Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary prospers in a thick, green reserve forest, located in the chest of Satara district of Maharashtra (Mumbai). This forest area was protected before and in 1985 it was declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary by the government of India. It is focused in the western ghats with a rich water flow and vegetation. It proves that the thriving environment for animals, birds, reptiles, and greenery is perfect to survive in.The entire sanctuary is 423 square kilometers and ranges in altitude from 600 to 1000 meters. The sanctuary is nutrified by many water bodies like Kandati, Konya, and Solashi. They are the primary water sources. A wide gamut of fauna has been found in the Koyna wildlife sanctuary, which is now guarded by the Indian government and forest department authorities. You will see some spectacular species in the forest including, Royal Bengal Tiger and King Kobra. Koyna wildlife sanctuary in 2012 was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, as there are many constructive findings in the area.

Climate Of Koyna 

Climate Of KoynaThe climate of Koyna is very much needed before planning a trip, as there are difficulties, in monsoon and summer. Therefore knowing the climates properly will help you choose the right month for visiting Koyna wildlife sanctuary to enjoy the whole of it. 


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is in a region that has a tropical monsoon climate. When the monsoon hits, Koyna receives heavy rainfall. It is very normal to see and hear thunderstorms in this season.During rainy days the insects become more active and so does the growth of flora. It rejuvenates every monsoon. 


The summer season Koyna starts from the month of March and ends in June.In the month of May, the temperature fluctuates and rises up dramatically, which in turn makes the climate very hot and dry.Therefore animals can be spotted near water bodies.


The winter season in Koyna starts in December and ends in January. The temperature during winter goes low and makes the environment cooler. Sighting animals are rare, as most of them are hibernating. The flora is less in this season. 

The Best Time To Visit Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit Koyna Wildlife SanctuaryThe ideal month to visit the Koyna wildlife sanctuary for tourists is between the months of June and August. Because the temperature and climate conditions of the forest are stable in these months.You might experience heavy showers but the noticeable density of the forests makes it worth visiting. October is considered to be the most stable time of the year because the weather is pleasant and predictable for planning trips. November to March is the busiest time of the year as a huge number of tourists land here.People who only come to feel and experience nature are suggested to not come, as the crowds take away the beautiful ambiance and turn it into chaos. The timing to visit the Sanctuary is 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Wildlife At Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary 

Wildlife at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary There is a huge variety of wild animals, birds, and reptiles to scout inside the premises of the sanctuary. Some staggering examples of prospering fauna in the sanctuary are listed below.


There are Indian leopards to start with, Royal Bengal Tigers are a treat to the eyes, as the white skin mammal is just way beyond gorgeous.Coming out of the cat family, there are Indian bison with pure muscle power, Koyna wildlife sanctuary also home to Sambar deer, Barking deer with beautiful horns that look like branches of trees.Mouse deer on the other hand is the smallest member of the deer family, who is a mixture of deer, mouse, and squirrel. Speaking of squirrels, keep your eyes on the trees.You might get a hold of the Indian giant squirrel, with black and red fur along with a tail that changed its color at the bottom into brownish-yellow. You will spot some Gray langurs and smooth-coated otters. 


The brown feathered woodpecker known as Rufous woodpecker shares her home. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary with other woodpeckers, called Heart-spotted woodpecker and Brown-capped pygmy woodpecker.You will also find Long-tailed nightjar or Crested Goshawk who belongs to the family Accipitridae and an Asian fairy bluebird who looks like a crow but with blue feathers.


Reptiles in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary can be spotted are King cobras and Indian Pythons.In amphibians, there are frogs and Bufo Koyanansi who is also a frog but a native.

Here Are Some Distances Calculated From Nearby Cities

  1. Pune- 181 km
  2. Mumbai- 265 km
  3. Indore- 777km
  4. Ahmedabad - 778 km
  5. Bangalore- 826 km
  6. Nagpur- 882 km
  7. Bhopal- 965 km
  8. Chennai- 1179 km
  9. Trivandrum - 1564 km
  10. Delhi - 1617 km
  11. Kolkata - 2055 km
  12. Jammu -2207 km
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Nearest Airport 

The nearest airport is situated in Kolhapur with a range of 65 kilometers, which connects to all major cities.Nearest Railway Station The railway station is also located in Kolhapur, you can get a taxi or bus to the park. There are train stations everywhere in small towns around the area. 

Nearest Road 

Koyna Sanctuary wildlife is linked by road which has the Kolhapur Deogarh highway passing right through it. 

Nearest Destinations

Nearest Destinations
  1. Mahabaleshwar Hill Station
  2. Pratapgad Fort 
  3. Sajjangad Fort
  4. Vasota Fort
  5. Ajinkyatara Fort 
  6. Panchgani 

Accommodations Facilities 

Accommodations Facilities If you want to stay near the forest and hear the royal Bengal tiger roar now and then, you can easily avail the forest guest houses which are around the boundary of the Koyna Wildlife SanctuaryThere are other resorts available as well with beautiful lakeside views that provide usual meals. Rooms are cheap and tidy enough.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is absolute bliss, animal lovers and nature lovers always visit this place. The main attraction is the Royal Bengal Tiger and King Cobra. This place is best for shooting away stress.People with families, with friends or couples, can visit, with no restriction. There is no age limit as well. In this article, we have discussed many things that include mostly everything that a tour and travel tips provides.Leave a comment below in the comment section, if you find this article informative and interesting enough to start planning a trip to Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. NATURE AWAITS!Read More:


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