever you feel that you are stuck somewhere. Game masters would always push you in the correct direction, so you can again get back to solving the puzzle. 

Tip 15: If the code doesn’t work, double-check with the host 

It sometimes happens that you enter the right code, but still nothing is unlocked. It is best to confirm the code with the game master. This is going to help you know whether you have to find a new code or not.  

Or you might have gotten the word wrong from cryptex. Or the lock could be fiddly as well. This is the case for locks that require instruction or touchpads that function clearly and where no visual representation is entered. 

Solve Puzzles Efficiently  

You will find a lot of things in an escape room, but not everything is going to work in your favor. You have to figure out what the things you need and what you should ignore are.  

escape room tips  Solve-Puzzles-Efficiently

Tip 16: You have to ignore certain things 

There are a few things that are almost never important in an escape room. Old furniture with stamped numbers is one of them. It might seem like they are a clue, but they are not. Electrical components, as well as the ceiling, are never used as a clue. 

These few things are almost never used as clues. There could be some things that you can find on the ceiling, but they are never clues. 

Tip 17: Skip the last letters or digits 

Decoding any subscription ciphers is something very tiring, but with the help of certain strategies, you can decode the letters and figure out the word without decoding every single one. 

If you have figured out the first three numbers in the combination lock with a four-digit lock, you can just cycle your way out of the code. Again if you have figured out the first three or four letters, just try to guess the word and work your way through it. 

Try not to break anything 

Try to be a little careful while you are moving things inside the escape room, as that is going to be easy for the game and safe for the players. 

escape room tips  Try-not-to-break-anything

Tip 18: Never use excessive force 

If you break something inside the escape room, you can break the sequence of things or put yourself in danger as well. Try not to apply force to open a door or detach something that is not coming off easily.  

Do not climb on the furniture or touch the ceiling. The game masters are going to let you know about the things that are off-limits; try to abide by that. 

Tip 19: Don’t play when you are drunk 

You will enjoy an escape room more when you are playing sober. Come in a fresh mind, ready to solve the puzzles, make quick decisions, and play a fresh mind. You can celebrate after you have successfully come out of the room. 

Save Time and Money  

It is best to have complete knowledge about how much it is going to cost you, so you do not have to waste any time when you reach there. 

escape room tips Save-Time-and-Money

Tip 20: check social media for company promotions 

Most escape rooms are promoted on social media, mostly on Facebook and Instagram. They may also provide a mailing list for joining their website. They should also have complete details of the pricing they are offering.  

Check during the holiday season. Most escape rooms offer discounts and offers during this time. 

Tip 21: Book the room, and then add players 

When you book a private escape room, they let you add more players later for some extra pay, but not the minimum room capacity. If you are unable to confirm at the moment how many players you are going to have, then book the room and later pay for the other members. But this could not work for public games. 

Tip 22: Fill out the waiver before you go 

After the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have stopped paper and iPad waivers and changed to QR-code-based waivers. Some popular escape room companies have changed their software and upgraded to this system. 

So, before you leave, check out the booking email for the waiver to fill out online before you reach the site. This is going to save a lot of time, and more so if you have minors in your group. 

Closing tips 

If you are someone who finds it difficult to read without glasses, then do not forget those. Another important thing is you should start surveying the room before the time starts. That way, you can save some time. 

Do not aim for the leaderboard. You are paying a lot for an escape room, so do not rush through it try to finish first and get your name up on the leaderboard. Look at the broader picture and just enjoy the puzzle. 


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