The fantastic Florida Keys, driving From Miami to the Key West, is one of the classic American road trips. Visiting South Florida is incomplete without it. This long drive is a delightful one, especially if you love water sports, key lime-pie, music, and pirates. This road trip from Miami to Key West is a no-miss for you. 

Key West is the southernmost city of the continental USA. On the overseas coastal bridge, it takes around a four hours drive from Miami to Key West. You will cross 40 different bridges in this 110 miles trip. There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do during this trip with some fascinating scenic beauty. Driving through the blue sea and sky with white clouds is an experience to cherish over and over.  

Things To Try On The Road Trip From Miami To Key West

A road trip is just not about driving on the road and enjoying the journey. A Road trip includes the fun and adventure of a journey. A road trip offers a lot of new experiences if you plan it in a proper way, including securing the cheapest car insurance so that you are prepared for any challenge on the open road. The drive from Miami to Key West is not only about driving on the bridges over the sea and soaking in the sun. It is more about discovering some never before experiences. Here is a list of things that I have experienced in my drive, and I know you will also love to try them as a traveler. 

Feeding Wild Tarpon

Wild tarpon

Wild Tarpon is a vast game fish with a length of up to 8 feet and a weight of more than 200 pounds. You will find these fishes in the tropical waters of the Florida Keys. Dangle your hand into the water, and you may find a large fish wrapped in its mouth. It is The wild tarpon I was talking about.

 Fishers from all over the world have their dream to catch this big giant fish. However, they leave this creature into the water again after catching them. They want to fulfill their dream. 

You can feed this fish from your hand but be careful as they have tiny teeth, which leave marks. The safest way to buy a bucket full of bate. 

Explore Marathon Key

It takes around four hours to drive from Miami to Key West. But I’ll suggest you drive around the Florida Keys. You will find a bunch of cool stuff there. Yes, it takes much longer with a span of two days, but it is worth the journey. You should spend a night in Marathon before continuing to head towards Key West. 

Book a result and have lunch and dinner at a cozy restaurant that serves fresh fish caught locally. 

Have A Walk Through The Seven Mile Bridge

Seven mile bridge

Driving through the bridge that seems never going to end for miles over the sea is the most precious experience of this road trip from Miami to Key West. In 1912, the Seven Mile Bridge was constructed for railroad traffic. 

Driving on the bridge is okay; why not experience something overwhelming. Park your car at the north of the bridge at Mile Marker 47 in the Marathon. And go biking or walking over to the Pigeon Key along the older span. 

Go Snorkeling


Snorkeling from the beach or a boat tour. Dive into the water and swim along with nurse sharks, sea turtles, spiny lobster, and parrotfish around Key West on the swallow reefs. Explore this mind-boggling event on your Miami to Key West drive. 

Learn To Sail


Road trips are meant to be enjoyed with friends. Charter a boat and learn some sailing lessons will add a spark to your Miami to Key West road trip, especially when you are with your friends. You can go for day trips or sunset sails or a night excursion and explore the islands that are powered by wind. 

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Visit The House Cats Of Hemingway

House cat

During the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West. His old house is open for tourists. If you are a crazy animal lover and do not have allergies to cats, it is a must-visit for you. There are around 50 six-toed cats to be friends with. It is an add on to your Miami to Key West drive. 

Watch The Sunset Of Key West


Sunsets are always amazing to enjoy from a beach or over the sea. But the sunsets in Key West have its glory that I’ve experienced so far. From Mallory Square, witness the mesmerizing view of the sun setting down on the Gulf of Mexico. The sky is painted in shades of purple, yellow, orange, and pink. Can you imagine how amazing it will be on your Miami to crucial west drive?

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Stop By The Southernmost Point

southernmost point

You can not miss the stoppage on the southernmost point in the continental US. Red and white concrete pillars are there, which mark the point. You need to wait in the long line to click photos unless you visit early in the morning. 

Travel Tips And Advice

So, we have covered all the things that you can not miss while you are driving from Miami to Key West. Now, here are some tips for you

  • The driving takes around 4 hours from Miami to Key West. But with all the fun stops and soaking in each of the places, it will take a full day.
  • The best time to take a tour of Key West in winter, but due to the high season, it becomes busiest too during this time. Though you can make your plan between March and May, the rushes are less, and the hotel rates also become reasonable. You also can enjoy the season. 


In order to enjoy the trip totally and freely, I would recommend you to rent a car along with the driver. He can guide you through the trip, and you can be careless enough to enjoy it. But those who love long rides can not or should not miss this chance. This will not only let you enjoy driving but also allows you to have fun in a more private way. Discover the tasty dishes curated with fresh fish, have a fun time at a bar. In case you are visiting during the peak season, a reservation to a hotel to stay is a must. You can not risk it. This place does not offer a lot of staying options. And lastly, do not forget to eat lime pie in your Miami to Key West drive. 

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