Located in Ibaraki Prefecture in the heart of Mito, Japan, Hitachi Seaside Park is very spacious and full of green spaces. Seasonal flowers grow around 350 hectares of land surrounded by an amusement park and multiple walking trails. Although Japan has no shortage of parks and green spaces, Hitachi Park certainly brightens the country. 

Blue nemophila is the iconic flower of this park, and it is largely found in Miharashi Hill when spring arrives. One can truly find it resembling the sky’s color. Hitachi Park is a popular tourist destination because let’s admit it- who doesn’t love flowers? 

In today’s article, I will cover things one can do in Hitachi Seaside Park and seize their day to the fullest. 

Nemophila Harmony: Japan’s Blue Flowers Valley

In Hitachi, there’s no way one cannot get mesmerized by the Blue Flowers Valley. The field is vast, with expansive blue Nemophila flowers blooming every spring. When stretched all across 350 hectares of land and covering hills, gardens, and forests- you are bound to get lost. It is so wide that there’s no difference understood between the sky and the end of the valley. 

Thousands of visitors visit the park every year, which eventually makes this park a true natural wonder of Japan. Moreover, it consists of a sizable garden with a variety of seasonal flowers like tulips, roses, and ice roses that bloom during spring. Hop on to the Ferris wheel, which is 100 feet high, and witness a panoramic view of everything blue. 

Miharashi Hill: A True Satisfaction

The formation of Miharashi Hill took place with the help of leftover surplus soil from construction. Being 58m above sea level, it is Hitachinaka City’s highest point. There are so many stunning views available from this point: Pacific Ocean, Kanto Plains, you name them.

What makes this landscape a sheer beauty is the constant changes of views as seasons change. Just as Spring hits, the valley becomes all blue, but during the Kochia Autumn Season, it is all about pink and red tulips. 

Enjoy The View On Rails: Hitachi Seaside Park Railway

There might be times when a child or an elderly person is visiting the park, and they might not have the same potential for walking as a healthy adult. But such trivial worries shouldn’t come in between absorbing the surrounding beauty.

This is exactly why there is a railway stretch between the Ajigaura Station and Katsuta Station in Hitachinaka. One can simply board them up and visit the wondrous Hitachi Park as well as the Nakaminato Fish Market. 

Sophisticated Cycling Trails For Enthusiast Bikers

A dedicated cycle path stretches for 11 kms inside the Hitachi Park. What’s a better way of rejuvenation than cycling around the woodland areas and relishing the sea breeze?

Plan an early morning itinerary and rent a bike. However, there are a few weight and height restrictions for booking bikes as a part of safety considerations. Make sure you do not overtake- smooth riding will take you to an amusing world of spectacular views. 

Events Taking Place In And Around The Park

Are you also wondering when to visit Hitachi Seaside Park? Well, calm your senses because here is one of the most intriguing parts of the article. Multiple fun-filled events make the place more interesting and a must-visit destination for travel enthusiasts. So, let’s quickly have a look at them:

Flower Season: Japanese Culture Worshipping The Blooming Season

Flower Season

Spring denotes the arrival of the blooming season. But the scenario is extraordinarily exciting in Japan. Millions of baby blue eyes or nemophila flowers bloom on the Miharashi Hill from mid-April till early May. 

Visiting the Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo is very easy. The commute takes place only about an hour and a half. One thing to remember here is that various tourists visit this park during the blooming season. So, be prepared for congested trains, roads, and even buses. 

Hitachinaka Fireworks Festival

The fireworks festival highlights the two-day enjoyment taking place during the summer season. This event consists of 3,000 fireworks and added dynamic music that makes the event a perfect hit. 

The fireworks festival basically takes place in JGSDF Camp Katsuta 3433 Katsukura in Hitachinaka City. One can easily walk for 5 minutes from Kokimae Station or take a car from Higashi-Mito Road and reach there in 15 minutes

The Disney Music Event

Thirdly, Japan also hosts a Disney musical event, mostly with fireworks. In this event, classic and iconic songs from Disney are synchronized to the fireworks whenever the company celebrates its anniversary.  

