Looking for a holiday that keeps everyone in the family entertained? Family-friendly golf holidays offer the perfect mix of relaxation, fun, and quality time together. These getaways combine the love of golf with activities that suit both kids and adults, ensuring no one feels left out.

Popular resorts like Cornelia Deluxe Resort in Belek and Penina Hotel & Golf Resort in Algarve provide a serene environment for playing golf while offering plenty of options for children. 

With playgrounds, swimming pools, and sports facilities, kids will have a fantastic time, giving parents a chance to unwind.

For those looking for something closer to home, the Five Lakes Crowne Plaza Resort in Essex is an excellent choice. Set in more than 300 acres of beautiful countryside, it features two golf courses and numerous family-friendly amenities. Whether you choose to stay in the UK or venture to Spain, there’s a perfect golf holiday waiting for your family.

Choosing the Right Destination

Selecting the best place for a family golf holiday depends on numerous factors like activities for non-golfers, the quality of the courses, and family-friendly amenities. Here’s how you can make the best choice.

The Appeal of Golf Resorts for Families

Golf resorts offer much more than just golfing. They often include pools, kids’ clubs, and sports facilities to entertain the whole family.

For instance, places like Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort in Turkey provide a blend of golf, luxury, and family activities, from water parks to kids’ clubs. La Manga Club in Spain hosts fun activities like tennis and biking trails perfect for families.

Some resorts, such as Old Thorns in the UK, offer flexible accommodation options like hotel rooms and family suites which make it easy for families to enjoy extended stays together without any hassle.

Why Europe Is a Top Choice

Europe is packed with stunning golf courses and family-friendly resorts. Countries like Portugal and Spain stand out with their coastal golf resorts.

In Portugal’s Algarve region, resorts like Penina Hotel & Golf Resort and Quinta do Lago provide excellent golfing and beach facilities, keeping both golfers and kids happy. Spain offers similar advantages with places like La Manga Club and Mar Menor, offering not just golf but activities like football and swimming.

For a quick drive from the UK, Northern France is a convenient choice. Locations like Le Touquet are easily accessible via the Eurotunnel and offer a blend of golf and cultural tours. For more details, visit Golf Holidays in France in 2024/2025​.

By choosing a destination that caters to both golfers and non-golfers, you ensure everyone in your family has a memorable and enjoyable holiday.

Golf Course Selection

This section covers how to choose the right golf courses for a family-friendly holiday. From championship courses to those suitable for all ages, and exclusive events, find out what makes each option unique.

Championship Golf Courses

Championship golf courses offer a chance to play on some of the most prestigious sites. Many of these courses have hosted events like The Ryder Cup. Examples include Gleneagles and The Belfry in the UK. These locations provide not only challenging terrain but also stunning landscapes. They are ideal for seasoned golfers wanting to experience top-tier greens.

Visiting these championship courses can also be a lesson in history. You walk the same fairways as golfing legends. If you’re looking to test your skills, this is where you find your challenge. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort in Belek is another excellent example, known for its immaculate courses.

Courses Suitable for All Ages

Courses suitable for all ages ensure that the whole family can join in. These courses often feature shorter lengths and less challenging hazards. This makes the game accessible for children and beginners. Places like La Manga Club in Murcia and Penina Hotel & Golf Resort in the Algarve offer these amenities. They also provide golf lessons tailored for kids and adults.

The focus here is on fun and learning. You won’t find the roughs and bunkers that scare off newcomers. Instead, there’s a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Resorts often pair these courses with additional family activities, ensuring there’s more to do after a day on the greens.

Exclusive Golf Events and Tournaments

Many resorts host exclusive golf events and tournaments which can be a highlight of your holiday. These range from local events to international tournaments. Resorts like Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa and Sueno Deluxe Golf Resort in Belek are renowned for such events. They provide opportunities to watch or participate in competitive golfing.

Such events are usually well-structured, offering different categories for different skill levels. They offer a community feel and allow families to cheer on their favourite players. Participating adds excitement and can be a memorable part of your trip. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other golfers and make new friends.

