Are you planning to take off for Dubai in a month or two on a tour? You may want to know what’s new in this “City of Gold.” You must be wondering about places you can visit and things you can indulge in this year on Dubai tour packages.  Besides, you may need to witness some of the common structures and malls in Dubai. This blog post presents a roundup of 10 of the fresh and exciting tourist attractions. The Emiratis have added some of these things to their tourism menu just recently.   Let’s unravel them one after another so that you can make informed decisions. So, here we go. 

1. Get a taste of art & culture at the Louvre Abu Dhabi 

Louvre Abu Dhabi  Abu Dhabi is one of the most anticipated art centers in Dubai. The Louvre was opened to the public in November last year. It is the first such foreign center located outside Paris and has a great experience to visitors.  It Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The center on Saadiyat Island is dedicated to art and human civilization spanning thousands of years. It boasts of more than 600 elegant artworks, making it the largest art center in the entire Arabian Peninsula.   Definitely a stopover for art lovers to get a remarkable dose of art and culture while on a Dubai tour. You should not fail to visit this place while touring Dubai. It is among the destinations that will give you the best experience in the region.  

2. Enjoy the sky-high Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park 

Dubai Frame The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark standing tall and majestic in Zabeel Park, Dubai. The Guardian described it as “the biggest picture frame on the planet,” and deservingly so.  The frame was inaugurated this New Year. It consists of two sky-high towers of 150 meters linked by a glass bridge at the top measuring 93 meters.  There’s an elevator that takes visitors up to the bridge. Once up, visitors can enjoy an extensive view of both old and new Dubai.  Dubai Frame Tickets are available online, so you can book the ticket right from your place and enjoy the view. A must-visit destination for travelers looking for something new in Dubai after decades. Your trip to Dubai will not be complete if you leave out this great destination.

3. Play and drink at the sports bar in Al Habtoor City: 

The Forty Four is a new licensed sports bar at the Westin in Al Habtoor City. True to its name, the bar is 44 floors high, earning the label “the tallest bowling alley in the world.”It is one of the to-do places that should not miss out on your list when touring Dubai.   It was inspired by gentlemen’s clubs of yesteryears. The destination features a double-lane bowling alley besides dedicated pinball machines, dartboards, and pool tables. Most people who visit this place accept that they have one of the best experiences.    It is one of the most luxurious sports bars in Dubai. This facility offers room for boozing and sports at the same time. Daily happy hour lasts from 4 pm to 8 pm. include this place in your bucket list. You can be sure that you will not regret it when you choose to pay a visit to this destination.  

4. Relax at the Jumeirah 1 seafront destination: 

La Mer is a beachfront development in the community area of Jumeirah 1. It was inaugurated in October 2017. Developed by real estate and hospitality company Meraas, La Mer. It is all about making yourself feel at home on the beaches.   Cabañas, day rooms, restaurants, shops, and over 130 cafes. It makes this place a perfect spot to spend a carefree day without straying too far from the city. Dubai packages remain incomplete without a visit to this man-made paradise on earth. 

5. Solve the first indoor urban maze at Jumble: 

After months of a teaser on TV and social media, the first indoor urban maze in Dubai, Jumble opened its doors to the public in the middle of December 2017.   Those who always seek challenges, adventure, and excitement in life will find this place irresistible. Played in a team of 3-6 individuals, participants have to progress through a series of rooms filled with riddles, twists, and turns and solve them one after another.   Jumble is a physically and mentally stimulating game house for those who love to solve the biggest puzzles ever. Brace for an unconventional gaming experience in Dubai with Jumble. Leaving it out of your to-do list in Dubai will not work for your good.  

6. Visit Gold and spice souks 

Dubai has been without a doubt a titan of trade for so long.  If you visit Dubai and you would like to get a taste of ancient commerce you have to take a stroll through the city’s traditional souks.    There is a gold souk that specializes in glitz and glamour, you can find this gold souk on the city’s creek south bank. The gold souk is one of the most renowned pieces of jewelry in the world and features glittering necklaces displays from more than 3000 retailers.  

7. Enjoy fun moments at the wild wadi waterpark 

The location of the park is just at the foot of the Burj Al Arab.  The waterpark consists of up to 30 water rides and other play areas mend for people of all ages.    The whole park is modeled after Juha a famous character in Arabian folklore.  If you visit the park and looking for some sort of relaxation you can find it on the lazy river.  If you want more slide options you can find them within the park. 

8. Visit the Dubai desert conservation reserve 

Sometimes life in the urban part of Dubai might get boring. However, boredom can provide you with an opportunity of exploring the other side of Dubai.   The Dubai desert conservation reserve is a perfect place for you to visit in case you become bored with the city.  The reserve is the first national park in the UAE and lies in the city’s outer ages.  The park occupies 87 miles of the urban city.  Even though the primary objective of the reserve is to act as a research area, if you are a traveler you will be allowed to tour the area.  However, you have to know that as a tourist it is forbidden to tour the areas alone. 

9. Visit the Dubai Museum 

If you are in Dubai you can find the Dubai Museum near the Bastakiya quarter. For a visitor, the Museum will offer you a glimpse of what the city has gone through.  The other unique feature about the museum is that it tends to offer the direction in which Dubai is headed.   You will find the Museum in Al Fahid Fort which the oldest building in entire Dubai.  The fort used to serve as a defense station for the monarch before its conversion to the Dubai museum building.   A visit to the museum will see you enjoy the best of Dubai's cultural and historical landscape.  If you are interested in buying some of the items in the museum you may be able to do so.  

10. Visit the Burj al-Khalifa 

For any visitor visiting Dubai, the Burj al Khalifa must feature on your list of things to do in the desert city. The building boasts of the tallest building in the world status. With a height of 2,722 feet above sea level, the building has no match from the rest of the world.  Once you get to the tallest structure in the world you will also meet hundreds of tourists.  Building a higher number of tourists on a daily basis. Most people who visit Dubai find the beauty of this structure too hard to resist.  

11. Charter a yacht in Dubai Marina

The city offers a unique and luxurious experience through its Dubai yacht charter services in the iconic Dubai Marina. The yacht charters in the Marina cater to a diverse range of preferences and occasions. Whether you seek a soothing and intimate cruise with your loved ones or want to indulge in extravagant parties, the options are endless. As the yacht sets sail from the Marina, the guests are treated to breathtaking views of Dubai's iconic landmarks, such as the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, The Palm, and the striking Ain Dubai. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to this vibrant city, a Dubai yacht charter in Marina is an exceptional way to celebrate special occasions. With impeccable service, stunning surroundings, and onboard activities, the Dubai yacht charter experience promises an unforgettable journey.


If you think there’s nothing to write home about after visiting Dubai beyond what the whole world already knows, think again. These newly developed and opened public attractions will never fail to fulfill your dream of an exceptional and memorable travel to this ultra-modern city. Irrespective of whether you’re traveling from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai, make them a part of your top itinerary on your visit to Dubai this summer. Bon, voyage!  Read More :

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