The shows mostly take place in Hitachi Seaside, Kirara Expo Memorial Park, Osaka’s Maishima Sports Island, and Okinawa’s Ginown Tropical Beach. All these locations are very accessible for both new and old tourists visiting the country. 

Sightseeing Facilities & Cafes Offering Subtle Refreshments at Hitachi Seaside Park

The more people, the more food, drinks and entertainment. This scenic location in Ibaraki Prefecture has various cafes, restaurants, and conventional Japanese restaurants inside the park.

Check them out before you return back without tasting some local delicacies: 

Glass House Sea Side Cafe

Nothing satisfies hunger more than a scenic surrounding entrapped in a glass house cafe. Well, this one inside Hitachi Park is the closest to the sea and thus offers sweeping ocean scenery. From pasta soups and dishes to delicious desserts, this cafe is the one to satisfy your soul. Do try the Strawberry & Yuzu Cream Dango, which is basically rice dumplings produced with fruit sauce. 

Kinen no Mori

Have you ever been to a resthouse inside the luscious green forest that also functions as a cafe? Well, think no more! Kinen no Mori Resthouse is one of those restaurants inside the park that commemorates the marriage of Emperor Reiwa in 1997. As you leisurely walk down the garden arbor, you will reach a chilly terrace encompassed by greenery. 

Kaiseki Cuisine At Kyoyuzen Hanamiyako

As you take a 15-minute drive from Hitachi Seaside Park, you will reach Kyoyuzen Hanamiyako. This popular restaurant not only represents Ibaraki but also serves the most delectable Kaiseki cuisine. Masami Nishino owns the restaurant and has been serving celebrities and local VIPs in this restaurant. 

Picnic at Hoshiimo Shrine

Also known as the Horide Shrine, Hoshiimo Shrine is located on a hill conjoined with the mesmerizing Ajigaura Beach view. “Horide” comes from the Japanese “horidasu,” which also means digging out. Take your family along with you and spend all your day in this shrine. The photogenic spots will surely make you a big fan of it. Other highlights of this shrine include a hoshiimo vending machine and a golden motorcycle. 

Conservation Efforts Taken For The Park

Conservation Efforts Taken For The Park

The area between land and sea has always remained a great transition place for plants as well as animals. A diversity of organisms float on the wetlands and ponds, as well as land terrains. Hence, a variety of steps have been taken to preserve the natural beauty and greenery of Hitachi Seaside Park.

Let’s have a look at them: 

Green Initiatives Undertaken

The city of Tokyo, in general, has been taking several measures to lower the risks of urban heat effects. And when it comes to the Hitachi Park, various measures should be taken. 

Millions of tourists visit this garden every year, which makes an impact on its green conservation. Although the local authorities are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the park thoroughly, some tourists tend to pluck the blue flowers. Ultimately taking a toll on its natural beauty. 

As a result, Tokyo has undertaken some significant measures to restore the park’s green side. Authorities and governing bodies have piloted more specifications of the exact greenery required. Urbanization has been reduced extensively, which has brought down the level of contaminants in the surrounding area. 

Hitachi Seaside Park: Accessibility From Major Cities

Hitachi Seaside Park

The park is 215 hectares wide in total. There are multiple gates that provide access to the nemophila zone. If someone wants to access the Miharashi Hill first, they need to take the West Entrance Gate near Tsubasa. This gate encompasses the Seaside train station along with a rental bike booth. 

Accessing the Hitachi Seaside Park from Mito Station is also nothing stressful. All you have to do is reach the Katsuta Station and opt for the JR Joban Line. Multiple buses are available that will take you upto the park and don’t take more than 15 minutes. 

The Tokyo Station is also connected to the park with direct but infrequent highway buses. However, the ride will cost you around 2,300 yen and take 2.5 hours, which is why other commuting options are viable.  

Parting Thoughts

Tokyo is full of wonders, and one of them is the Hitachi Seaside Park. Along with spoiling the eyes with mesmerizing flowers, this park also offers relief from everyday stress. But do not forget to take the aforementioned points into consideration and make the most of your day. 

That being said, let’s wrap up this comprehensive guide. Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below. Thank you for reading!

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