India is a beautiful country and visiting it will give you many memories to cherish forever. Just like any other country that you visit there are dos and don’ts. India tour also has a few other things that you must keep in mind as you tour the region 

This thing will help you to ensure that your visit to India is as enjoyable as it can be. You don’t want to have regrets after visiting such a beautiful country. Knowing some critical things about India will make sure that you have the best experience ever.  

Things to Avoid When Traveling in India

There are those things you need to avoid to make sure that your trip to this country is not interrupted. If you are visiting the country for the first time then you need to be extra careful. You don’t want to become a bother to the locals because of your ignorance.   

Remember this is a foreign country that has very strong connections to culture. So in whatever you do try and show some respect to the culture of the Indian people.  Here a few things that will help you make the most out of your trip. 

1. Come with an Open Mind: 

You must be aware of the several stereotypes that surround India. Before you start planning your trip and while you are in India make sure that you have put aside all of these stereotypes. You need to come with a mind that is receptive of the things that you are going to experience.  

You might have heard a lot of opinions about India such as it’s too dirty, crowded or polluted. Don’t form a preconceived image of this country before you come here. You will be shocked to discover that India is the direct opposite of what you have been hearing about.  

Not Everything You Hear About India is True  

That will help you live in the moment and enjoy everything that India has to give you. You need to know that India has some of the best hospitality facilities in the world. Therefore, you should not tout this region with a formed opinion.  

Such facilities make negative stories about India’s mere stereotypes. If you are coming to India as a tourist then you need to anticipate the good things. You can be sure that the people will give you a warm welcome and you will have great moments while touring India.  

Of course, as a country, India might have its shortcomings just like any other country. However, that does not mean that everything you hear about India is true. It remains to be one of the top tourism destinations globally.  

Do Some Research Onlines 

If you wish you can carry out your own research about the country online. You can research about the places you wish to visit before traveling. You will discover that this place has so much in store for you.  

This research will help you to change the way you view India. In fact, some of the facilities you will find India will surpass your expectations. The country has so much to give to anyone who is touring the region.  

India welcomes so many visitors yearly and that is mainly due to its outstanding facilities. Just come to India prepared to have a good time you will have a fantastic moment. Don’t allow the stereotypes that you hear about divert your attention when touring this beautiful nation.  

2. Respect is Key: 

India is a country that lives in tradition. People here have high regard for their culture and their beliefs. You have opinions different from that of the locals. However, make sure that you give respect to the way you do things.  

Read up a bit about India and its culture to make sure that you have some. Simple things like taking off your shoes before entering a temple or someone’s house can make a difference. Embrace the culture and try to understand it in order to understand this country better. 

If you are not so sure about something it is right for you to ask. There are so many people who might guide you accordingly. It is better to ask than finding yourself doing the wrong things. The underlying factor here is respect.  

The Tour Guide Will Help You  

Tour Guide

The worst thing that can ever happen to you in this country is to fall into problems with locals. If there are some guidelines about how to do some things, just stick to them. It is good to make sure that you don’t become desperate in the eyes of the locals.  

If you happen to have a tour guide then you have to make sure you stick to the guidelines the tour guide will provide.  If you do not have a tour guide then you have to be so careful. Do not try experimenting with things you are not sure about.  

Learn and Respect India’s Culture  

If you see anything cultural going just try as much you can to show respect to it. Never at any given time should you appear to mock the Indian culture. This might land you into several problems as well.  

The Indian culture is enshrined in so many things like meals and even dressing. If you find anything surprising it is better to keep quiet other than make some negative comments about the same. Get to understand the expectations of the locals and stick to them.  

3. Watch What You Eat: 

It’s easy to agree on the fact that the food in India is mouthwatering but not all places are safe to eat. Avoid eating from the stalls on the street if you happen to have a weak stomach. You don’t want to start having stomach upsets while on your vacation.  

Avoid Street Food

Street Food It’s also advisable to avoid street food. Street food in a lot of places the source of the water used for cooking is unknown and can become a cause of several diseases. Make sure you are dining from places that maintain high levels of hygiene.  

