The south has always been an intriguing part of India, not just because of its enchanting beauty but because of its rich history as well. One such place is the Kolli Hills. And as usual, this place also has a history behind it. It is not just a treat for the eyes but also has a staggering history behind it. Situated at an altitude of 1200 meters in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, this hill station has a lot to offer. 

These serene mountains have a backstory to themselves. The place gets its name from its local deity, Kollipavai, also known as Ettukai Amman. It is believed that the deity Kollipavai safeguards the hills. Legend has it that the sagas were looking for a place for their atonement; that’s when they chose Kolli Hills. 

But it is said that when the sages began their rituals, the hill was invaded by demons, and the sages prayed to Kollipavai for a solution. According to mythology, Kollipavai chased the demons away with her bewitching smile. This place allures spiritualists and sages in search of meditation and solace amidst the mesmerizing landscapes.


Location: Namakkal District of Tamil Nadu

Altitude: 1300 m to 4,265 feet (roughly)

Popular for: It has got a lot of famous viewpoints, and it is an offbeat spot for visiting; it has got many ancient temples and waterfalls.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days

Population: Roughly 45,000 

Languages: Tamil, English

Nearest airport: Trichy

Nearest rail station: Salem

How To Reach

This is a perfect destination for making a road trip. This is a place that is best accessible by cars and bikes. This place is not directly accessible by train or by air. But this hill station is easy to reach from the nearby cities like Salem and Chennai. 

By train: The nearest railway station to Kolli Hills is Salem which is nearly 90 km from the hill station.

By road: There are state buses from Salem as well as other major cities like Madurai, Chennai, and others. Apart from that, there are taxis available from the nearest railway station as well as airports, which can be hired to reach the destination. This would cost approximately 100 INR to 1200 INR. Chennai to Kolli Hills is 376.4 km and it can be easily covered if you are up for a road trip.

By air: the Trichy domestic airport is the nearest one to the Kolli hill station. This is at a distance of 90 km from Klli Hills, and there are flights available from all the nearby cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Madurai to the airport.

Best Time To Visit

Kolli Hills is suitable for visiting throughout the year except for the month of January. This is because of the altitude of this quaint destination. The temperature drops, and it becomes a bit inconvenient for people who are not used to it. If you search the inter for “Kolli Hills Weather,” this is what the internet is going to show you.

The weather is mostly pleasant throughout the year. It is best to visit this destination from February to December. There are very limited spots to visit this picturesque place, so it is best to plan the trip for 2-3 days.

Best Places To Visit In Kolli Hills

There are very limited places in the hills that you can visit, but here is a list of the places you can visit.

1. Arapaleeswarar Temple

Arapaleeswarar Temple

The Arapaleeswarar Temple dates back to the 1st Century CE and has great historical significance. It was built by Valcil Ori, who was the ruler back then. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an important part of sightseeing in Kolli Hills. The temple is a standing witness to the Dravidian Style architecture.

Location: Rasipuram Taluk, Kolli Hills, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 6 am-12 pm, and 4 pm-7 pm
Tips: This temple is known for its historical significance.

2. Botanical Garden

This place is located 3km away from Semmedu; this is a really good spot that you must not miss. It features a beautiful rose garden along with an amazing viewpoint, a children’s park, and some eco-friendly cottages as well. This is a must-visit when you are in Kolli Hills. 

Location: Semmedu, Namakkal District in Tamil Nadu
Timings: Monday-Sunday (8 am-8 pm)
Tip: No pets are allowed inside the Botanical Garden premises.

3. Tampcol Medicinal Farm

This is home to lots of medicinal plants and is run by the Tamil Nadu State Government. This is on the way toward Vaasaloorpatti and on the way of going back to Semmedu. The medicinal plants that grow here are used for making Unani, Ayurvedic products, and Siddha which are found all over India.

Location: On the way to Vaasaloorpatti, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Timings: Monday-Sunday(8 am-7 pm)
Tips: Chitharathai – It is one of the best remedies for cold(INR 400 per kg)

4. Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

This waterfall is located in the Kolli Hills and on a noteworthy part of the Eastern Ghats. This is also known as the Kollimalai Falls, and it measures upto 300 feet and has 1000 steps which you have to climb down to reach the base of the waterfalls.

The trail stretches upto 1 km from the Arapaleeswarar Temple, and a trek to this waterfall should not be missed while in Kolli Hills.

Location: Rasipuram Taluk, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Timings: Throughout the day
Entry Fee: Null

5. Vasalurpatty Boat House

This is 5km away from Vasalurpatty city, and this boat house is made on an artificial lake, which is a popular tourist spot in Kolli Hills. The lake is surrounded by lush greeneries of the hills that make it a must-visit location in Kolli Hils.

Location: Vasalurpatty, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu
Timings: Monday-Sunday(6 am-6 pm)
Entry Fee: INR 5 for each person

6. The Siddhar Caves

The Siddhar Caves

Medicinal plants surround this cave, and it can only fit one or two people at a time, and the medicinal plants are a specialty of this hill station. This cave is considered to be centuries old and is the best place for sages who practice traditional medicine and believe in the natural healing process.

Location: Tamil Nadu
Timings: Monday-Sunday(6 am-6 pm)
Entry Fee: NA

Accommodation In Kolli Hills

Looking online for Kolli Hills Resort or Kolli Hill hotels? Do not worry; we got you covered. 

1. Silverline Retreat Hotel

There are hotels in Kolli Hills, but it has got more homestays instead. One of the best among these is the Silverline Retreat Hotel, which will get you one of the best experiences as well as the best view of the hill station. The rooms are affordable, and they can be a good option for your stay.

Address: Sandel Rock, Vazhavandhanadu, Tamil Nadu 637411

Price/Night: Room starts from INR 2,000 (double-sharing and tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5

2. Nallathambi Resort

If you are looking for hill cottages, then this is your option. This is a good option for families, couples, and groups who are visiting the hill station.

Address: 78PQ+P3Q, Kolli hills, Semmedu, Tamil Nadu 637411
Price/Night: Room starts from INR 1,500 (double-sharing and tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3.5/5

Wrapping Up!

If you are planning an adventurous trek, then this is the destination for you. This less-known hill station is a hidden gem surrounded by hills and forests. This is a place for people who are looking for some spiritual guidance, adventure-lover, or trekking enthusiasts. There are lots of other places that you can visit from this place, like, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Selur Nadu Viewpoints, Masila Falls, and Namma Aruvi.

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