Do you enjoy traveling internationally? Are you comfortable moving from place to place every now and then?

Getting hired for house or pet sitting, short-term volunteering, and working as a translator or an international teacher are some job opportunities that allow you to travel for free. These jobs require you to follow strict guidelines and abide by them to become a part of their international team member offering services. The rules are strict since you are getting paid for traveling worldwide.

So, are you up for the thrill? Want to know how to travel around the world for free? This article covers all you need to know to apply for these jobs.

How To Travel Around The World For Free - Jobs To Consider

Traveling around the world for free is a dream come true for most. Certain jobs do offer these opportunities of recruiting you to travel all over with all expenses paid. However, certain strict criteria must be maintained and monitored to get these jobs.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then here are some jobs to consider -

House Sitting or Pet Sitting

There are so many resorts worldwide that hire individuals to house sit and be responsible for the welfare of the houses until it is booked and reserved. Local tourist spots with tourist houses and resorts require people to be in charge of the house and ensure everything in the house is perfectly well taken care of in case it gets booked at any time.

Some of these resorts have international houses that also need to be taken care of. If you have earned yourself good recognition, you will most likely be flown worldwide and keep those houses in check for unexpected bookings.

It is the same with pet sitting. Working for animal welfare organizations, foster care, and animal shelters can lead you to travel all over the world for high-profile clients and be responsible for the welfare of their pets.

Short-Term Volunteer Organizations

There are so many countries across the world that offer short-term job or volunteering opportunities. South Africa, Ghana, India, and Thailand, are some of the countries that welcome international volunteers to help the local citizens learn basic Math, and English, among others. As a volunteer, you must educate these people about the basic necessities of life, such as hygiene, manners, a healthy lifestyle, and how to make better choices.

There’s a wide range of options for a volunteer working internationally. In order to do so, you will be required to have an open mind and be open to multi-tasking. It is possible you may be required to teach one subject as well as be willing to build and create new projects.

However, you must communicate well and easily adapt to new places, people, and environments to travel internationally for free.

Driving Someone’s Car Across Countries

If you enjoy automobiles and vehicles, then driving someone’s vehicle across countries should be a job you would enjoy while getting to travel for free. Several car dealerships and automotive stores hire individuals as drivers who would drive the vehicles wherever necessary.

You may also apply as drivers to relocate cars. This means you will be required to drive the car from one place to another while getting paid to do so without any additional expense. You can choose whether you want to work part-time or full-time. Although, if you want to travel, you will likely have to apply for full-time.

However, to get one of these jobs, you must have an amazing driving record with no issues with the paperwork.

Crewing A Yacht Or Cruise Ship

If you enjoy swimming, the sea, ocean, and waterways, you can get yourself a job as a crew member for yachts and cruise ships. These jobs will always keep you moving from place to place both nationally and internationally, while being able to travel free of cost.

Your tasks as a crew member on a cruise ship or a yacht will come in a range of options to choose from. You may be responsible for cleaning and organizing the ship, ensuring the comfort and scheduled activity for the people boarding the yacht, cabin preparation, drinks and food, and kitchen maintenance, among others.

It is also possible to work as a chef on a cruise ship and yacht, which will pay substantially while also being responsible for your travel free of cost all over.

Teaching Your Native Language

Teaching your native language to a school is an easy and surefire way to secure a job that you know you will be good at. You already know your native language, are habituated to its usage, and are now required to deliver the same knowledge and idea to others.

In order to do so, you need to be able to communicate in the local language to communicate. Hence, knowledge of the local language is also essential. You could get a job at nearby local schools or organizations or even begin private tuition to teach your native language.

This way, you got yourself a job you know will help put you through for the next few months that pays you enough while having a secure job.

Work As a Translator

Working as a language translator is a safe bet that takes you worldwide. Many travel agencies and tourist companies hire translators to help their tourists make their way through foreign lands.

Getting a job at a well-reputed traveling agency is known to pay you well and take you worldwide. However, to do so, you must have a well-maintained and consistent reputation with your clients. The more your clients recommend you, the higher the chances are of your agency taking you to more exotic locations free of cost.

It is important to be very articulate and punctual in these jobs are highly preferable. Speaking multiple languages and being very thorough with your vocabulary are some of the preferable skills to secure these jobs.

Ways To Minimize Expenses

If you are traveling internationally, your basic needs, such as a place to stay and food, are going to be paid for. That said, while most companies and organizations that are hiring you as an international recruit will ensure your basic needs are paid for, there may be some exceptions at times.

Hence, in case you find yourself in need of saving money or minimize your expenses during your stay, then here are some tips to consider - 

Cook In

Knowing how to cook for yourself is handy if you travel around the world for free as part of your job. This is an admirable quality to have, especially if you travel a lot and crave home food or get homesick.

It allows you to cut down on your expenses and have the option of experimenting or fusing your native cuisine with the local cuisine as well. If you spend a significant amount of time internationally, eating out occasionally is expensive. Hence, trying to cook as often as possible is ideal if you want to save money while traveling.

Grow Vegetables And Produce In The Balcony 

Instead of buying your vegetables and produce from vendors, you can save a handful of money if you grow them on your balcony or by the window sill. Growing basil, parsley, coriander, mint, and sage, some of the leafy greens you can grow indoors with minimum effort.

Carrots, potatoes, radishes, herbs, and green onions are some other options that take up a small space to grow and can be consumed. You can place these pots in your balcony or by the window sill, or even hang them around the house as a decorative item that can also be used in cooking.

Rent A Small Apartment

If you are moving from place to place very often and travel worldwide, you know that renting out a small apartment is the way to go. You can rent an apartment for a few days or even weeks with prior notice to the landlord without having to stay at hotels and pay a hefty amount of money for it.

Renting an apartment grants you a sense of security when leaving your belongings behind since you and the landlord are the only ones with access to the apartment. You can return to the apartment at your will and not have to worry about checking in or out.

Bottom Line

Traveling all over the world for free seems like a far-fetched dream for most people, especially travel enthusiasts. The expense, accommodation, and sustainability are some major concerns when traveling internationally. Luckily, certain jobs allow you to travel across the world while getting paid for it and also getting a place to stay with all expenses paid.

Are you still wondering how to travel around the world for free? Well, most of these jobs are very high in demand and usually have a very long waiting list. Therefore, having a well-maintained background record might come in handy in order to secure one of these jobs along with being easily adaptable and being up for the thrill of it.

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