Do you have the heart to travel to those uninhibited places? Well, then you can try trekking as a hobby. It is a daring and exciting hobby. Well, you must be already an experienced trekker if you are looking for Himachal Pradesh trekking places.  

Treks can go from short day walks to multiple-day trips that include carrying large goods and camping. But it demands stamina and physical preparation. And if you are looking for treks in the Himachal region particularly, you are going to have a lot of options. 

Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Himachal Pradesh are some of the prominent trekking places in India. Each of these places has a distinct topography, difficulties, and culture. 

Best Himachal Pradesh Trekking Places 

Passing through the meandering rivers, lush valleys, barren stretches, sow-capped peaks, isolated villages, and a lot more, trekking in the Himachal region is really exhilarating. The picturesque landscape is going to get you awestruck. You get to see the raw nature when you go on these treks. 

Kheerganga Trek 

Kheer Ganga is a frothy-white beautiful mountain river in Kasol. It originates from the mountains and comes down a long way. The only way to reach is through a short arduous trek. 


The Kheerganga Trek is famous all through the country, and trekking enthusiasts are always talking about the beak of this Himachal Pradesh trekking place. It is nearly a 12km trek, and you can easily cover in within 5 to 6 hours if you are not taking long breaks in between. 

Trekking Days: 1-2 days 
Maximum Altitude: 9,711 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Malana Village Trek 

This trek starts from the Jari village in Himachal, Malana trek is a 4km long trail and it takes you to one of the oldest Villages India has. If you ever go visit the mountains, there is one thing that you should definitely try.  

You should definitely take a long walk through those narrow winding paths. The paths cuts though the heart of the mountains. So, if you are planning a trip to Kasol, you should experience the thrill of walking from Kasol to Malana. 

Trekking Days: 6 days 
Maximum Altitude: 10,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Moderate 

Beas Kund Trek 

Beas Kund is actually located in the Dhauladar Range of the Himalayan mountain range. It is not only a beautiful place but it is also has a lot of historical significance. You have to go through a short trek to reach the Beas Kund. 

The trail is 15-17km trek, and you can cover the entire path in about three days. People from any age group can cover this trail as the trek is not much strenuous. You do not have to be a pro to go on this trek. You can camp as well along the trail. 

Trekking Days: 2 days 
Maximum  Altitude: 12,139 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Chandrakhani Pass Trek 

The Chandrakani Pass Trek has a magnificent and beautiful view of the Pirpanjal and Deo Tibba ranges. The entire trek stretches from an altitude of 2050m to 3060m. This trek is a moderate one and one of the low altitude treks among the Himachal Pradesh trek places.  

The adventure starts from Naggar and gets you through Ganachalani, Celanti and Rumsu. This is one the best trek that Himachal Pradesh offers. 

Trekking Days: 3 days 
Maximum Altitude: 12,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Jakhu Temple Trek 

This temple in Shimla is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is popular for being the home of thousands of monkeys. There is a massive Lord Hanuman statue, 108 feet high. This is something that you going to catch your eye. 

This s located at the highest peak in Shimla, above 2455m, and is one of the major attractions for the religious visitors. When you are trekking to this temple, you get to see the tall Hanuman Statue, hidden behind those majestic deodar trees. 

Trekking Days: 1 day 
Maximum Altitude: 8,054 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Prashar Lake Trek 

The Dhauladhar ranges in the Kullu Vally surrounds the Prashar Lake. you will get tio witness a mesmerizing 180 degree view of the Kinnaur, Pirpanjal and Dhauladhar ranges. There are two posible routes to reach the Prashar Lake. 


You can take the Jwalapur village route or the Baggi village route. The Baggi village route is comparatively difficult than the Jwalapur one. This is an ideal winter trek from Delhi. 

Trekking Days: 1-2 days 
Maximum Altitude: 8,960 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Hampta Pass Trek 

The name Hampta Pass is derived from the Hampta village situated in the Pir Panjal region. This place is ventured by only a handful of trekkers and some shepherds. It is above 14000 feet and surrounded by rivulets, meadows, glaciers and jagged mountains. 

This one of the toughest Himachal Pradesh trekking places. You need to have a trekking map of the Himachal Pradesh to go on this trek. 

Trekking Days: 5 days 
Maximum Altitude: 13,500 ft 
Difficulty Level: Difficult 

Triund Trek 

If you are a solo trekker, then the Triund trek is the perfect one for you. Head to the Triund thailand meet the mountains. The dhauladhar range looks majestic and gigantic from this trail. 

You are going camping under the stars, and you get to enjoy a bonfire around the picturesque landscape. There is no other place in the entire universe like Triund. You can check it out yourself, if you find it hard to believe. 

Trekking Days: 2 days 
Maximum Altitude: 9,350 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Bhrigu Lake Trek 

Situated at a height of 14,000 ft, this trek is going to give you an ultimate high. There is no other trek in the entire Himalayan trek, that would take you to such an impressive height in just two days.  

May to June is the ideal time to go on this trek. If you want to go on a summer trek, this one of the best that Himachal Pradesh is going to offer. For a beginning, it might seem a little overwhelming as the trail is a little too steep. 

