Yes, we all know that the East is known for its white mystical Christmas. However, the lack of snowfall in the west doesn’t make it any less Christmassy! 

Vegas as a destination is known for its casinos and high end clubs. A perfect spot when you want to enjoy the bachelor life. This is the reason why families rarely plan their Christmas vacation in this state. However, one of its most compelling attraction is the Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting

Established ten years ago, this glittery wonder is the perfect recipe of a magnificent Christmas eve celebration. 

What Is The Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting? 

 las vegas speedway christmas lighting

Location: Las Vegas Blvd. N, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting is a marvelous experience that will even make a Christmas sceptic join the festive joy

It is like a magical ride between the embrace of millions of lights. It is known as the glittering lights at Las Vegas motor speedway because not only will you be exposed into the vicinity of eye blinding and heart melting hues, you will get the amazing opportunity to drive through the World’s Fastest Half Mile track. 

This is the pioneer racing track on which Nascar greats drive during their race!

Some Of The Amazing Details That Makes The Ride Even More Joyous:

  •   All the tourists are announced to tune into a certain radio station that plays Christmas Carols.
  •  The festivity is not limited to snowy winter designs. One of the tourist was fascinated on seeing the  Cactus with a Christmas hat, appreciating the efforts of making the holiday – desert friendly
  •  They even have a hanukkah light display. It is not just Christmas but about the holidays in all true sense.
  •  You get to drive on either side of the famous NASCAR race track 
  •  It has glittering lighted figures of Elvis to give you that little oomph of Viva Las Vegas. The presentations also have public Holiday announcements, light canopies, and many more caricaturish displays. Hence, your drive through will never get monotonous. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Planning:

  • Christmas is the busiest time of the year and therefore getting a booking for the drive through might take some time. It is advisable to book a month prior for this magical ride. 
  • You might be wondering if it is a Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting drive through then someone without a license or skills might not be able to enjoy it. Wrong! You can enjoy the ride in an open Santa Tram. The tickets are $25 per person and the booking will start from November 2021.
  • If you wish to skip the line and directly start the driveway then you can opt for the fast pass. It is a premium ticket and can only be valid for a limited number of nights. The charges are $55 per person. 
  • Yes, booking prior is a good choice but what happens when you don’t know the exact day you will be visiting? In that case you can buy an any day ticket from November 2021 to January 2022 with the price of $35 per person.

Note: You can bring some unused or barely used items and donate to Goodwill. This in return can give you a discount for the ticket after admission. 

Places To Visit Around Las Vegas Blvd

 las vegas speedway christmas lighting

If you are a tourist and the Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting is a one day arrangement for you then you might also like to visit these other places in Las Vegas Blvd. 

1. Las Vegas Strip

If you have always been fascinated by the different entertainment locations of the state then this is the place for you. It will provide you with the best and the busiest spots if you want to enjoy your evening in a Vegas fashion. 

The Las Vegas Strip is located in the central part of Las Vegas boulevard and gives the best glitter neon light surrounding luxury hotels, clubs, casinos and performance venues. 

2. Fremont Street Experience 

The las vegas speedway lights are definitely a mind blowing experience inside a vehicle but if you are an admirer of walking then this is the perfect spot for you. The Fremont Street Experience is just for the pedestrian without the constant disturbance of traffic. 

It is a bonus for visiting it during Christmas as the entire street is decorated with a stunning light display.

3. Wheel On The Linq

If you are not a fan of night strolls but still want to experience the rush of adrenaline in the daylight too then you should visit the High Roller Ferris Wheel on Linq. It is at a height of 500 feet and one rotation takes 30 minutes. 

You can enjoy this ride together as a group because one cabin holds more than forty people. The incredible Vegas view from such an altitude is nothing less than perfection. 

The Christmas Delight

 las vegas speedway christmas lighting

Christmas lights are a tradition that is unmatched by any other. The festive without glittering lights would seem so maudlin that it would take all our Christmas spirits away. 

The cozy comforting feeling of seeing houses light up with blue, reds and yellows. Around the giant Christmas trees or around the garlands by the door lights gives us the comfort of festive times that we miss a lot throughout the year. 

The Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting is the perfect way to spend your Christmas with the holiday delight and not freeze while at it. I know winter clothes are complementary to the holiday joy but this Christmas enjoy the spirit with your best party clothes

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