It’s time to take your holidays to a whole new level. Now is the perfect time to charter a yacht and we have got a complete guide!

You see, chartering a yacht can seem intimidating and confusing if you’re still clueless as to some rules you need to know. Worry not, as we got you covered. In this post, we’d answer all the most frequently asked questions about yacht chartering.

Read on and happy sailing!

Why charter a yacht?

The yacht charter industry experienced a massive boost during the onset of the pandemic. Such a boom is still felt to this day. This is why more and more yachts are being made available for charter. More and more people are also able to afford it.

Do I need to look for a charter broker?

charter broker

Not really. But if it’s your first time and you’re completely clueless as to how everything goes, then it’s best if you’d look for one. A charter broker will make everything easier for you because he/she will guide you every step of the way.

The thing with chartering a yacht for the first time is you’re not even aware of all the options and choices that are available to you. A charter broker will duly solve that gap. Your charter broker, if you’d choose to work with one, will match you with the perfect yacht and crew.

You will have an easier time planning because your charter broker will prepare everything. All you would simply have to do is choose and tell your broker all your preferences.

How do I look for a charter broker?

To ensure that you get to work with a competent and legitimate charter broker, you should check out professional bodies like MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association. Such an organization has a solid database of all industry-recognized professionals.

A surefire way though of getting a good charter broker is by relying on your network. Ask around and talk to people you know who already got to work with charter brokers. Looking for a recommendation from a friend is still the best way to go as you know and you can be sure that your friend will only recommend the best.

Ensure that the broker of your choice is proactive when it comes to communication. You should always feel at ease and comfortable asking questions and inquiring about concerns with your charter broker.

How much money do I need?

Chartering a yacht is more affordable now. It’s very much unlike before when it was just limited to a chosen few who had money to spare. Now, chartering a yacht is not just an exclusive experience for celebrities, billionaires, and A-listers. You could now book one for a week for only $40,000. This package is one where you get to sail on an 82-foot yacht (or longer) with at least six guests.

Yacht chartering is not cheap because there are numerous fees to account for life insurance, the crew, and the hire. Your budget will also be allocated for food, beverages, dockage, and fuel. To be on the safe side, always allow for a 30% excess on your budget. This will ensure that you don’t fall short.

What destinations are best for first-timers?

Experts are not eager in recommending remote locations to first-timers. Places that are hard to get to can eat up much of your time and may take some fun out of your whole experience. You, of course, are still very much free to choose adventurous destinations like Antarctica. However, we strongly recommend the following destinations if you’re a first-timer:

destinations are best for first-timers

1. Caribbean: The Virgin Islands

2. Easter Mediterranean: Croatia

3. Western Mediterranean: French Riviera

4. America: New England

5. South Pacific: Great Barrier Reef

The good thing about the following destinations is the fact that it’s impossible to go wrong. They are all highly accessible and breathtakingly beautiful. Any of the given destinations will totally give you an unforgettable yacht charter holiday.

What do I need to focus on?

Apart from picking the right yacht, one factor that you truly need to be particular about is your choice of the crew. Your crew will be with you every step of the way. Your enjoyment and level of relaxation will highly depend on them. And this can never be stressed enough.


Choose a crew that will fully make everything easier for you. An experienced and competent crew is highly advisable. Only ones with numerous years of training can make you feel like you’re in a hotel while you’re in the middle of the sea.

Dedicate hours of planning to your particular preferences. Book a yogi, fitness coach, masseuse, or bartender if need be. You will have a completely fabulous time if you are specific with everything that you will need.

What is an often overlooked factor for first-timers?

First-time yacht charterers always overlook their guests. This is because it’s often tricky for first-timers to envision a yacht charter setup. You need to remind yourself that you will be with your guests in a very intimate and exclusive way.

This is why you should be extra careful when it comes to picking who you want to sail with. Only choose ones that you truly know and love to be around. Choose ones that you truly want to spend time with. A yacht charter is not ideal if you’re just getting to know a person. You would want to bring along someone who you can truly have fun with.


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