A family’s much-awaited trip to Disney appeared to be in jeopardy momentarily when the grandparents who were in charge realized a huge error.

TikToker Andie Coston (@aofthecoast) shared a TikTok video where she gave updates in real-time about her family’s vacation at Disneyland, starting by explaining that her huge family trip was scheduled for 2020 originally and postponed subsequently after the Pandemic.

Andie explained, “We finally planned it for this Christmas. All 16 of my family members were going. To save some money, my parents bought 10k Disney gift cards to purchase our tickets and restaurant reservations. I went home this weekend, and they were having problems loading the gift cards correctly and purchasing the tickets.”

She also showed the gift cards that were actually for Disney’s streaming service, Disney +, and not for the theme park.

Initially, Andie called for help towards “getting the money in the right form.”

She shared, “We leave in 6 days, and the parks are selling out of tickets because it’s Christmas. My mom is distraught, Dad is frustrated, and the kids are worried we won’t get into Disney.”

Things quickly developed as the platform and her subsequent follow-ups answered all the questions she was at the moment getting from different commenters went viral overnight.

Andie, at the time, clarified that the mix-up took place because her parents did not really use any streaming service and were not aware of any difference. She noted, “It was an honest mistake.”

Moreover, since the pair was trying to enter the gift cards on the Disney website, the numbers were scratched off the back already, making them ineligible to be returned.

People came up with various ideas for remedying the problem in huge numbers. Also, Andie learned that her family members were not the only ones that happened to. She shared, “That’s been a comfort to my parents.”

In less than a day after Andie’s TikTok Disney reached out and was “able to “turn the $10,000 of Disney streaming gift cards into $10,000 of Disney Parks gift cards.”


Barsha Bhattacharya

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