Barcelona is one of the favorite cities for tourists in Europe. This country is best known for having delicious Mediterranean food, beautiful sandy beaches, and lively marketplaces on many streets within its territory.  

But among other things, its magnificent buildings and structures make this city special. Antoni Gaudi alone created such renowned tourist spots like Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Sagrada Família for short), Park Güell, Casa Vicens, Palau Güell Church on Mallorca Cathedral and La Pedrera, among others, including Mallorca Cathedral renovation works. 

However, it is quite impossible to travel the whole of Barcelona and soak in its culture on the first go. Hence, we have provided a list of must-see places for a first-time traveler to visit Barcelona.  

Best Places to Visit in Barcelona for a First-Time Traveler 

While there are multiple places to visit to soak in the vibrant culture of Barcelona effectively, here are some of the must-see places you can’t skip: 

Visit the Sagrada Familia with a Skip-the-Line Tour

Visit the Sagrada Familia with a Skip-the-Line Tour

When you travel to Barcelona, a visit to the Sagrada Familia should be part of your itinerary. It is one of the most renowned architectural works globally. Its majestic grandeur has earned it a place among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The intricate facade, soaring spires, and interior that take one’s breath away reflect not only Barcelona’s passion for art but also Gaudi’s creative genius, forever etched into stone within these walls. 

Planning a visit to Sagrada Familia requires well-researched pre-planning. Tickets must be booked ahead of time as they are often unavailable (more than one million visitors every year). However, even with a reserved ticket, be prepared for long queues. Opting for a private walking tour of barcelona is the best option to avoid the long queue and experience its beauty hassle-free.  

Get Lost in the Gothic Quarter 

The heart of historic Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gòtic. This maze of winding, narrow alleys and medieval structures sends you back to the early days of the city’s establishment. Major landmarks in the area include Barcelona Cathedral, Plaça Reial, and remnants of ancient Roman fortifications.  

As you wander through these streets, you’ll come across various shops, cafes, bars, charming squares, and secretive inner yards. Despite being loud and busy, this locality echoes history— revealing a dual essence that showcases Barcelona’s vibrant past against its present vitality. 

⁕⁕Point to note⁕⁕

The Gothic Quarter’s intricate design makes it challenging to navigate. Even while the alleyways and tiny streets are lovely, first-time visitors may find them puzzling. It’s simple to get lost, which might be frustrating if you have limited time. Trust a local private walking tour Guide that knows its way and will help you gain the best experience. 

Visit the Lively Street of La Rambla 

La Rambla is popularly known as the most dynamic street in Barcelona. It runs from Plaza de Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus Monument in Port Vell. This lively street boasts stores, cafes, restaurants, and talented street performers lined on both sides. You can also visit the vibrant Boqueria Market and the Liceu Theatre. 

⁕⁕Point to note⁕⁕

First-time tourists must remember that La Rambla is infamous for pickpockets and large crowds despite its rich status. It may get crowded in the peak season (summer).  

Shop at Passeig de Gracia 

Passeig de Gracia, considered Barcelona’s main shopping destination, is popular for its luxury stores, magnificent buildings, and modern architecture. 

You will find many popular sites along this tree-lined boulevard, including two of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Mila or La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. The roadway itself is evidence of Barcelona’s wealth and inventive design. 

While Passeig de Gracia is more peaceful and expansive than La Rambla, it may get crowded, especially around prominent sites. 

Additionally, due to the upscale nature of the street, shopping and food can get quite expensive, especially if you are on a budget. 

My advice is to shop at local shops and eat like locals. Avoid luxury brands and expensive restaurants. 

Take a Walk at Park Güell 

This gorgeous park is a must-see for anybody visiting Barcelona (even if it is for the tenth time). 

The park was formerly supposed to be a residential building project, but the plan was dropped. Now, it is one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. It is replete with whimsical buildings that look like they come straight from the pages of Disney. 

Some park highlights are the mosaic dragon (El Drac), the serpentine seat, and the stunning cityscape views from the park’s peak. 

Booking a private walking tour is a terrific opportunity to explore the park without having to wait in line and learn about the history of this unique location at the same time. The space may get very busy, especially during peak periods and dates. 

Hit The Beach

Barcelona's city beach

The beach is a must-see in Barcelona because of the Costa Brava’s warmth and sunlight. 

Barceloneta, Barcelona’s city beach, is a great place to unwind and recuperate after touring. Just be mindful of your possessions—pickpocketing is frequent on the beach (and in Barcelona generally). 

There are several restaurants and bars along the beach. You can enjoy the sandy coastlines by cruising along the beachfront on an e-bike, scooter, bike, or boat floating in the warm Mediterranean waters. 

Visit Montjuïc Mountain

Visit Montjuïc Mountain 

A combination of historical significance, cultural attractions, and natural beauty can be found at Montjuïc Hill. It has several important landmarks, including the Olympic Stadium, the Montjuïc Castle, the Magic Fountain, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC).  

The hill is a beautiful location for leisure and photography, offering expansive views over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. Gardens and green areas abound in Montjuïc, making it ideal for strolls. Because Montjuïc Hill is so massive, seeing all of its sites can take a lot of time and be physically taxing, mainly because there is a lot of walking uphill.  

Furthermore, certain regions might feel lonely, particularly in the dark, which may concern solo travelers or those unfamiliar. 


Barcelona offers a riveting fusion of history, culture, and breathtaking architecture, making it a feast for the senses. We have compiled some must-see treasures that will leave you with priceless memories. Barcelona has something for everyone, from the breathtaking Sagrada Familia to the mazes of Gothic Structure.  

Plan months before the trip and opt for private walking tours to guarantee a smooth and memorable vacation. By following the advice of an informed local, you may avoid the usual difficulties and thoroughly immerse yourself in Barcelona’s delights while also saving time, skipping lines, and enjoying a more personalized and rewarding experience.

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