One of the major fixed travel expenses is where you will sleep at night. Therefore, you need to learn to tips on how to find cheap accommodation especially if you are operating on a budget. It will help you to save some money to use on other activities. Here are some killer tips on how to find cheap accommodation when you are on a journey.

Think About the Location

It does not make sense to get a cheap hotel that is several miles from the town you will be visiting. You will transfer the cost as you will be paying more for transportation. Stay in a central place that is close to the park, beach, food outlets, local attractions, and public transport among the other important amenities. You should be able to walk out and get to most of the preferred destinations. It will help you to save a lot of time and money.

Stay Multiple Nights in Your Hotel

In most hotels, you will get the best deals when you stay there for more than one night. For instance, you may come across certain deals like staying 4 nights and only paying for 3. These packages are more common, especially during the off-season. Look for good hotels that have these offers and take advantage of them.

Stay Over Sunday

Most hotels get Friday and Saturday night bookings for their rooms from leisure travelers. These hotels also get Monday to Friday bookings for business travelers. You will find most of them being void on Sunday night hence offering cheap accommodations on these days.

Stay Mid-Week

In some regions, you can strategically avoid the peak Friday and Saturday nights if you want to get cheap accommodation. Try your level best to avoid the big cities over the weekend. The accommodation pricing can even triple in some places over the weekend.

Travel During the Shoulder Season

Hotel prices tend to be low during some seasons. The shoulder season is an obvious tip on how to find cheap accommodation. It refers to the period that lies between the off-peak and peak seasons. During this period, the accommodation costs will be lower, the weather is still favorable, and you will avoid large crowds in the most popular destinations as this may make sightseeing to be easier. You will also save a lot of cash on car rental and flights making it a win-win situation.

Stay in Suites and Apartments and Share the Costs

This tip is critical if you are looking for how to find cheap accommodation. You will enjoy some home-cooking in the apartments especially if you are traveling in small groups of families. You will significantly cut costs by going for rental homes and apartments like Austin apartments. If you are traveling with another couple of other family members, get an apartment that is big enough and then share the costs.

A Hostel Can Do



The quality of hostels in some regions has been increasing over time. Let no one cheat you that hostels are just dorm rooms for the backpackers. Most of them offer private and family rooms hence making some of the cheapest accommodation alternatives. Look for a hostel that is located close to a tourist site or public transport. Apart from the low rates, you will also get free services such as wi-fi, luggage, laundry, local tours, and well-equipped kitchen facilities. It is one of the best ways to save money and interact with fellow tourists.

Stay Outside the City Centre or In a Nearby Town

 If you cannot get a cheap hotel in the city, you can save money by staying slightly outside the city. You will save some cash if you don’t mind some commuting. However, don’t choose far places that will significantly increase transportation costs. Research the transportation system of the region well before choosing accommodation outside the city.

Book Rooms That Have Free Cancellation

Book your accommodation in advance at the best available rates. Most of this information is readily available online. Compare different prices to get one that offers the best quality at the least price. In case you get a better deal, you need to cancel your booking and get your full refund. You can also go for the ones that allow you to book now and pay on a later date. Make sure you understand the booking conditions for every hotel if you want to make an informed decision.

Check Their Dining Options

At this point, location also comes in handy. Make sure you can access local restaurants and cafes with a lot of ease. When staying in a hotel, it is cheaper to walk to a nearby restaurant or café to have your meals. You need to avoid eating in the hotel unless they offer you the free breakfast that is included in the booking.

The Facilities in the Accommodation

Some facilities like 24-hour reception, a tour booking desk, private rooms that have en-suites, BBQ areas, free airport shuttle, and free wi-fi will increase the overall cost of your trip if they are not part of the accommodation. Some hotels will even provide a coffee machine, microwave, and fridge. The cost of accommodation will make more sense if the hotel offers some of these facilities.

The Configuration of the Hotel Room

Hotel Room


you can cut costs by sharing beds depending on the people you are traveling with. For instance, a family may need two single beds, a queen, or two double beds. You can also get a portable baby cot for free.

Check Family Deals on the Accommodation

Some hotels will give an upgrade on the check-in, free meals for kids, and discounted rates for families. Check whether you can get one when traveling with your family members.

The other secret on how to find cheap accommodation is using accommodation reward programs. If you constantly use the same hotel booking sites or frequently visit the same hotel, you can join their membership or reward programs. You can also utilize credit card reward points to get cheap accommodation. Follow the common sites on social media to know when they are offering discounts to their esteemed clients. Lastly, you can sign-up for e-newsletter deals to be up-to-date with the best offers from various hotels.

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