Is this your first time going on a hike? Worried about what to carry in your limited-space rucksack? Well, don’t get overwhelmed; we got you covered. You know that you have to pack lightly as you have to carry the rucksack all the way with you. But as for your clothes, we have made a list for you. 

Here we are going to have a look at the best hiking clothes for women. As you know, there are plenty of brands that make clothes that would be the best fit for a woman walking the trails.

Below I have put together a list of hiking gear for women. Go through it, and you will not regret your choices while you go on your adventure. But before that, there are a few things that you have to consider before choosing your hiking clothes.

Things To Consider When You Are Buying Hiking Gear

you are buying hiking gear

Going on a hike is quite exciting, but you should have the proper gear for it, or the experience might turn into something that you will remember your whole life, and not in a good way. 

Hike Length

To be precise, you will not require anything specific for hiking if the hike is just a dong long or for a few hours. Your regular clothes would suffice for that. The important thing is that you dress in layers. So, when required, you can put things on, and when required you can get rid of a few as well.

Pack Weight

As I mentioned in the introduction, you should always carry the bare minimum you need but do not underdo it. Take the things you would actually require to go through the hike smoothly, and do not just carry things because you think you might need some extra. Take the essentials as you have to carry them all the way with you.

Experience Level

Well, if you have gone on hikes before, you know well what you might require on your hike, but if you are a beginner, you should invest in the essentials and not in the fancy stuff that you could easily overlook. Instead, invest in an extra pair of socks or a mosquito repellent to keep yourself safe at camp.

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Best Hiking Gear For Women

Best hiking gear for women

Regardless of your experience and your trial length, you should consider wearing something athletic for the smoothest hike. Wear something breathable and comfortable that will let you move freely up the trail. And of course, even if you are going in summer, wear layers.

Best Hiking Jacket: REI Co-Op XeroDry GTX Jacket

This is the best choice and is one of the best for a winter hike. This jacket is versatile and will protect you from the rain and chilly winds, and it will keep you cool even after a hike and not overheat your body. This jacket is wind-proof and waterproof as well.

This jacket is extremely lightweight and will keep you protected from the chills. Because this jacket is lightweight, it is easy to carry when the sun comes out.

Best Hiking Shirts: Swiftly Tech Racerback 2.0

Lululemon has one of the best anti-stink formulas. Their trademark technology, silverescent, does not allow the formation of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric surface, protecting you from the funky smell throughout the hot long hikes.

These shirts are quite comfortable, and they are seamless as well. This is the best choice for your summer hikes, and for the winters, you can layer this underneath jackets or other long-sleeve t-shirts.

Best Hiking Undergarments: Lululemon Lie A Cloud Bra

The Lululemon bra is perfect and has the perfect balance of a soft material that is sweat-wicking and would keep you fresh and dry throughout the hike. It is very comfortable and could be used as daily wear as well. 

This bra is quite flexible but fitted at the same time. The cups and the straps will not pull you down and give you a lightweight feel. It also comes in multiple cuts and cup sizes to provide you with the ultimate fit. So keep in mind when you buy undergarments for hiking that, regardless of the brand, they should be comfortable and provide you with good support for your journey.

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Best Hiking Boots: Merrell Moab 3 Mid Boot

To give you a fair warning, these boots are made of leather and would require a little bit of time to break them in. but once it is done, these are one of the most comfortable pairs of boots that you will ever wear. Though the ankle height is low, they are quite flexible. 

Most hikers still prefer the classic normal width of the boot, but you can obviously choose the one you feel most comfortable in. This is still one of the best hiking outfit women prefers.

Bottom Line

Well, I hope the article helps you when you go for your hike shopping. Choose the brand you feel most comfortable in, but remember the criterias that have also been mentioned above for getting the best experience. Choosing women’s hiking clothes might get tricky sometimes, but with the guidance of the best hiking clothes for women, I think it would become a bit easier now.

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