Nestled in the lush landscape of Northern Thailand, Phrae is a province rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors, Phrae remains one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets.

This guide will take you through ten unique activities that you can enjoy in this charming province, making your visit unforgettable.

1. Explore The Old City And Its Historic Temples

The old city of Phrae is a window into the past. Wander through the tranquil streets lined with traditional teak houses, many of which are over a century old. Visit the iconic Wat Phra That Cho Hae and Wat Luang, two of the most revered temples in the area, known for their Lanna architecture and intricate wood carvings.

2. Visit The Ban Thung Hong Village For Local Crafts

Ban Thung Hong is famous for its Mo Hom fabric, a traditional indigo-dyed cloth unique to Phrae. Here, you can witness the fascinating process of making Mo Hom and even try your hand at dyeing your fabric, a perfect and unique souvenir.

3. Discover The Phrae National Museum

The Phrae National Museum is a treasure trove of the province’s history. Housed in a beautiful colonial building, the museum showcases artefacts from Phrae’s past, including ancient pottery, religious art, and traditional costumes, providing a deeper understanding of the local culture.

4. Enjoy Nature At Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park

Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park is a natural wonder of Phrae. Known for its unique rock formations, created by natural erosion over thousands of years, this park offers stunning landscapes and is a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

5. Experience The Charm Of The Saturday Walking Street Market

Saturday Walking Street Market

Every Saturday, the heart of Phrae comes alive with its vibrant walking street market. It’s a fantastic place to sample local delicacies, shop for handmade crafts, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. This market is a must-visit to experience the local way of life.

6. Tour a Traditional Furniture Factory In Phrae

Phrae is not just about historical sites and natural beauty; it’s also home to skilled craftsmanship. A visit to a furniture factory in Phrae offers a unique glimpse into the art of Thai furniture making, showcasing the skill and dedication of local artisans. It’s a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the intricate designs and possibly take home a piece of Phrae’s heritage.

7. Hike In Doi Pha Klong National Park

For the adventurous, Doi Pha Klong National Park offers some of the best hiking trails in Northern Thailand. With its lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife, the park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences.

8. Indulge In Local Gastronomy

Thai cuisine needs no introduction, and Phrae offers its unique flavors and dishes. From street food stalls to local restaurants, be sure to try Phrae’s specialties like Kaeng Hang Le (Northern Thai curry) and Sai Oua (Northern Thai sausage).

9. Take A Thai Cooking Class

What better way to bring a piece of Thailand back home than learning to cook Thai dishes? In Phrae, several local cooking schools offer classes where you can learn to prepare traditional Thai recipes, a perfect activity for food enthusiasts.

10. Visit The Khum Chao Luang

The Khum Chao Luang is a splendid example of the combination of European and Lanna architectural styles. Once a residence of local royalty, this mansion has been converted into a museum, offering a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyles of the past.


Phrae, with its rich heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and warm hospitality, offers a unique Thai experience. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or cultural explorer, Phrae has something special for everyone. Plan your trip to this hidden gem and discover the many wonders it holds.

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