Selecting the right golf course depends on what you and your family are looking for. Whether it’s the challenge of a championship course, a relaxed game suitable for kids, or the thrill of a live tournament, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Accommodation Options

When planning a family golf holiday, it’s essential to choose the right accommodation. Options range from luxurious family-friendly resorts to flexible self-catering packages, ensuring you find the best fit for your family’s needs.

Family-Friendly Resorts and Villas

Family-friendly resorts offer a mix of comfort and fun. Many resorts like La Manga and Quinta do Lago provide large family suites. These spaces are perfect for those who want proximity to golf courses and lots of activities. For instance, Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus features child-friendly amenities like tennis courts and football pitches.

In the UK, the Celtic Manor is renowned. It boasts award-winning facilities and hosts championship courses. The range of activities ensures that non-golfers have plenty to do. Lough Erne in Northern Ireland offers spacious accommodations with stunning views, making it great for families.

Self-Catering and All-Inclusive Packages

Self-catering options grant families flexibility. Old Thorns in the South of England provides both hotel rooms and self-catering penthouses. These can sleep up to six people, making them ideal for larger families. You get to cook your own meals, which is great for those with dietary needs.

All-inclusive packages mean fewer hassles. Resorts like Maxx Royal Belek in Turkey cater to all needs, from meals to entertainment. All-inclusives in Morocco and Dubai provide luxury with ease. Cornelia Diamond in Belek integrates kid-friendly spaces alongside excellent golf courses. Taking an all-inclusive route can simplify holiday planning and ensure everyone stays entertained.

This variety of options ensures you can tailor your golf holiday to suit your family perfectly, whether you prioritize flexibility or comprehensive services.

Activities Beyond Golf

Family-friendly golf holidays often provide a range of activities that cater to everyone. Beyond the green, you’ll find lots to keep both younger children and teenagers entertained. Here are some of the best options available.

Fun for the Little Ones

Many family-friendly resorts offer kids’ clubs. These clubs host arts and crafts, storytime, and outdoor games. Resorts such as Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus include tennis, football, and a swimming pool that will keep children active and happy.

Other options include beach activities. Resorts in Portugal and Spain are close to sandy shores. Children can build sandcastles, search for seashells, and paddle in the sea.

Some destinations add an element of adventure with waterparks. With slides and splash zones, these parks provide hours of entertainment in a safe, supervised environment.

Adventures for Teens

For teenagers, resorts like The Celtic Manor in the Usk Valley offer a mixture of sporting activities and adventure experiences. Teens can engage in archery, zip-lining, and team sports.

Beach destinations such as the Algarve provide perfect spots for water sports. If your teen loves the sea, they can try surfing, snorkelling, or kayaking. These sporty activities keep them engaged and allow them to explore new hobbies.

Evenings can be just as exciting. Many resorts feature game rooms, movie nights, or even theme parks nearby. These offer a social atmosphere where teens can make new friends while enjoying their holiday in a different way.

Practical Tips for Family Golf Trips

Finding the best deals and making travel easy can ensure a fun and stress-free family golf holiday. Focus on securing affordable rates and follow some simple strategies to make travelling with children smoother.

Securing the Best Golf Deals

To get the best golf deals for your family holiday, start by booking early. Resorts like La Manga in Spain and Celtic Manor in the UK often have early-bird offers. Look for package deals that include accommodation, meals, and green fees.

Vouchers and discount codes can offer significant savings. Check websites like Your Golf Travel regularly for promotional offers. Consider travelling during off-peak seasons when prices are lower, and courses are less crowded.

Group deals can also reduce costs. Travelling with another family? Book a group package for discounts. Big resorts often have deals for larger groups.

Travel with Children Tips

When travelling with children, preparation is key. Pack snacks, entertainment, and essentials for the trip. Choose golf resorts with family-friendly activities, such as the Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, which offers tennis, football, and swimming pools.

Plan your daily schedule to balance golf and family time. Allow for rest periods, especially if your children are young.

