If you are done visiting the seven wonders of the World, be ready to explore the 8th as I tell you about Las Coloradas, a magnificent pink lake in Mexico. In Spanish, it means the ‘blush red.’ The name came from a village in Mexico that is famous for fishing and salt production. 

The water in the lake is baby pink in color. You would be surprised to know that a few months back, a photo from there became the most shared and liked photo on Instagram. People have been searching for Las Coloradas tour on google ever since the photo on Instagram went viral. 

In this article, I will tell you about my experience of visiting this place. You will get to know everything from this guide. 

My Experience With Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas Pink Lake

I am in sales, so I hardly find time to spend with my family. I work day and night to earn a living. Even though I make a six-digit salary, that does not compensate for the time I can’t spend with my family. Two years back, my family and I planned a tour to Las Coloradas, but it was not a good experience, to be honest. Back in 2018, my family and I did not enjoy the trip at all.

I was utterly disappointed as the lake looked more orange than pink. There were no animals around. I was told that I would see at least crocodiles if not flamingos. My family and I were unfortunate and did not believe in people who said they saw pink water in the lakes. 

Later I found out that I had visited the wrong lake. It was not Las Coloradas Yucatan but some other lake nearby. 

The pink lake of Las Coloradas has been gaining prominence day by day. In 2020, my family and I decided to give it a second chance to find out how lake water could be pink in color. And you better believe me, my mind was boggled as the pink lake showed its magnificence. 

If you are an ignorant person like me, you probably don’t know the location of this place, so let me tell you in detail. Las Coloradas is in Rio Lagartos Biosphere. It is a part of Rio Lagartos Municipality. In Spanish, Rio Lagartos means river of alligators. It is one of the municipalities of the Yucatan located in the southeast region of Mexico. If you are Coming from any southern US state via car, then it’s going to take about 8-9 hours to get here, and trust me when I say that it’s worth your time and, of course, money. 

Things To Do In Las Coloradas

There’s not much you can do in Las Coloradas, but if you are with your family, you can sit down together, admire the place’s beauty, and reminisce about old times. You will not know when an hour has passed by. You would be in awe because the pink lake of Las Coloradas Yucatan is not something you see every day. The pink color is not precisely pink as many people claim it to be. It’s more baby pinkish. 

Furthermore, Las Coloradas is not some fancy town or tourist destination. It’s not what you may say is a very ‘happening’ place. The town is sparsely populated. It has very little to no vegetation. It is not exactly a tourist destination, so you will not find many souvenir shops around this place. There is just a single restaurant near that place and some simple utility stores. As the place is gaining prominence, it is slowly developing. When I was here in 2018, there were no toilets, and I had to do my thing behind the bushes. But thanks to the slow development, at least toilets are being built. 

You must note that even though the lake has gained some prominence in the past few years, it was not always a spot for tourist attraction. The pink water comes out of a salt factory that has formed a lake. But the indigenous people don’t want to turn it into a tourist spot as they are afraid that many environmentalists would have an issue with it. 

How To Get To The Pink Lake Of Las Coloradas?

Pink Lake

As I said, my first time was a big disaster, so I did a lot of research before going there because I did not want to be let down again. In my opinion, the best way to reach the lake would be if you take a boat. Upon reaching Rio Lagartos town, you will see many boatmen ask you to hire their boats. 

The cost of a single way boat journey is 900 Mexican pesos. Do note that it is not per person but a boat. They are also semi tour guides. They will take you to places where you can see birds, crocodiles, and flamingos. Taking mud baths is quite popular in that area. People say that taking bud bathes is rather good for skin, and if you bought a box with mud, it would cost a lot more. 

In my opinion, it is best if you take the boat tour. It’s worth the money.

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Hold Your Horses If You Are Planning On Swimming In The Pink Lake

Pink lake 2

Unfortunately, you can’t swim in the pink lake as most parts of the lakes are privately owned by Mexican businessmen, and they do not appreciate tourists intruding. Furthermore, you won’t intrude even if you tried as it is fenced and always guarded with security. Like I said previously, Las Coloradas had gained prominence in recent years because of the viral picture that was shared on Instagram. Before that, it was not so famous. So the owners did not have to worry much about people intruding.  

But if you get disappointed knowing that you won’t be able to swim, let me brighten your mood as the water is pretty shallow and barely reaches your knees. As the water is very salty, it tends to stick to your skin, which you may find to be erratic.    

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If you are a fan of scenic beauty, I am sure you will like this place a lot. Thanks to Instagram for making Las Coloradas so famous. As it is slowly gaining prominence, more tourists will flock to this place and help in Mexico’s tourism. 

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