What is the longest flight in the world? And how long does it take? Has this question ever crossed your mind? If yes, and you are still searching for the answer, you have reached the right place.

Most of us who have taken flights to travel from one part of the country to another, or one part of the world to another, prefer smaller distances. Even though you are simply sitting while traveling, it can get extremely tiring to keep traveling for longer distances through flights after a certain period of time.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the longest flight in the world…

What Is The Longest Flight In The World?

Singapore Airlines
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Without further ado, let me just tell you the answer to what really is the longest flight in the world.

Well, the longest flight in the world is from Singapore to New York. This flight covers a distance of about 9,537 miles or 15348.314 kilometers. Singapore Airlines operates this flight, and it is a non-stop journey that leaves from New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN). It made its first journey on 9th November in the year 2020.

Wondering how long it will take to complete this journey? Well, I have the perfect answer for that as well! The longest flight in the world also takes the longest time to reach. For example, it takes 18 hours and 50 minutes to reach from New York to Singapore.

Now that you know what the longest flight in the world is, it is time for you to know the list of the flights that follow this one. So keep scrolling to learn more about the top twenty-one longest flights in the world…

Longest Flight In The World Without Stops: Top 21 Edition!

Air India
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If you have found the information regarding the plane with the longest range, you might be wondering what are the flights that take after this one. Well, if you are thinking about the list of the flights that take a very long time to reach their destination, you have reached the right place.

Take a look at this table to learn about the top twenty-one longest flights in the world:

No.AirlineFrom ToDistanceTime
1Singapore AirlinesNew YorkSingapore15,349 km18 hrs 50 mins
2Singapore AirlinesNewarkSingapore15,344 km18 hrs 45 mins
3Qantas Airways Ltd.Perth London-Heathrow14,499 km17 hrs 25 mins
4Qantas Airways Ltd.DallasMelbourne14,472 km17 hrs 35 mins
5Air New EnglandNew YorkAuckland14,207 km17 hrs 50 mins
6EmiratesAucklandDubai14,200 km17 hrs 10 mins
7Singapore AirlinesLos AngelesSingapore14,114 km17 hrs 50 mins
8Air IndiaSan FranciscoBengaluru14,004 km17 hrs 45 mins
9United AirlinesHoustonSydney13,834 km17 hrs 35 mins
10Qantas Airways LtdDallasSydney13,804 km17 hrs 20 mins
11Philippines AirlinesNew YorkManila13,712 km17 hrs 15 mins
12United Airlines/Singapore AirlinesSan FranciscoSingapore13,593 km17 hrs 35 mins
13Delta Air LinesJohannesburgAtlanta13,581 km16 hrs 20 mins
14Air IndiaSan FranciscoMumbai13,529 km17 hrs 10 mins
15EmiratesDubaiLos Angeles13,420 km16 hrs 20 mins
16SaudiaJeddahLos Angeles13,409 km16 hrs 25 mins
17Qatar AirwaysDohaLos Angeles13,367 km16 hrs 25 mins
18Qantas Airways LtdPerthRome13,354 km16 hrs 25 mins
19Air IndiaHyderabadChicago13,301 km16 hrs 45 mins
20Philippines AirlinesTorontoManila13,230 km16 hrs 50 mins
21Air New EnglandChicagoAuckland13,170 km16 hrs 30 mins

Longest Flights In The World With Stops

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The above list was all about the direct flights but without any stops. This means that they would connect one part of the world with another without stopping anywhere. However, not all flights function that way!

Here is a list of the longest flights in the world but with stops:

No.From StopToTotal Distance
1SydneySingaporeLondon Heathrow17,016 km
2MelbournePerthRome16,904 km
3SydneyPerthRome16,342 km
4SingaporeManchesterHouston15,981 km
5ParisSan FranciscoPapeete15,728 km
6ParisLos AngelesPapeete15,715 km
7SingaporeFrankfurtNew York15,348 km
8AucklandAdelaideDoha14,535 km
9DubaiBarcelonaMexico City14,345 km
10Los AngelesTokyoSingapore14,113 km

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the questions that people ask about the longest flight in the world. Take a look at them to learn more about the same.

1. What Was The First Domestic Flight In The World?

Ans: The first flight in the world was made by the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville. However, the first successful domestic flight was conducted by Tony Janis in the year 1914. It was from St. Petersburg in Florida to Tampa in Florida. The St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line operated this flight.

2. Which Is The Largest Airport In The World?

Ans: The largest airport in the world is the King Fahd International Airport or DMM in Saudi Arabia. It is located in Dammam and is over almost 200,000 acres.

3. What Is The Costliest Place To Travel To?

Ans: If you are looking for the costliest place that you can travel to, the answer is Singapore. This is because the transportation cost of the city is extremely high. And considering the fact that this place sees a lot of tourists from all over the world, everything that you get here is expensive as well.

Around The World, In How Many Hours?

The longest passenger flight in the world is the one that connects Singapore to New York. The operator of the plane is Singapore Airlines. It takes eighteen hours and fifty minutes to complete the journey. However, there are other flights that take a long time to reach the destination as well. In this article, I have listed some of the major flights, both with and without stops, that are longest in the world.

In case you were searching for the longest flight in the world, I hope that this article has provided you with the information that you were looking for. However, if there are other things that you would want to know about, please ask me in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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