When you want to discover some peace, solitude, including the historical ambiance, the national parks in Georgia are the best fitting place. The park’s natural beauty and historical past are making this place a unique traveling spot where you can see the glorious history of the past. And feel the natural beauty of the place.

The national parks in Georgia are the best place for organizing educational excursions. The students can experience the beauty of wild nature along with the history of the glorious past. The natural beauty and the glorious past history both are turning the national parks into unique places where all types of flavors are available.

9 Best National Parks In Georgia

state parks of GeorgiaAre you planning to visit the peach state of the US? Georgia does not let you come back empty-handed. Check out the Georgia national parks list and schedule your tour according to it because this small state is the home of national abundance and historical sites.

Here is the list of the nine top-rated places in Georgia. Check out the list and make your traveling plan accordingly.

1. Appalachian Trail 

The Appalachian Trail is the place where you will find the natural beauty and the abundance of nature. The trail is right in the middle of the forest. Most of the hikers and the student excursion teams are following the long path of the trail. 

The biggest attraction of the place is a natural beauty and the cascading waterfalls. These small waterfalls are the habitat of different types of beautiful birds. When you want to enjoy the Appalachian mountain’s natural beauty, this is the best place to feel the beauty.

2. Chattanooga Military Park

Chattanooga military park is popular for educational tours among all the national parks in Georgia. But the beauty of the surrounding places and the museum is a unique nature park in Georgia.

Oglethorpe’s location is popular for its history during the civil war. During the civil wartime, this place was a battlefield. Now a museum is standing on the ground of the battlefield.

3. Kennesaw Mountain National Park

Most of the national parks in Georgia are standing on the ground of the battle. Kenesaw mountain national park is just like that. Many walking trails are meeting at the point of the battlefield.

The old cannons and the civil war’s history of the places are present here. You can take any walking trails to explore the place. Every trial is delivering a very exceptional experience.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

When you are in Georgia, do not skip visiting the birthplace of monumental historical figure Martin Luther King. That man is famous for his movement for American civil rights.

You can see the birthplace of Martin Luther King. Now his parents’ house is becoming a national historic site. The role of Martin Luther King in American civil rights is very deep-rooted. 

5. Trail Of Tears 

Trail of Tears is another popular historical site. The trail is just in the middle of national parks in Georgia. This monument is built in honor of the tragic memory of the native American people.

The trail of tears is carrying the memory of the native Americans who lost their lives out of the southeast. The tragic history of the past is presenting this place as a different exploring place. The history and the natural beauty of both of these two are present here.

6. Arabia Mountain Heritage Area

Arabia mountain’s scenic beauty is outstanding. The gorgeous granite mountains are the habitat of many different types of species. The gorgeous scenic beauty is making this place a perfect spot for camping and educational tours.

Georgia national parks all stood on historical ground. The waterfalls, clear water, and the unique nature of the place are making this mountain a very attractive tourist spot. These mountains are the national historical tourist spot. Pick any trail and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

7. The Beauty Of Augusta Canal

The Augusta Canal is another good option for educational tours. This canal is a build-up to gather the power source from the Savannah River. Among the national parks in Georgia. This channel is old, and the surrounding areas are historical areas.

The surrounding buildings of the Augustus canal are popular because of their rich history. The channel itself is a natural waterside tourist spot. This channel is the home of many different types of migratory birds.

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8. Chattahoochee River Recreation Park

Georgia’s national parks all have rivers and streams. These rivers and streams are the biggest attractions of the place. Among all the national parks in Georgia, This park is for educational tours and adventure sports.

The greatest attraction of the place is the different kinds of water sports activity. Do you love to enjoy water sports like kayaking or river swimming? This is the best place for you. In the recreation park, many facilities are available, just pick one as your choice.

9. Ocmulgee Mounds National Park 

Ocmulgee mounds national parks in Georgia are a great historical place. This place is unique for its history, along with the beautiful ambiance. The national park’s greatest treasure is its long walking trails which are in the middle of the road.

The park is popular because of its unique native American history. The burial ground and monuments are present in the national parks. For the students and the history researchers, this is the best suitable place.

Wrapping It Up:

Many of the travelers are asking about how many national parks there are in Georgia? But do you know Georgia is naturally beautiful? And this entire country has different types of natural parks popular for their rich history and unique natural beauty? These nine top picks national parks in Georgia are famous for their unique history. What is your planning? From where you want to start your traveling? Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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