European countries are frequent holiday destinations for foreigners worldwide, and there are many reasons for that. No matter where you come from, chances are that accommodation and food are pretty affordable, making the trip best for any budget. Moreover, most places have an intriguing history that specially shaped the city, so the customs and traditions are unique.

You may have heard about famous destinations like Paris, the land of lovers, or Barcelona, the city with the most incredible festivals. Of course, they’re not dated, but they stole the show and left true gems undiscovered.

You shouldn’t miss the following locations when booking your next trip. It would be great to prepare an international sim card to be in touch with friends and family and post new pictures of your holiday with no additional charges.

Here are some of the most underrated European locations.

Tartu, The Second-Largest City In Estonia

Tartu is an essential city in Estonia due to its oldest university and urbanistic setting. With a rich history and impressive architecture, such as the Lutheran St. John’s Church, Tartu is the center of intellectualism. Considering the Soviets occupied it, the city has similar features to other countries with the same history, but it’s got specific Lithuanian features. It is expected that the city will be the next European Capital of Culture in 2024, so you might want to visit then.

Pamukkale, The Cotton Castle Of Turkey

Pamukkale is a natural site formed by thermal spring water flowing that leaves a unique type of mineral behind, creating a white valley that beautifully reflects the sun’s rays. The location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its importance and history since the ancient Greeks.

There’s a museum within the location where you can see historical artifacts from old towns, while the construction is an impressive marble and stone. You can take as many photos as you like, but considering its position, you’d need reliable service to share the photos. Hence, a digital SIM is best for this trip, and it is usually compatible with every phone brand, so, don’t forget to find the best eSIM for Europe.

Ullapool, A Quiet Port Of Scotland

Nothing’s more beautiful than Scotland because its culture, people, and traditions come from Celtic nations. But the scenery is also impressive due to the dramatic and rugged landscapes. You’ll see the same things in this tiny Scottish city located on the shore of Loch Broom.

Hence, you’ll see a lot of people fishing, and the ferry terminal point is the central spot for having a boat trip. The weather is rather cold and gloomy, but you can get inside a pub and warm up with a delicious drink.

Imotski Lakes, Where An Annual Football Event Takes Place In Croatia

The two beautiful Imotski Lakes in Croatia have one of the bluest and most transparent waters you’ll ever see. You can reach the place by car or bus and swim in the Blue Lake. During the summer, the place is so waterless that people play football between the Elves team and the Werewolves.

There’s also the Red Lake that can only be seen from above, where a reddish tone can be noticed due to cliff discoloration. The lakes are right next to Imotski town, so you’ve got accommodation and services close.

Dordrecht, The Oldest City In Holland

If we’re talking history, then you must see the oldest city of Holland, Netherlands, because the name was first recorded in history around 1120. Hence, the place has a lot of historical references and traditions you must learn about.

Some places you must see include the Grote Kerk, an immense church, the Mint of Holland, and the last windmill in the city. Don’t forget about all the impressive museums and folklore carnivals.

Aalborg, The City In Transition Of Denmark 

If you’re fascinated by Danish history, visit Aalborg because it’s also an incredible old city. Vikings lived here for a while, but you’ll notice a few influences from the Middle Ages in its architecture and structure. Recently, the city has been a strong mitigator for sustainably and is preserving its natural beauties, such as the parks and green spaces, pretty well. Among its landmarks, we can recall Jens Bang’s House, Aalborghus Castle, and all Danish Distilleries.

Koper, The Largest Coastal City In Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country, but as you go deeper within its hidden gems, you can see Koper, and considering it’s located between the entry points of Slovenia and Italy, locals speak the languages of these countries.

The town also has an impressive history in the town square, at the Praetorian Palace, Koper Cathedral Bell Tower, and Piazza Tito. The old architecture will send you to an age where people from Koper and Venice traded resources and food.

Ohrid, The Jerusalem Of The Balkans In North Macedonia

Ohrid was the town with 365 churches for each day of the year, although they’re now fewer in number. The city is also a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site accepted by UNESCO, primarily due to its importance during the medieval period that has been documented since the fourth century BC, when the city’s name changed a few times.

While you’re there, make sure to visit all the Christian sites, but also the Ancient Theatre of Horrid and all the Roman-era settlements. There’s an interesting hiking route you should check out that goes through North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania.

Tbilisi, An Essential Connection Among Global Powers Of Georgia

Talking about ancient cities whose history impacted the world, you need to travel to Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, founded in the fifth century AD. The architecture is a gorgeous mix of medieval, neoclassical, and Art Nouveau, but the influences abound in history. Some of the best things to see in Tbilisi include most cathedrals, the Narikala Fortress, and the Georgian National Museum.

What Do You Think About These Magical Spots?

Europe has numerous impressive spots for spending the holiday with your loved ones, but they don’t have to be famous to be valuable. Hence, these hidden gems are unique, so you should include them in your bucket list.

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