It is safer to eat at well-established restaurants as opposed to the streets. Don’t worry about missing out on the delicious street food as most restaurants offer the same dishes. It is better to pay more as long as you are taking good care of your health.  

If you must test out some street food then you have to be very careful with where you get the food from. If you are in the remote parts of India then street dishes might be a bit unsafe for you. Just learn to choose your eating points wisely.  

However, if you have some trusted colleagues from India you can find out from them about the best places. You need to know that India sometimes experiences water problems.  

Be Careful With the Water That You Drink  

Given this fact, you have also to be careful and avoid drinking water from all the places. Only top restaurants and hotels in the country might have clean water during such times. However, if you are going for a road trip you can buy some properly sealed water and use it along the way.   

Check the Spices  

Be mindful of the spice in your food. If you are intolerant to spices and cannot handle them at all, make sure to ask for less spicy food while you order. Indian love spices and this may not be your way of life. Chefs know that most tourists eat less spicy food and will have you in mind while making meals.  

Indian cooks can be quite generous when it comes to adding heat to the dish, so inform them well in advance. If eating Indian food is not something that you prefer. India has a lot of western and continental cuisine to offer. You will not fail to get a perfect meal in India as long as you make your request in advance.  

4. Dress to the Occasion 

Being a foreigner traveling in India, you are sure to attract a lot of attention from everyone around. People are going to stare at you and there is no way around it. The reason is that your appearance will be a little bit different from the locals.  

 Make the choice of what you’ll wear carefully. India is quite a conservative place so dressing modestly without exposing a lot of skin would be ideal. Clothes that are too revealing will draw even more attention towards you. 

Try on some Indian clothes while you are there. Again, seeing a foreigner dressed up in an Indian outfit will attract people’s attention. Therefore, decide if you are okay with that before you decide to go out wearing traditional attire. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen And Your Mosquito Repellant

India is a tropical country and while travelling here you are bound to be in the sun for quite a long time. No matter where you go in India, the sun and the heat will follow you.  

So get yourself a good sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn. If you would like to use some local transportation to get around, remember that you will be exposed to the sun. Also, get an umbrella to ensure extra protection from the harsh sun. 

Mosquitos are bound to cause trouble here in India especially at night. If you are places that are humid as well, mosquitos will trouble you even more. Make sure you have some good mosquito repellent with you and remember to use it regularly. 

Bonus Section: Some Scams You Need To Look Out For

India is a magical place for wonders. The sheer diversity and variety that India as a travel location provides is unparalleled. You have the salt plains of Kutch, the mountains of the Northeast, and the beaches of Goa, you can experience everything. But it is also a land of scamsters. In fact, recent studies showed that India ranks the highest in travel scams. Therefore, as a non-native traveller, you need to specifically look out for yourself.Therefore, here are the top scams that you need to watch out for in India while travelling. 

Taxi Scams

This is the most common form of scam that you will encounter while travelling in India and you will encounter it several times. The scam comes in stages. First, even if you are asking them to go by the meter, they will take you via the longer route. To counter this, always use maps and see if the driver is taking an off route claiming it to be a ‘shortcut’. Next, and this is rarer, they will ask for money upfront. And when you reach the destination, they will blatantly deny that you even paid. In order to avoid any of these problems, just opt for online services like OLA, Uber, InDriver, etc. They are more reliable and affordable. 

Donation Box Scams

This is another very common scam that you will subjected to quite often. Whenever you visit any religious or cultural spots, you will be presented with a donation box. Trust me, the people over there will be very persistent that you donate a sum of money. Take our advice and do not donate a single cent. The money does not go to help the poor. 

Pick Pocketing

This is not a scam, but outright mugging you. In India, you will not see robbers robbing you, unless you are super unlucky. But you will certainly come across pickpockets. These people come in groups. One person will distract you, other will pick your pockets. Always keep your wallets and other essentials hooked to your belts or place them into fanny packs. This will keep them secure. 

This was our extensive guide to travelling India. Keep following us for more such content.


When in India, remember that it is a country with a lot of diversity, accept the diversities, enjoy the rich culture and have a great time!

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