Lake Tahoe Summer is a can’t-miss tourist spot currently! Whether you are seeking a fun family vacation or a crazy all-out mountain adventure, there’s so much to do in Lake Tahoe during the Summer months. From spectacular biking and hiking to sunbathing and water sports to soaking up the fresh air simply, Summer is definitely the season to step out in Lake Tahoe!

The crystal-clear aquamarine-colored water. The towering pine trees. The sandy beaches. The snow-capped mountains. Welcome to the beautiful Lake Tahoe, California – the most beautiful alpine lake in the whole of the United States, and for the entire year. 

Although most people think of Lake Tahoe as a famous destination for ski lovers, summer here is entirely different, with its own outdoor beauty and charm. And plenty of ghosts – lots of them. 

Ringed by trails and white-sand beaches crisscrossing through pine and sequoia forests, as well as along granite cliffs, perhaps the best way you can enjoy summer at Lake Tahoe is by being outside: on a beach, on a boat, or on a trail

Our travel guide to spending a summer in Lake Tahoe is LITERALLY everything you need for planning your trip to this beautiful destination! Stay tuned to find out more. 

Leisurly Things To Do During The Lake Tahoe Summer Season!

So, what to do in Lake Tahoe in Summer? 

For the ideal and quintessential Lake Tahoe summer, spending a day splashing around and sunbathing on the beach pretty much sums up the experience. Blue skies, turquoise water, and pristine sandy shores make the beaches among the best in the world. 

Simply put, the beaches in this area are absolutely gorgeous. Dive into the clear waters of Baldwin Beach, take your family for a picnic at Pope Beach, watch the sunset at Nevada Beach, and play some volleyball at Zephyr Cove Beach. 

Regardless of the beach you choose to explore, all the Lake Tahoe beaches are truly unforgettable! 

But beaches are not the only attraction in the Lake Tahoe region – there’s so much more to explore, experience, and, most importantly, enjoy. 

At the same time, while most of us might be a fan of hiking, it is possible that you are just seeking some leisure, and that’s fine because Lake Tahoe has so much to offer, even for everyone seeking a relaxed vacation. So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out all the spots you must visit if you are seeking the perfect leisurely Lake Tahoe summer!

1. Emerald Bay State Park:

Emerald Bay State Park

There is no point going to Lake Tahoe if you don’t visit the Emerald Bay State Park located on the south shore. The waters are pristine, the sand is glistening golden, and the bay is clear – it’s the perfect setup for lounging under the sun and enjoying the day. 

You can also go kayaking to the stunning Fannette Island or check out the former residence of an elite businessman from the 1920s – it is called Vikingsholm, Lake Tahoe’s hidden castle. It is a beautiful castle located on the lake – so it is a pretty destination for taking aesthetic Instagram photos. 

If you are a fan of hiking, then the Lower Eagles Fall is the perfect hike for you – it is short, it is easy, and it will take you to the cascading waterfalls accompanied by panoramic vistas of the Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe, and even the mountain in the distance. 

If you do want to enjoy the scenery around you in all its rightful glory, then definitely go on a helicopter flight right over Emerald Bay – it will be the experience of a lifetime!

2. A Boat Cruise:

A Boat Cruise

Perhaps one of the most romantic activities you can do at Lake Tahoe in Summer is simply to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty around you on a boat cruise – yes, go on a boat cruise with your partner or even alone and enjoy an unforgettable landscape around you. 

If you decide to go on a sunset boat cruise, then you will enjoy a landscape that you will truly never forget. Just sit back with a bottle of your favorite wine and watch the sky change colors – the orange and pink reflected across the crystal-clear water will make everything so beautiful around you. 

Since most Summer days here are accompanied by clear skies, you can easily expect to come across some truly incredible sunsets. 

3. Sand Harbor State Park:

Sand Harbor State Park

Your trip to Lake Tahoe will remain incomplete if you don’t take some time out to explore the lake itself. The spot you should definitely start from is Sand Harbor State Park – you will come across well-kept, gorgeous gold-sand beaches and can go on kayaking tours around the whole lake. 

If you simply want to make your vacation so much more unforgettable, then you can also rent a boat from this location and go on a cruise!

4. Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival:

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Since the 70s, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival has been going on every Summer in the Sand Harbor region. The festival runs during the months of July and August while showcasing not just works of Shakespeare but also other contemporary musicals and plays.

It’s going to be an open-air evening, and it’s the perfect event to help you unwind after an entire day of exploration. So why not pack some wine and a picnic blanket to enjoy a great Shakespearean production at Lake Tahoe?

5. The Tallac Historic Site: 

The Tallac Historic Site

Did you know that Lake Tahoe is home to a beautiful, rustic Tallac Historic Site? Popularly known as The Historic Pope-Baldwin Estares, the Tallac Historic Site used to be the grandest resort in Lake Tahoe more than 100 years ago. During Summer holidays back then, the elitist members of society would visit the resort. 

Now, only the remains of this elite resort stay back to greet visitors, but only during Summer. You will not just get to experience a time period that has been long forgotten, but also enjoy having a picnic with your fellow travelers on the grounds, and exploring the walking trails nearby. 

Located only three miles to the north of a charming South Lake Tahoe mountain town, if you visit at the right time, you can also enjoy history talk and experience demonstrations. 

Adventurous Things To Do During The Lake Tahoe Summer Season!

There are so many Lake Tahoe Summer activities that it will become very difficult to fit all of them into a single trip. 