Trekking Days: 3 days 
Maximum Altitude: 14,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate 

Pin Parvati Pass Trek 

If you want to go on a difficult trek, then this is a good one for you. Pin Parvati would take you to an impressive height of 16,000 ft, and the landscape it offers is going to mesmerize you. 

This is not exactly an ideal trek for a beginner, as the trail is quite challenging and difficult. Even an experienced trekker would need a lot of stamina to go on this trek.  

In this trek you will pass through undulating meadows, mountain passes, boulders and snowy landscapes. As this is a 9-day trek, you should be prepared mentally as well as physically for this trek. 

Trekking Days: 7-8 dyas 
Maximum Altitude: 17,450 ft 
Difficulty Level: Difficult 

Deo Tibba Base Camp 

If you are ambitious about trekking then this one you should definitely try. This camp is at the foot of Deo Tibba mountain. The trek would take you through a remote region and offers tasteful views of mountains and nature landscapes.  

You will face a lot of challenges while going on this trek, and this is going to prepare you for more difficult treks and expeditions. This is not a trek for beginners and it require a lot of endurance and strength. 

Trekking Days: 5-6 days 
Maximum Altitude: 20,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Difficult 

Sar Pass Trek 

Another trekking expedition that starts from Kasol is Sar Pass Trek. It offers an amazing view of the Himalayan mountain range. Starting from the campsites to the amazing views, everything this trek offers is charming and special. 


The trail is filled with deodar and pine trees and the meadows bloom with various colorful flower. Go on the Sae Pass Trek, and you will have a mystical tour to the gigantic mountains. 

Trekking Days: 4-5 days 
Maximum Altitude: 14,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Moderate/Difficult 

Chamba Trek 

This trek from Dalhaousie to Chamba is exactly what thrill-seekers are looking for. With the alluring views of the open blue skies, lush green foliage, magnetic natural wonders, this is an amazing trek from all aspects. 

This is one of the most important trek trails in the Himachal Pradesh. Apart from the surreal paths covered in deodar jungles, it also offers an amazing view of the Pir Pinjal and the Dhauladhar ranges

Trekking Days: 3 days 
Maximum Altitude: 3,270 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Dainkund Trek 

Diakund is the highest peak in the entire Dalhousie region. This is the best shot for all the thrill seekers out there. You get to witness an entire 360 degree view of the whole valley from the peak, and is going to leave you awestruck. 

This peak is also popular as the singing peak, due to the melody the trees create. From oak to pine, there are numerous different species that you get to witness here. Along with that there is also a temple at the peak, making it even more serene. 

Trekking Days: Day trek 
Maximum Altitude: 9000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy/moderate 

Great Himalayan National Park Trek 

A trek to the Great Himalayan National Park is an ecstatic experience. Situated in the shilt Thatch, this is an amazing spot for spotting wild species. You get to witness the sunlight passing through those rough leaves forming a beautiful canopy. 

Cross the Tirthan river, sit by the river and soak in the piece and you will get to see various species of animals and rare birds. 

Trekking Days: 5 days 
Maximum Altitude: 10,000 ft 
Difficulty Level: Moderate 

Kareri Lake Trek 

Well, you go on a trek to enjoy the majestic views, experience the raw nature and of course it is an escape from the busy life you have back at home. The Kareri Lake trek is the one of the best trek for witnessing the picturesque views that mother nature has to offer. 

Situated in the Kangra district, this trek passes through the trails of chilgoza and chir pine trees. The camps, the trees, the lakes along with the open skies is like a paradise for nature lovers. 

 And if you have a knack towards photography then you are going to get immense opportunities to capture the brilliant landscape in a frame. 

Trekking Days: 3 days 
Maximum Altitude: 9600 ft 
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate 

Indrahar Pass Trek, Mcleodganj 

Indrahar Pass Trek is one of the best Himachal Pradesh trekking places. Here you get to enjoy captivating rustic Lahesh caves along with a panoramic view of the Himayan and Dhauladhar peak. 

This pass is between the Chamba and Kangra district, and this trek is quite challenging because of the sharp ascents and steep climbs. 

Trekking Days: 4 to 5 days 
Maximum Altitude: 14,245 feet above sea level 
Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult 

Lake Glacier Trek 

The Lake Glacier trek is one the best Himachal Pradesh trekking places. It extends to a stretch of 13 kms. You get to enjoy the alluring sceneries along with the diverse forests like rhododendron, oak and deodar forests. The trek starts from Bangsu Falls and takes at least a weekend to complete. 

Trekking days: 3 days 
Maximum Altitude: 9500 feet 
Difficulty level: Easy/moderate 

Get Set Trekking! 

Himachal Pradesh is home to various breathtaking trekking locations and some well-known trekking routes. From the awe-inspiring Triund Trek to the infamous Pin Parvati trek, Himachal has a lot of options for you. 

It offers a variety of trekking opportunities for those who love nature and those who seek thrill and adventure. There are a lot of Himachal Pradesh trekking places that would offer you a relaxing hike as well as some strenuous high-altitude treks. 

The best time to go on a trek depends on the trek you are offering. So pack your bags, get on your hiking boots and set on a journey of a lifetime. 


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