How to reach Ravenna? Is this your cause for concern? Well, do not be concerned anymore as we have brought all the necessary details needed. We have brought an extensive list of all the important things and travel routes that will enable you to reach the idyllic city of Ravenna.

History & Location Of Ravenna.

The city of Ravenna, located in the Emilia Romagna region of Northeastern Italy, is one of the best locations to visit for fine mosaic architecture, wineries, and gastronomic centers of Europe. The city is conveniently located on a low-lying plain near the confluence region of the Ronco and Montone rivers, just 10 km off the coast of Adriatic Sea Due to the geographical strategic position that Ravenna holds, the city has always been popular amongst travelers and sailors. 

History & Location Of Ravenna.

At one point in time, the city of Ravenna was so popular politically it was termed as the very capital of the Western Roman Empire from the sixth century to the eighth century during the Ostrgothic and Byzantine empires. 

Historians suggest that the city of Ravenna used to be much closer to the sea initially. In fact, the way the city was planned showed that it was a port city at one point in time. Sources also suggest that the early inhabitants of Ravenna were people from the Aquilea region in Italy and migrated to the city at around 1400 BCE. Later on, around 191 BCE, the city was controlled by the Romans. The famous port of Classis was initially built by the Roman emperor Augustus. 

Over the course of history, the city of Ravenna went through a number of seizes. And the reason behind this is that the very location of the city makes it a political hotspot. Back in the day, anybody who would have seized control of the port city of Ravenna would have been the master of Adriatic trade routes, as it is located just at the very top of the sea. This is why the city has always been a hub for activity, and now it has become one of the best tourist spots in Europe. 

Basic Of How To Reach Ravenna.

So, if you look at the modern-day location of the city, Ravenna is located approximately 190 kilometers from Firenze and approximately 84 kilometers from Bologna. Even if you are located near Venice, Rome, or Rimini, you can easily access this location with ease. Therefore accessing Ravenna is not challenging in fact, the location is in such a spot that travelers can choose from a myriad of options. This includes car, bus, air, cruise, and train as well. 

Basic Of How To Reach Ravenna

By Road

The first and foremost way you can get into Ravenna is via road. This means any road that leads to the eastern part of the country will take you to Ravenna. Some of the specific names of the roads that lead to Ravenna include SS16, SP1, SP68, SR71, and SS309. Does not matter if you are driving on the highway or on local roads, the driving experience would be absolutely amazing. 

Similar to reaching Ravenna by car, buses that go to the eastern coast of the country will take you to Ravenna. Howevevr, if you are looking for a conclusive answer to your question, then I suggest that you board the Bologna to Ravenna. This is the best and the easiest way to get to Ravenna. A ticket to Ravenna will cost you somewhere around 14 euros. In fact, the total journey will just take you around an hour. 

By Air

This is the most preferred option for many travelers. It is easy, convenient, and cheap. If you are on a trip across the beautiful country of Italy, the best cities to board flights to Ravenna include Bologna, Rimini, and Rome. It takes around an hour via air from most of these cities. Hence, if you are short on time, you can definitely take a flight to Ravenna.  

By Cruise

Visiting Ravenna by cruise might seem a little exorbitant and a tad bit off-beat. However, if you do want a curated traveling experience that will remain fresh in your memories, then I will suggest that you choose this option. You will deboard at the Porto Corsini Waterfront. This is located just beside the Marina di Ravenna, which in itself is a famous tourist spot. Once you get down from the cruise, you can opt to take a taxi to the city center. 

By Train

The final means to enter Ravenna is via train. I personally enjoyed the train journey across the idyllic countryside of Italy. The city of Ravenna’s very own Stazione di Ravenna connects the city to other Italian cities. The station has been there since 1863 and has even successfully inducted itself in the city’s annals of history. 

The station connects Bologna, Rimini, Vienna, and most other major Italian cities. Hence, it is a well-connected city that can be accessed via any means one might choose. 

Final Thought. 

There you go, this was all the necessary information that you need in order to know how to reach Ravenna. The city has become one of the finest tourist spots in the country. Keep following our page for more traveling news and stories. 


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