Honestly, we are not making things up! Jet ski to stunning but secret coves, zip by boat, take a few swigs on lush-green manicured golf courses, explore Sierra by pedal or foot, and splash around in the Turquoise water – there’s just so much to explore and experience here. 

With so much to do here, it can get difficult to figure out what activities to check out during the summer months in Lake Tahoe, especially if adventure is on your mind 24/7! Fortunately, we are here to help you decide with a detailed overview of the best Lake Tahoe summer activities – scroll down to find out now! 

1. Hiking:


One of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe in Summer has to be hiking. Just get out there and simply enjoy the stunning views around you. With spectacular mountain vistas, pristine alpine lakes, and meadows painted with wildflowers, it is no surprise that hiking is a popular activity in this region. 

You can ascent into the Sierra while hiking into Desolation Wilderness or on the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can also explore the southern part of Tahoe on scenic, mellow paths. Regardless of which trails you opt for, enjoy the views around you, and don’t forget to practice the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle while wandering into the woods. 

2. Fishing:


Fishing is fun, and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe are perfect for casting your fishing lines! There are several fishing charters located on Tahoe’s southern shore – seasoned captains are familiar with the secret spots to help you with line-jumping. 

In addition, the streams and rivers that are responsible for feeding Tahoe with trout are also there to serve your fishing purposes. Whether you are a spin-casting extraordinaire or a fly-fishing expert, Lake Tahoe won’t disappoint you. 

3. Biking:


Attention bikers! The Lake Tahoe Summer is ideal for the ones seeking biking opportunities. It is a designated Bike Friendly Community, and there are multiple trails for every type of ability, from single tracks for downhill demons to paved paths for social spins. 

Speed down beautiful and heart-pounding biking trails and appreciate the scenery as it begins to whiz by you on the infamous Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and the Coral Trails. 

Plus, if you are up for some leisurely pedal with close ones, you can go on a cruise down the South Lake Tahoe Bike Path – here, paved trails can be seen winding down to all the best locations on the southern shore. You are never really far away from the water while you are biking in this region. In that case, you can also take a plunge after your sweaty ride. 

4. Beach Days:

Beach Days

Honestly, you cannot just beat the importance of a beach day during the Lake Tahoe summer season. The beaches here are just so divine, with the clearest water you have ever come across and fine-grain sand. 

Do not feel guilty if you are in the mood to scrap those hiking or biking plans and decide to spend a lazy day on Lake Tahoe Beach. There are only a handful of Summer activities that can actually compete with such beautiful beaches. 

5. River Rafting:

River Rafting

The Truckee River is a popular spot for river rafting – you can raft down this river from Tahoe City to the River Ranch. Do not be fooled into even thinking that this is technically going to become some adrenaline-fuelled activity. It is actually a pretty leisurely boat cruise – plus, it is a perfect option for people traveling with children. 

The beautiful Truckee River happens to pass through absolutely picturesque meadows, woodland forests, and jagged mountains – what an amazing setting for a summer day! 

6. Palisades Tahoe Ropes Course:

Palisades Tahoe Ropes Course

If you are seeking to do something unique during your trip to Lake Tahoe in summer, you can definitely consider the Palisades Tahoe Rope course! It is a sky-high playground for both kids and adults.

Situated in the Olympic Valley, this rope course has two circuit courses and three 50-foot towers, all connected by zip lines and bridges. Adrenaline junkies will definitely love the obstacles and virtual climbs to cross. It is safe to conclude that this is an epic summer activity in the Lake Tahoe region, and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Bonus Section: Is It True That Lake Tahoe Is Super Haunted?

Welcome to Dream and Travel’s bonus section! While doing some adventurous activities and spending some leisure time during the Lake Tahoe Summer season is honestly very appealing, there is one thing you guys need to know before visiting this popular holiday destination!

Is Lake Tahoe super haunted? YES! Lake Tahoe is definitely haunted, which we kinda love, but it depends on how you see it!

Our favorite ghosts here are the hilarious captain “Them’s My Toes” Dick and the forlorn Donner Party members – both of them come with gruesome background stories. 

In the North Lake Tahoe region, there is a hotel called the Tahoe Biltmore. Apparently, this hotel is home to a ghost known as Mary. Mary used to be an Aspen Cabaret showgirl at the Tahoe Biltmore. The Biltmore does describe Mary’s ghost as a 60s-style mini skirt-wearing figure with zero facial features, which is certainly fabulous and terrifying at the same time. 

You might also have heard about the bodies that were buried in the lake. Rumor has it that the murderers used to simply dispose of bodies in Lake Tahoe because the lake is so cold and deep. That way, the bodies could stay in perfect condition, entirely frozen at the lake’s bottom. 

This, however, is a rumor, considering divers have explored the whole lake thoroughly more than once, and they have not found actual bodies at the bottom of the lake. Plus, the divers also did not find Tahoe Tessie or any signs of the Loch Ness Monster.

Witnesses say that the Loch Ness Monster has been seen more than once since the 70s. The monster slithers like a snake and also happens to be around 20 feet long, living under the Cave Rock, far below the lake.

Dream And Travel: The Perfect Lake Tahoe Summer Awaits You!

The perfect Lake Tahoe Summer is waiting for you! Stop dreaming and start traveling – with Summer almost over, you just have weeks left. And worrying about everything while ignoring that much-needed vacation is definitely not healthy. Take this blog as a major sign from the Universe, pack those bags, and fly away to Tahoe tonight!

Feel free to share your stories, experiences, and memories about Lake Tahoe Summers in the comments below!

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