While traveling or climbing, making the right choices is essential. You cannot deny that you will only get one or two chances to travel through the beauty of NZ mountains a year.

We all have work in life, and when the exhaustion reaches the threshold point, we decide to escape into the beauties of nature.

Trekking or hiking is becoming increasingly popular these days in New Zealand. There is a good reason behind this shift in the traveling notion. The awe-inspiring beauty of nature, including the geographical majesty of New Zealand, makes it the first choice for travel enthusiasts worldwide.

Considering the culture and geographical majesty, New Zealand or Aotearoa (the local Māori name) has created a distinctive addiction for travelers compared to other countries on the planet.

Among all, Māori culture largely reflects the beliefs and customs of the indigenous New Zealand people. Māori culture is known for its history, beliefs, dancing, and relaxed demeanor.

Well, a distinctive New Zealand culture comes from the Māori culture. Their traditions and rituals are followed to date. Māori culture arrived in New Zealand with Kupe, the explorer 1,000 years ago.

Apart from that, the rich dimension of Māori tourism adds an extra layer to New Zealand tourism, making it different from others from a cultural and visiting point of view.

Their formal welcome is called powhiri in Māori meeting grounds. They are open to challenges and activities, making it soothing and exciting for the tourists. From welcoming ceremonies to feasts, the Māori culture now deals with developing tourism businesses.

Majestic Nz Mountains You Must Visit

Visit Nz Mountains

Are you up for your next visit to a mountain?

Well, sure, you are going trekking, or it can be a normal hike. Whatever your consideration is, we have everything for you to offer. The rich culture with beauty in nature, New Zealand will welcome you with its popular and high peaks.

If we say New Zealand is one of the best hiking destinations you would find on our planet, would you believe it?

Well, Google it!

From volcanoes to the Southern Alps, everything you will find in this country. Apart from that chain of mountains, Stewart Island is also drawing the attention of the new tourists.

However, there is no doubt that New Zealand is home to some stunning mountain peaks! If you are a travel enthusiast like many others, you would not want to miss this opportunity to cherish the opulence of a few picturesque NZ mountains.

Are you in a dilemma?

Well, don't worry!

Indulge yourself by reviewing the list below and picking your best choice to create your next postcards!

1. Aoraki / Mount Cook

1. Aoraki / Mount Cook

Height: 3,724 meters

Sure, you have heard about Sir Edmund Hillary, the Everest conqueror. He considered Mt Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand, as a perfect preparation hike.

Well, Mt Cook is located within Mt Cook National Park in Canterbury on the South Island. However, It is about a 3 hours drive from Queenstown.

Don't worry!

We have a campervan rental nz for you. It covers almost all the mountain areas to help with their travel expert vans. They are customized to consider what you need. So, tell your group that you have found your travel gem in New Zealand to explore one of the best NZ mountains.

This highest mountain in New Zealand comes with several famous treks like The Hooker Valley Track.

2. Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki

Height: 2,518 meters

It is the 2nd highest mountain in the North Island. Mt Taranaki is situated in Egmont National Park, which you can visit from the city of New Plymouth.

However, the highest place, where the volcano is, is considered a living thing by the Māori people. So, whenever you visit this peak, try not to cover the highest one, as a good gesture to their culture. 

It will offer you some breathtaking views with picture-perfect hikes. Consider Pouakai Hut to get the best view!

3. Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak

Height: 1,692 meters

The height is not as high as other NZ mountains, but it is considered one of the most beautiful visits in New Zealand. If you want a unique location that can give you beauty from down to up, this can be your choice.

For beginners, traveling alongside the Tasman Sea with a boat can ensure a majestic view, and on the other hand, hikers can go up to the real top.

4. Mount Aspiring / Tititea

Mount Aspiring / Tititea

Height: 3,033 meters

Tititea is situated in the Southern Alps, which is 30 kilometers west of Lake Wanaka. For common people, there is a national park to visit. For hikers, West Matukituki Valley can be the route to climb. If you want to cherish the best challenge, you may experience the real beauty of the peak beyond the lake. Consider Raspberry Flats to start your trek.

5. Mount Tasman

Mount Tasman

Height: 3497 meters

Mt Tasman is situated just 4 KM from Aoraki. So, if you plan to visit the highest peak of New Zealand, consider the 2nd highest, Mt Tasman, on to go.

If you are experienced in climbing, then this is a grand opportunity for you to see too many peaks and views in one climb. Though the main drive can be Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, you can also see the breathtaking views of the Canterbury region.

6. Mount Dampier

 Mount Dampier

Height: 3,440 meters

Now coming to the 3rd highest peak in New Zealand. Among all the NZ mountains, Mt Dampier will give you a view of the ‘long sky’, named by Māori people.

It is also located in the Southern Alps, but the interesting factor is that you will find it between Aoraki / Mount Cook and Mount Hicks. So, there is a great chance that you will find all your picturesque characteristics here.

7. Mount Ngauruhoe

Height: 2,291 meters

Have you watched Lord of the Rings?

Well, sure, you are a fan of its geographical stature and surroundings. Mount Ngauruhoe, also known as Mount Doom, is a part of the film creation you have seen many times. But unfortunately, in the films!

This time, you will be able to visit this dormant volcano in real time.

How do you find it?

Consider the Tongariro National Park and leave the Mount Ruapehu ski field in the south. You can consider it as one of the best day hikes in New Zealand.

Go for the popular 19-kilometer-long trail - Tongariro Crossing.

Hiking is not your cup of tea?

Don't get upset!

Consider a scenic flight over Taupo township to cherish the full view of Lake Taupo.

Importance Of Conserving And Respecting Natural Places

 natural places

If you are a traveler, then you know the importance of keeping natural places safe for visiting. Interestingly, 21% of the export earnings, including 14% of the nation's employment, comes from New Zealand's tourism industry.

So, the revenue of the whole country is directly related to NZ mountains and associated tourism. Considering the urgency of the industry, every traveler needs to manage their own considerations and become responsible for ensuring sustainable visits every time.

Experiencing the beauty of its mountains first-hand has no better exception when it comes to NZ mountains.

  • Try to stay on proper roads and tracks to avoid disturbing wildlife habitats.
  • Keep dogs away from nesting sites.
  • Avoid damaging nests, eggs, and chicks of endangered species.
  • Do not disturb sand dunes, and stop damaging shellfish beds at low tide.

Well, this you can see as a conserving protocol while visiting. Ensure that you are responsible enough and showcasing good gestures to their local tribe.

  • Respect the flora and fauna.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Support conservation efforts.

As a visitor, you can play an active role in conserving the NZ mountains you visit. When visiting New Zealand, it is crucial to keep in mind that the country's natural beauty is a result of millions of years of evolution, and it is our responsibility to preserve it.

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