Ensure the accommodation has suitable amenities. Look for hotels that offer family suites or connecting rooms. Many resorts have kids’ clubs or babysitting services, giving parents some free time on the course.

Lastly, always have a first aid kit and basic medicines. Kids are prone to minor injuries, so being prepared can save time and stress.

Improving Your Golf Game on Holiday

Going on a family-friendly golf holiday offers a great chance for golfers of all levels to improve their game. With top golf academies, clinics, and practice facilities available, both beginners and experienced players can benefit.

From Beginners to Pros

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, holidays provide a unique chance to hone your skills. Resorts often have practice areas where you can work on your swing, putting, and chips.

Beginners can take advantage of introductory lessons. Trainers help you grasp the basics, making learning both fun and engaging.

Experienced golfers might focus on perfecting specific aspects of their game. Practice facilities usually include:

  • Driving ranges
  • Putting greens
  • Short game areas

These amenities ensure you have everything needed to practise and improve. Many resorts also offer family-friendly packages, allowing the whole family to enjoy golfing together.

Top Golf Academies and Clinics

Top golf resorts feature academies and clinics staffed with professional coaches. These experts provide personalised training tailored to your skill level.

Highly rated academies like the La Manga Club and Quinta do Lago offer comprehensive programs. Here, you can:

  • Take part in private lessons
  • Join group clinics
  • Use state-of-the-art technology to analyse your swing

Families can join in group lessons designed for all ages. These sessions foster a learning environment where both adults and children can improve their game together. Special clinics for juniors often combine fun activities with golf instruction, making it enjoyable for kids to learn and play.

Attending these academies can significantly boost your skills and refine your playing style, making your holiday both enjoyable and productive.

Making the Most of Your Golf Holiday

Golf holidays should be enjoyable for both golfers and their families. Activities, good planning, and shared experiences can enhance your vacation.

Creating Lasting Memories

Engage in Family Activities: Look for resorts that offer more than just golf. Resorts in Portugal and Spain often have nearby beaches, which will keep children happy. Places like La Manga, Penina, and Quinta do Lago have activities such as tennis, football, and swimming.

Book Early: Ensuring you book your holiday in advance increases your chances of getting your preferred dates and accommodations. Early booking often comes with discounts and added perks, allowing you to make the most of quality time with your family.

Use Gift Vouchers: Many golf resorts offer gift vouchers that can be used for spa treatments, dining, or even on-site events. These vouchers can add value to your holiday and create memorable moments for your family.

Plan Golf Tours: Check for events or golf tours that might be happening during your stay. Watching a match or participating in a fun tournament can be an exciting way to bond with your loved ones.

Choose Family Suites: Some resorts, like Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, provide family suites or villas, allowing everyone to stay together comfortably. Shared spaces help to bond and create lasting memories during your family holiday.

Capture Special Moments: Don’t forget to take lots of photos. Memories fade, but photographs keep those special moments alive. Many resorts offer professional photography services to capture beautiful family portraits.

By employing these strategies, you increase the joy for both golfers and non-golfers alike, ensuring everyone has a remarkable holiday.

Mountains & Golfing?

When we think of golfing, we think of lush scenery with a serene background. Golfing is indeed a peaceful sport. Now, how about we add a touch of mountainous range to it?

The Rockies?


Or, even the Kawarau peaks in New Zealand?

These can make your golfing vacations even more worth the money!

Now, let’s discuss some top destinations for a picturesque golfing experience in the heart of the mountains.

These have been some of the top destinations for a picturesque golfing vacation, surrounded by stunning mountain views.

1. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

When it comes to the snow-peaked mountain ranges, nothing can beat the rockets facing the Canadian borders.

You can enjoy this beauty when it is too hot for the summer, and all you can think about is having a tranquil holiday in the mountains (and also playing some golf!)

The top Golf Club is the Whistler Golf Club, Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club.

Some Of The Highlights Of This Place

  • Beautiful alpine scenery
  • Luxury accommodations and plenty of outdoor activities.

2. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Another beauty of the Rocky Mountain range. Plus, there is no comparison between holidays in the mountains, the true American style.

One of the famous golf courses in this area is Troon North Golf Club, Grayhawk Golf Club.

Highlights include desert mountain vistas, a wide range of courses, and a warm, dry climate.

3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Another star of the USA mountain range is one you can pick for your next golfing holiday trip.

The golf course you should look for here is the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, Shooting Star.

When you are bored of playing golf, you should do these things: Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Teton Range, go wildlife viewing, and have various other outdoor adventures.

4. Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A.

This mountainous range combines the beauty of nature with the luxery of cabin holidays or hillside cottages.

So, are you planning a golfing trip to the beautiful mountains of Aspin? Time to save!

There are a few golf courses, but the best one is the Snowmass Club, which is also known as Aspen Golf Club.

Here are some other highlights that will help you enjoy your time even more.

The perfect high-altitude golfing, luxurious resorts, and vibrant cultural scene.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

You can find your next golfing destination anywhere on the map, from the North Americans to a little land down under.

The Jack’s Point & Millbrook Resort golf course is the perfect destination. Lust green grass, clear skies, and the green mountains in the backdrop.

6. St Moritz Switzerland

When thinking about a mountainous golfing travel destination, we cannot help but name the literal heaven on Earth, Switzerland.

The famous golf course called Engadine Golf Club – Zuoz is a tourist favourite for many.

Alpine golfing, elegant hotels, and the world’s best access are available if you plan a different kind of sport for a change.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

Although nothing could be more peaceful, taking a few precautionary measures is imperative.

Experiencing a golf vacation in the mountains is worth remembering. Here are some things one should keep in mind to guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip. 


Here is how you prepare for a sporty holiday in the altitude.

1. Check the Weather

 Sometimes, it is not possible to predict what will happen next due to mountainous climatic conditions. 

It’s therefore important to check the weather forecast more often.

2. Pack Accordingly

To be comfortable in varying temperatures, pack layered clothes.

Even at high altitudes, don’t leave your essentials behind. These include sun protection materials such as sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

3. Equipment

Your regular golfing gear is not enough.

Ensure you have appropriate golf clubs and gear for a mountain-friendly golfing session. 

You can always rent if your equipment matches the terrain’s requirements.

There are usually more hazards on mountain courses, so bring extra golf balls with you if possible.

Health and Safety

Here is how you can keep your health in check.

1. Altitude Acclimatisation

If you are not used to high altitudes, give yourself enough time to acclimatise. Take lots of water, but avoid strenuous activities on the first day. Do not overtire yourself when you play golf. Remember, it is a peaceful vacation.

Familiarise yourself with altitude sickness symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or nausea. If needed, get medical help.

2. Hydration and Nutrition

Remember that people get dehydrated quickly at higher altitudes. Make sure you drink a lot of water.

Ensure that you eat a well-balanced meal throughout the day. This will help your energy levels fight the fatigue of the altitude.


Family-friendly golf holidays can be a great way to have fun and relax. You can enjoy different activities and make the most of your time together.

There are many excellent resorts in the UK and Europe. These places cater to both golfers and their families. You won’t have to worry about finding things to do for everyone.

Top options include:

  1. The Celtic Manor – Wales
  2. Five Lakes Crowne Plaza Resort – Essex
  3. La Manga – Spain
  4. Aphrodite Hills – Cyprus
  5. The Algarve – Portugal

These resorts offer great facilities, including beach access, sports activities, and family suites. You can swim, play tennis, or enjoy other sports.

When choosing a resort, consider the location and facilities. Ensure everyone has something they like. This way, you can ensure a happy and memorable holiday.

Families can bond over various fun activities. While some members play golf, others can explore local sights or relax by the pool. Everyone can find something enjoyable.

Remember, the goal is to have a balanced holiday. Golfers get their game, and families get their fun. So, pack your bags and get ready for a wonderful family golf break!

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