If you think you've run out of vacation ideas, think again.

The tourism industry is never at a loss for producing fresh adventures and exciting excursions for travel aficionados. Whether you prefer taking in a bit of Old West flavor, spending a night in a haunted house, or dogsledding through the Alaskan tundra in the dead of night, there's something for you to enjoy this year. But one of the best travel tips of all goes far beyond figuring out how to eat healthy while traveling, and it’s to plan wisely for any trip by arranging for financing well in advance.

Here are more details for inveterate travelers who want to make the best of the rest of 2023's vacation choices.

Cowboy Lifestyle Tours in Arizona

Cowboy Lifestyle Tours in Arizona

The desert expanses of Arizona, particularly in the southern part of the state, near Tucson, were some of the last outposts of authentic cowboy life. California was settled long before the interior of the western section of the US. The last large cattle ranches, roundups, and cattle drives took place in what was then called the Arizona Territory. The territory became a state in 1912.

Today, visitors can ride horses or explore the Old West in jeeps on select weeks in the cooler months of the year, from November through February. Prices for an all-day excursion are under $100 per person and include one meal and all the water you can drink. The journey begins in Old Tucson, the original part of the city and a place that once hosted dozens of Hollywood movie sets in the 1930s and 1940s.

Finance First For Big Savings

Finance First For Big Savings

Those new to adventure traveling are usually surprised to learn how much they can save by paying for airfare, lodging, tour packages, and special events a few months ahead of time. While many assume that it's a hassle to do so, there are easy options. Taking out a personal loan can give anyone the ability to snag major discounts on air tickets, hotels, and boat tours.

The whole thing makes sense when you examine it from a merchant's point of view. Airlines prefer to get paid in advance, as do hotels and tour companies. For them, early payment is booked revenue, which is why they offer deep discounts to early-bird customers.

A personal loan is a smart way to maximize purchase discounts on a unique vacation during an era of inflation and high gasoline prices. What you save on trip expenses can more than offset the generally higher price of travel in 2023.

Sleepovers in Haunted Houses

Sleepovers in Haunted Houses

Haunted tourism is one of the fastest-growing genres of the vacation industry because, apparently, many love to be scared out of their wits. If you're one that enjoys a good fright night, ask a travel agent about haunted house stays. There are locations all over the US, and most are run as bed-and-breakfast resorts.

However, a few have no on-site manager, so you'll be alone during the dead of night when every creak and footstep might just be a lurking member of the spirit world. If you don't want to sleep among the ghosts, there are daytime tours of the spooky places that include lunch and possible otherworldly encounters.

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