Keywest of Florida is famous for its water sports, fantasy festival, and the different types of beach adventure games. This fest is the premier masked and costume party for the grown-up people. Whenever we are talking about Florida first comes to our mind is the beautiful beaches, sunny weather and the beachside is full of beautiful gods and goddesses with minimal clothes and beautifully painted bodies.

But in 2020, the first time the fantasy fest date and time are missed. The pandemic is upon us, so for the distance maintenance issues and the COVID 19 alarm, the authority to stop the festival.

Many tourist dreams are just shattered in pieces, especially those planning to visit the fantasy festival. If you are among these disheartened tourists, then here is some good news for you. As the festival was started dated back 41 years ago, the festival authority canceled the 2020 fantasy meet, but here comes the good news. The festival authority announces their 42nd fantasy festival in KeyWest in October 2021.

Now more questions are arising in your mind like: 

  • What will be the festival timing?
  • How could I book for this festival?
  • What type of costumes are allowed here?
  • Can I visit here with my family members?
  • What type of entertainment is there?

If these questions are just popping into your mind, then do not get frustrated. At the end of the article, you will get the full idea about the fantasy fest key west 2021.

The Facts Of The Fantasy Fest Key West

fantasy key west

The festival was first initiated in 1979. After that year, each year, the festival carried forward the customs. In 2020 this festival was canceled due to the pandemic situation, but the fest authority fixed the 42nd Fantasy Festival time in October 2021.

Here is some important information for the traveler who wants to visit the festival.

1. The History Of The Fantasy Festival

The first time Fantasy Fest was initiated in 1979. For the first time, almost 60,000 people were visiting this Festival. After that year, the program carried forward the tradition. The tradition of this festival is coming from the concept of attracting the tourist during the slow tourism time.

Each year the festival theme was different. The Festival committee is deciding the theme of the festival. The people who are gathering here choose their outfits according to their theme, and most of the time, the outfit is quite fascinating and very attractive. The tradition of the elected King and the Queens are the most thrilling episode of the festival.

2. Date, Time And The Duration Of The Festival

The date and time of the festival were quite a fixed schedule, but the Fantasy Festival was canceled due to the pandemic situation in 2020. But in 2021, the fest authority is planning to bounce back with a robust entertainment package for the tourists. The festival duration will be as usual ten days long, then comes the entertainment part. 

You will see the different glitter god and the goddess on the streets, and these whole ten days 24 hours entertainment will be arranged. The merrymaker to glitter or leather goddess, women, superman, everything will be here. 

The fantasy fest key west energy is the main key attraction of the Festival. If you want to travel to the Florida Key West to attend the festival, then plan to visit there before 22nd October because the fest authority is fixing the festival schedule from 22nd to 33rd October 2021 in Keywest Florida.

3. The Festival Programs

Fantasy Festival

The Fantasy Festival programs are always very glittery and glamorous. The Fest’s key attraction is the colorful parade and featuring the comical floats with fantasy comic outfits wearing people. The floats and the parade are fully decorated with multiple color comic outfits wearing people.

The fantasy fest has multiple options for the entertainments like body painting and the many art-related entertainment works. The competitions of the artworks are also organized here so you can try to paint some and participate in the fun acts. If you are asking about the fun acts then we must say this 60% of the Festival programs are associated with adult entertainment acts. But if you are traveling there with your family, then there are some family-oriented programs and schedules are also available.

Keywest is the beach city, the weather and the climate are always humid. The beautiful crowd with minimal clothes and the colorful body makes the weather hotter. And the last of the entertainment is associated with the annually elected Conch King and Queen. 

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4.The Key West Beach Attractions

key fantasy

Key West City beach is itself full of entertainment. But when at the time of Fantasy Festival, the ambiance was jam-packed with a parade, carnivals, poolside parties, and full of rock and roll musical performances. The bar pubs and the parties are all time open everywhere on the streets. So enjoyments do not get any full stop during the fest.

If you are interested in participating in any events, you will get multiple options to attain party adventures. The day and night all time entertainments are just everywhere. The costumes are the main attractions of these parties. The ball performance dances and the contest are decided as per the aspect of the festival themes and the attire.  The events are also based on your costumes and the party theme.


The Fantasy Festival is an all-time favorite among the local people. The local hosting city is also participating in the parade. The dining options and the beach party’s all over the place. This Festival is ten days long, and the entertainments are just everywhere.

The first time when this festival has started, the timing of the festival was just before Halloween. If you are a tourist who is planning to visit the festival, then plan to go to the 2021 fantasy fest and get weird and wild.   

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