Thinking of visiting London, it’s impossible to avoid being reminded of all the books that we have read as children and many movies that have been made based on timeless literary classics.

Of course, London is second to none when it comes to exploring the literary side of things and embarking on a bookish adventure.

It is not surprising that England has so many famous writers when almost every street has some resemblance to the country’s history and culture. If you do not mind visiting local libraries or spending your time at the famous literary pub, you are exactly in the right time and space. 

The Literary Side of London: Bookish Adventures for College Students 

When you visit London for the first time, it’s only natural to seek an opportunity and plan your travels in advance to ensure that you do not miss something truly important. Although we all have different tastes, there is something for everyone, as you can find both historical and modern literary attractions. Just make sure that you have all your homework done first if you travel during the academic year.

If in doubt, you may share a write my research paper for me request with an expert who will help you deliver your homework duties on time. It’s only natural as your time will always be short as you travel through the magical world of London!

Literary Side of London

Let’s move on to what you must see! 

The George Inn Pub. 

It is currently owned by the National Trust and represents one of the best pubs that still maintain that literary atmosphere and vibe are only possible in the old times of good ‘ole England. If you think that it is more than 400 years old and that Charles Dickens loved it to the moon and back, it is already worth visiting. If you take a look at the chapter of Little Dorrit’s book, you will see it mentioned. It is also believed that William Shakespeare has been a frequent visitor to this famous pub. 

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The Sherlock Holmes Museum. 

Now, this one is frequently visited by yours truly, which is for a reason! It is located on the famous Baker Street, which always keeps visitors inspired and provides them with great ideas and inspiration. It is not far from Regent’s Park in London, so you will be able to visit it as well to learn about the surroundings that have been frequently mentioned in the famous book. There is even Holmes memorabilia that you can see, which is second to none and worth seeing! 

Shakespeare’s Globe. 

This one is hard to get into as it is one of the most famous and quite iconic tourist spots in London. It is currently in modern shape after the complete reconstruction, yet it provides you with a sufficient Shakespearean experience. You can see the actual performances that the people of London will happily tell you about it.

There are choices for the pit location, the standing room, and the space that is located right close to the stage. Surprisingly enough, you will encounter many theater productions that are not related to the works of Shakespeare. The theatre also provides many affordable tours that you will definitely enjoy! 

John Keats House. 

It is actually a museum that shows you a collection of beautifully written letters and even a copy of the famous death mask that is closely associated with this poet. The house constantly hosts numerous literary events, so you can join it in advance by booking the place.

There are many guided tours that you should consider if you are somewhere near. There is also a coach house and a beautiful neighborhood that is totally worth checking. The house itself was a home to numerous famous people of London’s noble community. 

Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey. 

Westminster Abbey is home to many famous literary heroes who came from England and became famous worldwide. The Poet’s Corner is located in the South Transept, which is frequently visited by tourists and researchers alike. There are many monuments for famous writers who have made a significant contribution to the country’s literary heritage.

Now, it’s the resting place for Henry Francis Clay and Charles Dickens, who need no introduction. There are also monuments for Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling, Laurence Olivier, Edmund Spenser, and Alfred Tennyson. Make sure to keep silent and respectful as you visit the famous place. 

Charles Dickens Museum. 

Although Charles Dickens has only lived here for two years, it’s the place where he penned the timeless classics known as Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickelby. Located in Holborn, this museum is a paradise for literary lovers as they will encounter paintings of the old times, author’s manuscripts, old-time furniture, and many other items that belonged to Charles Dickens.

You can choose personalized tours through this famous museum or consider guided tours that include costumed performances with a lady dressed as the housemaid of the old times. Personally, I chose the latter as it greatly adds to the overall Dickens and being in London experience. 

The British Library Heritage

If there is a legendary place that needs no introduction, it is the British Library with all the related objects like the Sir John Ritblat Gallery and related exhibitions at the British Museum. Now, the library is located at Euston Road, yet many elements from the British Museum can still be found at the current location.

It stores over 150 million diverse literary items, so there is always something to explore and consider as you visit the place. Some manuscripts that can be seen on display are over 4,000 years old! The only larger library that you can find worldwide is the famous Library of Congress. If you are into Canterbury Tales, it is also stored there in the library with the original manuscripts.

There are also many works of Jane Austen in their original form and even handwritten lyrics penned by none other but the Beatles. If you have a chance to visit only one place, then it should be the British Library, as it will help you to get into the literary vibe of London and the timeless classics that we all know well! 

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