The sweetened frozen food typically known as ice cream, is a delicacy that is a favorite of both young and adults. People with strict diets and tough exercises sometimes cheat as well, by consuming ice cream. They call it a cheat day. 

If you have the same amount of love towards ice cream as I have, then this article will definitely entertain you, maybe make you order ice cream. I will as well be happily writing about it. 

It is always good to know some background of your favorite stuff, be it fashion, food, movies, stories, and souvenirs. 

In this article, our favorite dessert is Neapolitan ice cream made in Italy. Therefore we will talk about its origin, the way it can be made, variations, and many more. In the end, we will answer some questions asked frequently. 

Origin Of Neapolitan Ice Cream:

Origin Of Neapolitan Ice Cream

Before calling it Neapolitan ice cream, let me tell you the original name: Spumoni. The word came from the Italian word spuma which means foam, it is a type of Italian gelato derived from Naples. The dessert was made in a traditional way that included three flavors such as cherry, pistachio, and either vanilla or chocolate. It had a fruit and nut layer in between them.

Neapolitan is a language. Italian people to some extent understand the Neapolitan language as it came from Latin. Almost like the language, spumoni (Neapolitan ice cream) was carried across by the southern Italian immigrants to the US. 

There were changes in the making of the Neapolitan ice cream after coming in contact with a new culture. Pistachio and cherry were replaced with chocolate and strawberry and America does know how to not stick to the original. Therefore a new version of Neapolitan ice cream came into existence. 

It doesn’t mean that spumoni has ceased to exist, though it is difficult to get in Italy. 

How To Bake Neapolitan Ice Cream?

How To Bake Neapolitan Ice Cream

The first thing you need is a Neapolitan box to make Neapolitan ice cream, this is the traditional way. The box needs to be filled with three layers of unlike flavored as well as colored ice creams. With the help of custard, water ice can be used too. 

The flavors can be vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, and lemon. 

The next step is to shape the ice cave and let it sit for 1.5 to 2 hours. After taking the shape, take out the bar and cut them into slices, and serve them on a plate. Sometimes people add four flavors instead of three but the three layers are the actual standard. Improvising it will make no huge difference. 

Read this guide properly: Start with vanilla cream, then use cherry, raspberry, or currant water, followed by chocolate water or coffee just in the middle. Finish it off with strawberry cream and lemon or pineapple water. 

Types Of Neapolitan Ice Cream: 

Types Of Neapolitan Ice Cream 

People keep evolving their taste buds, that is why they improvise every food to make it better or at least think of making it better. 

People now use brown bread, brandy-tinged cream, cream of liqueur flavors, and bright colored water ices. It is an agreeable mixture though. 

Regardless of all the combinations, the two must ingredients are tea or coffee cream. Alternative options are pistachio, almond, and banana cream mixed with cherry or strawberry water. 

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Neapolitan Box For Neapolitan Ice Cream:

Neapolitan Box For Neapolitan Ice Cream

To make Neapolitan ice cream, you can buy the Neapolitan box that will help you make the ice cream. With the box, you will get an ice spoon that has more than one function. The ice bowl is there to put the blend into the bowl while the handle measures it. 

The boxes come in various sizes, making molds by keeping their size in mind. Some of the boxes are purely made of tin while the rest is made up of pewter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Who Makes Neapolitan Ice Cream?

A: There are companies who make them, you can order your Neapolitan ice cream online as well. The well-known company who gives us the exact same taste is ‘Breyers Creamery Style’.

Q2: Do Companies Still Make Neapolitan Ice Cream With The Same Ingredients?

A: Maybe they do, but most of them are created in industrial production facilities with changes of flavors like replacing cherry with strawberry. 

Q3: Is It NEOpolitan Or Neapolitan?

A: Terms like NEOpolitan, neo-Neapolitan are American Artisan and neoclassical, which do not identify any style. They describe a genre that is large and distinct from Neapolitan pizza. Basically, they take the same adaptations. 

Q4: What Are The Top 4 Places That Sell Neapolitan Ice Cream?

  1. Breyers- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice cream.
  2. Neapolitan Edy’s- light no sugar added.
  3. Country Rich- reduced Neapolitan fat ice cream.
  4. Neapolitan Country Charm- light ice cream.

Summing It Up:

If you possess a sweet tooth, you should try Neapolitan ice cream. It comes with flavors that will be affordable, rather than buying it separately. 

So yeah, it is suggested to buy the Neapolitan ice cream rather than making it yourself. 

But in case you want to make it at home for your guests, adjustments can be made like adding tea or coffee cream in it. If you have the Neapolitan box with you then your recipe and efforts will be put together properly. 

Leave a comment down below and share your experience with us. 

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