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9 Best Things To Do in Livingston Guatemala – Latest Update

| December 22, 2020 | Travel Blog

Guatemala is a country in Central America, which is bordered by Mexico. In eastern Guatemala, there is a town name after the politician and jurist Edward Livingston. He is the person who wrote Livingston codes. Before Puerto Barrios was constructed, Livingston Guatemala was the main port of the country on the Caribbean sea. Yes, it is located near the sea, which means you will get to taste some plates of seafood here. And also, do not forget coconut. This place serves the flavor of coconut merged with the taste of seafood. 

The Garifuna culture allows this place to stand out from the rest of the country. This historically rich town is also very enriched with their Garifuna culture. Whether it is the food or the sites or the music and dance, you will get to know the history and Garifuna culture behind them. It is a wonder to them who are very fond of different kinds of cultures. In case you are planning a trip to Livingston Garifuna, here is a tour guide to Livingston Guatemala for you. 

Top 9 Best Things To Do in Livingston Guatemala

Some people want to have a relaxing vacation, with good food and a better stay. But who love to explore new places and want to gather different kinds of experience loves to roam around places and learn about different cultures along with local cultures. In case you are one of those who always shirts for knowledge and new, here are the top 9 suggestions for you to try in Livingston Guatemala. 

1. Banana Plantation And San Felipe Fortress

banana plantation

Travel back in time with the old and historical place. Soak the history in your soul and feel the historical vibe of this place. Take a tour from Guatemala’s largest lake Izabal to Castillo de San Felipe. It belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site Tentative. Add the experience of a banana plantation to your trip.

2. Antigua And Coffee Plantation


With a magnificent view of volcanoes, you will also get to see sugar cane and cattle plantations. The colonial jewel of the Americas, Antigua, is also there at 5,000 feet above sea level. Gather some knowledge about the prehispanic culture of that place while experiencing the beauty of nature. Do not forget to learn about their pure exotic coffee.   

3. Have Some Tapado


The Garifuna culture has given Livingston Guatemala a cuisine that is totally different from the rest of the country. Tapado is seafood that is stewed in coconut broth. The conceptive and symbolic particular taste and flavors of this cuisine are perfect for those who love to eat new dishes and experiment with different tastes. 

4. Watch Garifuna Drumming And Dancing

Dance and Drums

The local people are famous for their musical cultures. Several groups are those who perform drumming or dancing or both along within the bars at night. Discover a place and experience this fun and entertaining event. 

5. Try Some Gifiti

The local people of Livingston Guatemala, love rum. They also use rum in order to make gifiti, which is homebrewed. In order to make this gifiti, they pour rum over herbs and roots. Leave to soak in the sun for a few weeks—the medicinal properties of the roots and herbs mixed with rum. You can try having some at night out. But be careful, it is incredibly strong.  

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6. A Tour To Los Siete Altares

Los Siete Altares

From the town, go walking along the beach and after one hour’s of a decent walk, reach Los Siete Altares. This series of waterfalls of a unique and mesmerizing view. This place will also give you the chance to swim in those rock pools that are present there. Discover the unknown things about Garifuna and the story of their history with a visit to the cultural center, which is located at a reachable distance from the place.

7. A Visit To Punta De Manabique And Watch Birds

Punta De Manabique

Punta de Manabique is located across the water from Livingston Guatemala. It is the most important birding site in Guatemala. The forest of mangroves and beaches are home to crocodiles, monkeys, and myriad avian species. If you are a photographer or loves to click pictures, this place is a must-go for you. You also can try Livingston boats here.  

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8. A Hike To Siete Altares 

A few hours that are spent at Playa Blanca mostly include day tours to Siete Altares. Why not make a way to your own? Explore those hidden away villages along with local fishing families by walking along the coast. It will take somewhat 2 hours to reach Siete Altares. 

Walk down the hills to the beach-side of the town. You will find a signpost here to guide you. Follow the route to reach a rope bridge. From here, you are 45 minutes away from your destination. Do not leave your swimsuit at the hotel. Keep in mind that the afternoon storm can make your return back, walking way a bit more complicated. You also can take a taxi to get there in case you want to avoid walking. Be careful with your steps as the rocks are slippery.  

9. Join A Garifuna Cooking Class

cooking class

We have already said that the Garifuna culture has given Livingston Guatemala a different and distinguishing culture along with delicious cuisine. Most of the meals throughout the country, Guatemala, is a little bland. But the Garifuna offers foods infused with coconut. 

This place is a wonderland for those who love to have a flavourful meal. So, a cooking class will be beneficial to quench your thirst for knowledge and their culture. Well, how can we miss food? It will soothe your appetite, as well. 

To and From Livingston Guatemala


Situated at the mouth of Sweet River or Rio Dulce, this town is only accessible by boats from Rio Dulce town and Belize. Check out the boat timings from Rio Dulce and Belize. There are regular boats along with some additional boats on special days or twice a week.  


Please note that when you are arriving from Belize in Livingston Guatemala, check-in with immigration in order to get your entry stamp. Though you will get to enter the town without it, make sure you get the stamp before moving out. The Immigration office is 5000 feet uphill from the deck. 

Additional Tips

Whenever you are traveling to any places, there are always some don’ts along with the must do’s. We have guided you with all the things to do in Livingston Guatemala. Now here are some things you need to avoid. It is a must to keep yourself away from hustlers. Like many tourist destinations, this place also has a minority of local people, who earn living hustling tourists. Whether they offer you a guide to a place to stay or have your meals or attempt to scam tourists out of money, avoid them. Instead, you have to be aware of them. 

While selecting a place to stay or selecting a food joint, make your requirements and priorities clear. This place is wrapped in ancient Garifuna Culture, which will offer you a warm staying with a rich experience. 

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