Nestled within the grandeur of Qasr Al Watan – a fully functional palace of the United Arab Emirates capital, the Qasr Al Watan Library is more than just a repository of books. It also acts as a sanctuary of knowledge and a haven for those eager to explore the vast realms of literature.

Dive into the depths of knowledge in this iconic library in Abu Dhabi and be captivated by the architectural marvels, the rich cultural significance, and, of course, the countless stories waiting to be discovered.

Qasr Al Watan Library: An Overview

Situated within the Presidential Palace, the Qasr Al Watan Library offers a unique glimpse into Abu Dhabi’s cultural landscape.

As one of the few presidential headquarters open to the public globally, Qasr Al Watan Library combines modern technology with traditional wisdom, providing a valuable resource for curious minds.

The library caters to adults seeking a peaceful setting, making it an ideal location for day-long intellectual pursuits.

Getting there

Qasr Al Watan is located in Al Ras Al Akhdar and it is easy to reach from central Abu Dhabi via taxi or public transport. Once you arrive, make your way to the visitor center.

For those traveling from Dubai, a convenient shuttle service departs from the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel. This service allows you to explore cultural landmarks, such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, before reaching the Presidential Palace. Just remember to take note of the shuttle’s schedule and plan your trip accordingly.

Navigating The Library

Qasr Al Watan Library stands distinct within the palace. Its separate entrance offers an escape into a calm study space. The architecture, with low bookshelves and towering ceilings, complements the serene environment.

The library’s layout is designed for ease and quiet contemplation. Wooden doors guard smaller rooms, creating intimate spaces for research and exploration.

Sailing Through Tens And Thousands Of Literature

As you navigate the shelves of Qasr Al Watan Library, the heart of its allure becomes evident: the vast collection of 50,000 books and a tribute to centuries of Arabian knowledge and culture.

As envisioned by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, this expansive space transcends time, weaving together history and knowledge to inspire and shape the future.

However, 80 percent of the books are currently in Arabic. There are plans to enhance the library’s linguistic diversity by increasing the number of English titles. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a literary haven, reading journals, borrowing books, and exploring some of the 1,000 rarer titles dating back to the 17th Century.

All in all, the library boasts approximately 40,000 titles, offering a diverse array of literary treasures. Within its collection, you’ll find historical diaries, memoirs, modern fiction, and newspapers.

The library houses a substantial collection of knowledge resources within the UAE’s fields of science and the arts. These publications, curated over 35 years, cover subjects ranging from history and geography to the country’s social, economic, and political development.

As you explore, you’ll discover official and historical documents. The Constitution and laws of the UAE, and publications from cultural institutions in here. You will find various research centers, official authorities, and publishing houses across the nation as well.

Qasr Al Watan Timings: The library opens its doors from 10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. However, be mindful that these timings may change, so check for any updates and plan your visit.

What To Expect At Qasr Al Watan Library

Qasr Al Watan Library invites visitors to join the broader Abu Dhabi library network.

Membership services extend to UAE nationals, residents, and travelers, offering a gateway to many services. All you need to do is visit the library network’s website to get all the details required. That is how you can become a member and unlock the full spectrum of offerings.

Book Loan Services

For avid readers, the library provides an opportunity to borrow books. Visitors only need to join the service by submitting a passport photograph, Emirates ID, and a refundable deposit of AED 400.

Members can borrow up to five books for three weeks, and the process is conveniently renewable up to two times online. While a refundable deposit is currently required, it’s worth noting that this policy is under evaluation, as reported in 2019.

Reference Services

The library’s staff goes beyond the role of caretakers, offering valuable assistance for research and exploration. From guiding visitors in navigating the digital library to providing information about various library programs, their expertise enhances the overall experience.

Guided Tours

Special guided tours are also available for those seeking a more structured exploration. These tours introduce visitors to the library’s contents and offer insights into maximizing the benefits of its programs and resources at the same time. The educational value of these tours adds an extra layer to the library experience.

Digital Library Access

Qasr Al Watan Library can cater to tech-savvy and remote learners.

Users who opt not to pay a fee can still tap into the library’s electronic resources by registering on the website. The digital library hosts a variety of sources in different formats, including print material, audio, and video equipment.

Members can conveniently access these resources from anywhere in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. From a digital newsstand with global newspapers to a portal featuring eBooks from top publishers worldwide, the digital library opens a gateway to a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

Unearth Literary Wonders At Qasr Al Watan Library

Explore and unearth literary wonders at Qasr Al Watan Library. With centuries of knowledge stored within its walls, the place is an ideal destination for modern explorers who seek adventures that transcend time and space.

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