If you’re headed to sunny Mallorca and wish to make the most of your stay there, then consider a good car hire Mallorca service. Knowing what to expect from the Mallorca car hire and what the business expects from you will save you time and money, not incur avoidable costs, and smoothen dealings.

Read on to learn about the common terms and conditions that are more or less similar across Mallorca hire car services.

Condition Of The Vehicle After Use

Mallorca car rental services expect that you will return the car such that they can get the vehicle ready with a vacuum cleaning. Your cooperation helps them keep prices competitive, and while there are no hard rules about what a renter is expected to do, their cooperation regarding safe parking, not spilling drinks inside, and not getting the exteriors too dirty is always appreciated by car rental businesses.

Authorized Drivers And Car Types


All those mentioned in the rental agreement can drive the vehicle. The rental company may accommodate up to two drivers at no additional cost. You can easily choose from the various car types available based on the number of people in your group, comfort expected, and budget. To rent an upper-end vehicle, you must be above 25 years old with a driving license at least a year old.

Cancellations And Refunds

With most Mallorca car hire businesses, for online reservations, you can cancel free with a 24-hour advance notice. Otherwise, you will incur a cancellation fee that will be higher for the high-end vehicles.

If you return the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract, you are eligible for a refund for the days remaining. You are also expected to give a 24-hour notice before returning the vehicle. If you don’t, then a day’s rent is deducted from the refund amount.

Picking Up And Returning The Car

Hired vehicles can usually be picked up from the Palma de Mallorca Airport or the business’s office in the city. You can reach the selected car rental by taxi or shuttle bus. You can return the rented car to the airport or the business office in Mallorca, if there’s one. You can return the vehicle to a different location from the one you picked it from, but it’s advisable to do so with prior notice to the car rental.

Payment And Additional Insurance

You can purchase additional insurance through car rentals during the booking process. This gives you peace of mind that you’re covered for eventualities while driving abroad. The insurance you purchase does not reduce the security deposit blocked through the credit card.

Collision damage waiver is a commonly purchased additional insurance that limits the out-of-pocket expense for the lessee for loss or damage to the vehicle as long as it is not attributable to driver or renter negligence.

You can pay for the car rental through credit cards or debit cards. The cardholder does not necessarily have to be the primary person mentioned in the contract, but he or she must be entered as a co-driver or additional driver and must sign the contract.

Refueling Policy 

You will be handed over the vehicle with the fuel tank full, and you’re required to return it in the same condition. If you cannot return it refueled, you’ll be charged for the amount of fuel consumed. You’re advised to keep your credit card handy for such expenses. Some businesses may charge a fuel deposit. You can save some fuel expenses by choosing the airport shuttle bus when you can. For electric cars, you must return the vehicle with its battery charged to the extent possible.

Age And License Requirements

You need to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Mallorca. For some car rental agencies, the minimum age is 23 years. Most car rentals will require a surcharge for drivers aged below 25 and above a particular age. You must have a full driving license to rent a car in Mallorca. Provisional licenses are not accepted.

After Hours Car Pick Up

You can pick up the rented vehicle even at night from the Palma de Mallorca International Airport; the after-hours car pick-up process is completed unattended. You pay the airport a charge for their secure parking facilities. If you’re arriving on the island at odd hours and wish to pick up your rental vehicle from the airport, you must pay before arriving in the city.

Payment With A Debit Card

You can pay with a debit card, but check the terms accompanying the payment, as these may differ from credit card payments. Certain benefits are associated with credit card payments not available when paying through a debit card. You may only be able to select full coverage insurance, and certain vehicle types may not be available through debit card payments.


Everybody loves a good discount. What are the terms associated with a discount at your preferred car rental? Some businesses offer discounts to regular clients and others to those who book for longer durations. You can also get discounts or lower rates when traveling to Mallorca in the off-season.


These terms broadly cover what you can expect when dealing with a car rental in Mallorca. You should also be aware of the features of a good car rental. This will enable you to assess businesses offering you their services, assert your rights, and not get taken for a ride. A good car rental will have a sufficient variety of cars to offer; these include small cars, electric cars, fuel-efficient vehicles, vans, and luxury vehicles.

Take a look at the condition of the vehicles in the fleet. You don’t want to hire a vehicle and run into unexpected troubles. Look up reviews to understand the business’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Are the employees accommodating with their conduct? Do they answer questions? Are they friendly and helpful? Does the business provide 24/7 customer support?

A reliable mallorcacarhirecompany will have many good reviews online and be available to answer your queries by phone or email.

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