Among many reasons for people to be drawn to hospitality management, opportunities to travel and explore the world are the biggest motivation. Although the recent pandemic put a temporary hold on this field’s potential, a global revival of this industry is now in action.

With exciting new career trends emerging in just a few years, obtaining a degree in Hospitality Management can equip you with skills that can be applied to various industries of your choice in different parts of the world.

Keep reading to learn how a hospitality management degree can take you on global adventures.

Cruise Agent

If you are fond of cruising and have a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management, becoming a cruise agency can be the ideal career path for you. Cruise agents work with travel agencies and cruise liners to streamline the booking process for the guests and the cruise lines.

You can enjoy traveling the world as a cruise agent and benefit from free vacations and discounted services.

Travel Attendant

Travel Attendant

Travel attendants are individuals who are responsible for ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of passengers in airplanes, ships, and railway cars. This job can be your key to travel to different destinations worldwide and benefit from a rewarding career.

While most travel attendants aspire to become flight attendants, you can also consider becoming cruise staff or luggage porters for a unique experience.

Head Chef

Being a head chef with a passion for good food can open many doors of opportunity for you. Becoming a chef does not mean that you must always stay limited by your setting. You can consider providing your services at cruise ships or world-class hotels to explore traveling opportunities.

Talented chefs are always in high demand by the best international restaurant chains. Once you complete your degree and establish your presence, you can apply to suitable positions at restaurants in the parts of the world where you want to travel.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are not only in demand for backyard birthday parties. There are many opportunities for event coordinators to fulfill their job responsibilities while fulfilling their dream of exploring different destinations around the world.

For example, arranging a destination wedding or a bachelor party on a cruise ship are just a few of the opportunities that can help you diversify your portfolio and travel to different places. If you have not been able to visit a few places on your list, you can look for specific assignments and negotiate with potential clients to secure an opportunity.

Tour Manager

Tour Manager

Tour managers are professionals with versatile skills who oversee every detail of tours to ensure a smooth experience for their clients. It can be an amazing career path that can teach you more about different destinations.

Tour managers accompany their clients in their ventures to ensure that everything goes according to the plan and cater to any unexpected circumstances along the way. It can be an enriching career path.

Best Countries For Hospitality Management Students

Hospitality management is one of the best careers when it comes to traveling the world. No other career options could open up the gates for world traveling. Hence, I have compiled a small list of some of the best places you can visit as a hospitality management employee or a student.



If snow-capped mountains and breathtaking visuals are your cup of tea, then you must try and secure a job in Switzerland. Switzerland is ripe with snow-capped mountains and an abundance of nature. But Switzerland is not just about the beauty of the countryside. It is a diverse country. It is also a very prominent financial hub with a lot of opportunities for hospitality management students.

Several renowned restaurant chains, 5-star hotels, and hospitality brands are attached to the country. The best part about studying or working in Switzerland is the high payout and handsome salary packages.

Here are some of the best employment and educational opportunities that Switzerland offers:

  • Ecole BER
  • Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
  • Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
  • Swiss Hotel Management School
  • Culinary Arts Academy
  • GLION Institute of Higher Education

New Zealand

Apart from Switzerland, other places offer equally nice opportunities to hospitality management employees and students. One such place is New Zealand. The Kiwi Nation offers a range of affordable courses for students who aspire to get into hospitality management.

Given the recent boom in New Zealand’s tourism industry, several institutions and hospitality management organizations have recently started coming up. Sources suggest that New Zealand’s hospitality sector can grow manifolds in the coming months.

Here are some of the best organizations where you can study hospitality management in New Zealand:

  • Lincoln University
  • AUT University
  • Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
  • Eastern Institute of Technology
  • New Zealand School of Tourism
  • Southern Institute of Technology
  • The University of Auckland


Apart from its STEM and artistic programs, Canada is also highly known for its hotel management courses. Canada has gone ahead and devised a sophisticated hotel and tourism industry to help support the growing influx of tourists.

As per current sources, Canada is currently one of the top 20 countries when it comes to hospitality management courses and job employment. This is purely because of its business infrastructure and accessibility.

Here are some of the best institutions for Hospitality management students.

  • LaSalle College
  • Imperial Hotel Management College
  • University of Waterloo
  • Humber College
  • Capilano University
  • Cape Breton University
  • Centennial College


When it comes to tourism, we have to mention the USA. The USA is a paradise for budding hoteliers because of the sheer amount of landmark hotels. The best part about the USA is its multicultural appeal. As a hotelier or a Hospitality management employee, you will get a huge amount of exposure.

Apart from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the US hotel industry is known to remain a profit-making industry. The universities of the USA offer a range of management degrees and courses for its students.

Here are some of the best places that you can enroll to make it big:

  • University of Nevada
  • Cornell University
  • Florida International University
  • The Culinary Institute of America

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