One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is to get the right hotels in Goa. The challenge can even be higher if you have limited funds and need a cheap hotel. Goa has several hotels but singling out the cheap ones is an uphill task.  

However, Goa is a perfect holiday destination, and you can always find cheap hotels. All you need to achieve this is to make the right choice. It can take you some time to make comparisons and come up with the best deals. The good news is that you can still get a cheap hotel in Goa that does not compromise on your comfort.  

One piece of advice is that don’t compromise your security and comfort at the expense of cost. You can still get good hotels in the region at a low price. The only thing that you need to do is carry out thorough research on what the region has to offer.  

 Do not rush into deciding with regards to looking for a hotel. You need to take your take and explore the existing options. One thing you have to consider is the entire trip or vacation. That is your primary reason for visiting Goa.  

If you wish to visit certain sites, you need to look for hotels near those sites. This will help you to avoid paying more money on transport. There is no need to search for a cheap hotel and end up spending several dollars on the road.  

However, you need to know that cheap Hotels in Goa are cheap by the standards of Goa. You would be making a very wrong mistake. If you thought this Hotel will still cost you the same amount of money as your cheap local hotels.  

Make sure you go by the standards of Goa as you continue with your search for a cheap hotel. Research is very paramount when looking for the best cheap hotels in Goa.  

If possible, you can look for information regarding the same from people who have visited the place before. However, one thing is certain that you will be able to find cheap hotels in Goa. Here are some tips on how to determine the best Hotels at an affordable price. These tips will help you to find cheap hotels that will not compromise your security and comfort.  

1. Price Comparison Sites

hotel in Goa

Like other regions across the world, Goa also has comparison sites for its hotel industry. These websites aggregate price quotes from various search engines and displays the figures on their page. It is the best starting point when looking for cheap hotels in Goa.  

You can use them to choose a hotel based on the place of stay, duration of staying, and date of travel. A few of them allow you to state your price range and give you the matching options. Concentrate on the reputable sites that have been helping travelers for a reasonable period of time. 

Once you get the rates, you can call the Hotel to see whether there are any additional charges. 

You also need to find a hotel in the right location, depending on what you are going to do in Goa. Therefore, you can check the neighborhoods for the hotels that are charging the best rates.  

Price comparison sites will help you to make the right purchase decision. However, remember to compare the price to the quality of service that you choose while using price comparison sites.  

Concentrating on the price alone when looking for a cheap hotel in Goa can be quite misleading. You need to know that price alone does not give accurate information about the hotels in Goa. While comparing the prices it is also vital for you to also inquire about the services the Hotels offer.  

There are so many hotels that use price as a bait to attract customers. Even though you might pay cheaply for the Hotel, you might end up regretting your entire stay in the Hotel. It is good to make sure that you are getting the value for your money while spending in a Goa hotel.  

The hospitality business in Goa has grown, and everyone is trying to make a kill out of it. When comparing prices, it is also vital for you to take a minute and look at the services the Hotel offers 

If you are lucky, you can find some hotels that publish their information online. This information includes the price and the services the Hotel offers. These two factors will help you to make an informed decision.  

Such information can be a perfect lead to some of the best and cheap hotels. Remember, the price can be a misleading factor if you look at it blindly. Compare the package you will get at a given rate, and you will make an informed decision. 

2. Daily Deal Sites and Coupons Books 

If you want a cheap hotel that does not compromise on the amenities or level of comfort, you can try getting a discount. Daily deal sites and discount sites carry travel and coupon deals that you redeem once you make your reservation. 

Do some research on what the various hotels in Goa have to offer to their customers. However, you need to be quick in picking them. Remember, everyone who is traveling to Goa is also looking for these opportunities.  

You will always get better deals from those on the hotel website when you go for these coupons. You can get news about these promotions by subscribing to the Hotel’s newsletter. The other media also provide information about the available promotions in the region.  

Several people are looking for these promotions. Given this fact, you have to be on top of the game in scouting and using these opportunities. Daily deal sites and coupon books can give you great suggestions about hotels that are running discounts in Goa.  

3. Opt for a Package

We can compare this to buying in bulk and paying lower prices. The package may include several amenities like food, travel, and accommodation, among others. You will always save a lot of money by consuming some of these services as a package.  

You can get information on the latest deals and packages by signing up for the Hotel’s newsletters. Once you choose a package, you can be sure of getting more services at a lower price.  

It is one of the best tips that people use to get cheap hotel services on Goa. You will still get high-quality services but at more affordable rates.  

4. Visit during Off-Season

If you are shopping for a cheap hotel because of a strict budget, it’s wise to travel during the off-season. You can also plan your vacation in such a way that it covers weekdays. In most cases, fewer people will be traveling to Goa during these low seasons. 

As a result, there will be a low demand for hotels in the region. It goes without saying that the hotels will fight for the few available customers and hence reduce their prices.  

It will help you to get an alternative that will match your budget without spoiling the holiday experience. You can also get a cheap hotel by keeping the travel dates flexible. Find out the best days of traveling at a particular hotel. 

However, this will only help you when you are at the liberty of choosing a travel date. People whose timetable is rigid may find it hard to visit during the offseason. Therefore, it will not be an option for you if you are working on a tight schedule.  

This idea is excellent if you are at the liberty of choosing an appropriate travel date. However, if you need to travel during the Holiday season, then you need to try and make earlier bookings. Hotels in Goa do not always charge standard prices. You can secure better deals by being among the first people to book the hotel.  

Some Hotels might extend you some discount privileges if you make more previous prior bookings.  

If you are not go, you can visit the Hotel website and see if there are any prior booking options. So many Hotels in the region have this option and you just need to carry out the necessary research.  

5. Travel Reward Points 

Most credit card companies offer this scheme to their esteemed clients. These points will continue increasing as you use your card to shop. You can use these travel reward points to get cheap reward points in Goa.  

The hotel can allow you to stay for free or at a fraction of the cost. Just check some of the hotels that provide this facility in Goa. Take advantage of it by redeeming the points on your stay in the hotel.  

6. Read comments about the hotels 

There is a chance that there is someone who has ever been to the cheap Hotel that you are just about to visit. Some people are always good enough to give a comment or two regarding the kind of services they received from the Hotel. 

The good thing with previous customers is that they always provide an objective view of the services that they received. It will help you know some of the hotels that charge cheaply and maintain high-quality standards.  

Such comments can help you in making decisions on the kind of Hotel you choose. If you realize that many people are talking negatively about a particular hotel, you need to avoid it.  

However, you also need to know that some comments do not provide accurate information about Hotels in Goa. In some cases, people make comments about the services they expected and what they ended up getting. 

Given that people have different tastes and preferences, you need to carry out further research on this issue. If the comments go ahead to highlight the kind of services people received, then you can consider them. 


These tips will help you to get high-quality but cheap hotels in Goa. The most important thing is not to compromise on your safety and comfort as you look for an affordable hotel in the region. 

You need to find the best hotel in the region that gives you high-quality services at an affordable price. It means that you need to take a lot of time before you select the best hotel in Goa that charges cheap prices.  

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