When you are in the city of joy, Tilottama Kolkata, you can feel everywhere the earthy touch of West Bengal. The ITC Sonar Bangla in Kolkata is carrying all the beautiful signatures of the whole of West Bengal. The fertile land of West Bengal is full of green landscapes, yellow crops, and blue sky. Summer is a little bit humid, but the monsoon is shifting away from all the humid weather.

When you are first stepping into your feet in Kolkata, you instantly start to feel the joyful vibes of the city. In Kolkata, every day is a day of celebration. And when you are in the ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata, you will see the small miniature version of the whole of West Bengal. So you will feel the real joyful vibes of Kolkata. 

From Interior to the lovely tasty cuisine everywhere, you will feel the natural smell of the original golden Bengal. Undoubtedly when you are in the five-star luxury hotel ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata, everything would be so special. Therefore every time you visit West Bengal, you just want to stay in the glorious hotel of Kolkata, the ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata.

The Gorgeous Traditional Design And Detailing

Gorgeous Traditional Design And Detailing

ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata is the symbol of the great heritage of Kolkata. Every interior is carefully designed by the experienced terracotta artist in Bengal. The raw material is one of the oldest building materials of the traditional ancient temples. Every design is created with great patience, and the delicate artwork is giving the interior an excellent look.

Terracotta is the grand traditional temple design material of the Pala dynasty. And ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata uses that traditional Bengali concept to design their interior. As a result, the magnificent ITC Sonar Bengal is turning into a great symbol of the Bengali culture and the conventional ancient philosophy of Bengal.

Bamboo, yellow crop, the small ponds, and the rain both are very attached parts of West Bengal. As the land is very fertile, every tree is green and looking fresh. Hence when the painter paints the landscapes of Bengal, you will see vibrant colors like green, yellow and blue. This is not the artist’s imagination. These are the authentic colors of Bengal. So when you are in the ITC Sonar Bangla, you will be breathing in the picture like beautiful Bengal.

This luxury five-star hotel ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata carefully designs the delicate portrait of Bengal and Kolkata. When you sit beside the pond filled with water lilies, you will feel how beautiful Bengal is. The nature and earthy eco-friendly design of the ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata is the hotel’s biggest attraction. The design and the interior is presenting you with the vibes of the past in reality.

The Cuisine Of The ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata

In a word, visually, every food served is so delicate to watch, and they are offering Asia’s finest dishes to their guests. Bengal’s food culture is all famous. The mouthwatering tasty food along with the delicate garnishing. The chef’s every work is like the finest piece of artwork and a nice romantic poem.

The best features of the Bengal cuisine are the use of the herb and the spices. Along with the traditional Bengali dishes. The ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata is offering many tasty traditional dishes across the globe. However, the most prominent attractions are the gourmet dishes of Bengal. 

Bengal is full of diversity. From cultural tradition to the food everywhere you can see the diversity. Every dish of the ITC Sonar Bangla is carefully preserving the uniqueness of every dish. The place of the king and the Nawabs are always presenting the best dishes across Bengal.

The food bar in the ITC Sonar Bangla has situated aside from the Pond. So you can simply enjoy the delicious meals along with the calm and gorgeous scenic beauty. The beautiful ambiance of the food bar is so lovely that you should allot some time to spend in the food bar and feel the warmth of the lovely flavored tea.

The Luxury Amenities Of ITC Sonar Bangla

Luxury Amenities Of ITC Sonar Bangla

ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata is full of luxury amenities. The best among all is the Kaya Kalp SPA and the well beings. The traditional ancient well-being of India is popular across the globe. The spiritual and the natural medicinal legacy of India is so widespread. Therefore, people are traveling to India from every corner of the earth to taste India’s authentic natural Indian treatments.

Natural therapy and herbs are the unique features of traditional Indian treatments. And Kaya Kalp spa and wellbeing are specialized in these types of therapy. All the treatments and the therapy process are supervised by a very professional and experienced emphatic therapist. The personalized therapies and the personalized fitness routines will help you keep your body naturally fit and active. Along with the Aclass facility, you will get absolute relaxation and calmness.

Wrapping It Up

The west management in the  ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata, is unique. As the water is recycled, solid waste is recycled. For these types of eco balancing systems, the whole luxury hotel is always very earthy. ITC Sonar Bangla In Kolkata is a LEED platinum-rated hotel as the energy consumption is relatively less than a five-star luxury hotel. The hospitality and the intelligent, innovative design of the hotel are turning this place heavenly, vibrant, and luxurious. So do not forget to avail the one-step simple booking process for the next tour in Kolkata.

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