India is known as a country of multiple cultures. If you have a deep interest in mythology, you may enjoy the Jain temple. These are made for the Jains that are part of the country. Throughout the country, many temples are amazingly decorated. When you visit the country, you can get the essence of ancient Indian history.Jainism is one of the major religions of India that gets rooted in different places. In these temples, they do not worship the god every time, which remains in Indias the sculpture. So, visit the grandeur of ancient history through the temples of Jain.

The Best Jain Temples Of India

Best Jain Temples Of IndiaThe fantastic designs and models will give your eyesight a pleasant experience. The temples are generally made with limestone, brick, cement, and other things. Top temples were created many years ago. However, the glamour of the temple remains unchanged.Within the temple there you will not see many things. The outside and structure take all the attention from the visitors. The native people of India have an idea on Jain Temple so that they can guide you up.

1. Gomateshwara Temple

The exact location of the temple is in Vindhyagiri, Karnataka. It is in the southern portion of India. You can take a guide who will tell you about the history. The temple has another name, ‘Bahubali temple’. The temple gets covered with walls. Therefore, if you want to visit the temple, you must go at the time of the Mahamastakabhisheka festival.  In the temple, you will see a mammoth sculpture whose approximate size is 57 feet. The statue is of king Bahubali who first discovered this land. 

2. Dilwara Temple

Dilwara TempleIf you are finding the best Jain temple in Rajasthan, visit Dilwara temple. Dhokia Jain Minister first created this temple with the help of Vimal Shah. They were probably established between the 11th century to 13th centuries. The decoration of the temple is heavenly. Its architectural design always impresses the tourists of Rajasthan. In the temple, a total of five different places have been dedicated to Tirthankaras. An additional thing that can make you surprised is that the temple authority allows the pilgrims to bathe in a particular section. 

3. Bawangaja Temple

Bawangaja temple is in kundalpur. People created this temple in a wide area. The temple looks like the peaks of the hills from afar. This temple is ancient, and its height is approximately 400 feet. In the temple, the pilgrims will see Adinath doing meditation and spreading peace in the world. So, this place is pure because of Jainism. This Jain temple Jain people established after Adinath first found Jainism. If you can count all the temples, there will be a total of 63 temples standing like towers. 

4. Ayodhya

AyodhyaIn the Puran, there has been written about Ayodhya, where we find the sacred river Ganga. Ayodhya is in U.P and consists of various temples. The Hindu temple, Jain temples, all you can see in a single place. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Dharmanath, and in the sacred grove of Ayodhya, many priests achieved supernatural power. Even now there you can feel the sacred spirit of Tirthankara. So, go and visit the holy place. Also, visit the Vrishabhdev temple.

5. Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir

This Jain temple is a bit different because of its look. Maximum temples are white though this temple is red and white mixed—the structure of the temple matches with the temple of Jagannath Dev in Odisha. The castle-like temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanath. The location of the temple is in Delhi. It is almost in the center of the country where you can easily visit. Now, go to all mandir and get the essence of the ancient history of India.

6. Sonagir Temple

Sonagir TempleSonagir temple is one of the ancient temples of India, where you will get three small temples. Within them, there are structures of the Jain god. The temple was probably made in the 9th century when Jainism first grew as a religion. The Jain philosophy uses’ to say that in this temple, the eight Tirthankara Chandraprabhu came. After that, the temple was established. However, don’t control yourself from the old Jain temple. 

7. Palitana Temple

It is in Gujrat where you will have other temples as well. The temple is on the hill Shatrunjaya in the city of Palitana. The temple of Palitana is considered the holiest temple of Jainism. This temple is too ancient for king Kumarapala and it gets completed after 900 years. The temple looks impressive because of its structure. In a complex, there are more than 800 temples. To reach the temple, you have to climb on the hill by crossing the stairs—this temple is dedicated to the first Tirthankara, Adinath.

8. Kulpakji Temple

Kulpakji TempleThis temple is in Kolanupaka, a place in Telangana. This temple went under a major revolution because of the Kakatiya dynasty. In this temple still, now, you will see the Garba Graha though it again has been designed.There is a sculpture of Mahadev that looks sky blue.

9. Dharmanath Temple

Dharmanath temple looks like the other traditional temples. All the Jain temples of India are old, so you can feel it by entering the temple. The temple gets its name by the name of the 5th Tirthankara Dharmanath. If you follow, then you will see the architecture and sculpture of Jainism consist of art. Everywhere you will see the art of creation. The native Jain people say sometimes Dharmanath comes into this temple even now.

10. Shkhrji Temple

Shkhrji TempleIt is in Jharkhand that it is stunning. If you want to get into the temple, you have to visit from 7 am to 6 pm. This place is sacred, and that is why people from many countries come to see the temple. So, you should also go and visit the temple. 

The Final Words

Are you interested in visiting the new region and history? Then, you must visit the Jain temple to get the best news of ancient India. By visiting the Jain temples, you will learn how Jainism has come into this world as a spectrum.However, you prepare yourself and visit the states of India. Summer is a hot season for India. That is why you may coke in the summer when the weather remains airy. So, no more thinking, go and visit the best temples.More Resources

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