The land of the Southern part of California is where the town of Ojai is situated. The place is home to a number of hot springs that can be found there. The Ojai hot springs are one of the most popular attractions for travelers who love to relax and bathe in the arms of nature. 

All credits to the seismic and platonic activities that have given rise to such sites. These waters are mineral-rich and are bound to make you feel refreshed once you take a dip inside. Well, if you are planning on a short vacation up from Los Angeles, Ojai would be the best choice for having a lifetime experience. 

About Ojai Hot Springs

In the Ventura County of California lies the small town of Ojai. Northwest from Los Angeles, Ojai is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic travel destinations in the world. The place is situated along the Ojai valley, engulfed by the Topatopa mountains from all sides. 

The place is most notably known for the recreational opportunities that it provides, its boutique hotels, the farmer’s market, and hiking opportunities. The Ojai hot springs are also among the top major attractions. The central part of the town resembles an ancient village-like area packed with New Age Shops and art galleries. 

Best Tourist Spots: Ojai Hot Springs

1. Mercey Hot Spring

Mercey Hot Spring

Among the Ojai hot springs, the Mercey hot spring is one that is located in the Fresno County of California. Following the north direction, it is a four hours drive from Los Angeles. The surreal beauty of this place is what every tourist craves. 

The water from the hot spring is directly transported to a resort that is present there. The resort has a rustic setting to give travelers a feeling of being in nature’s lap. It is set along with a background of blue skies and rolling hills. The property comprises three separate bathing areas: 

  • An indoor bathhouse
  • Main clothing- required tubs beside the cool pool and sauna
  • Optional baths tucked away towards the end of the property. 

2. Ecotopia Hot Spring

Ecotopia Hot Spring

Visiting the Ojai hot springs is like living a dream. The most beautiful and popular of all is the Ecotopia hot spring. Located along the Matilija Canyon in the Los Pardes Forest, this hot spring sanctuary is a short drive from Los Angeles. There lies a private, rustic resort that has five sulfur hot spring pools fed with water directly from the source. 

The beauty of these spring pools is magnified by the natural environment comprising of large boulders and heavy vegetation. If you are planning to visit here, make sure to reserve any slot between 8 am-8 pm from Wednesday to Monday prior. 

3. Two Bunch Palms

Two Bunch Palms

As you can suggest from the name, the Two Bunch Palms is set around a desert landscape in the Desert Hot Springs in California. The place is laid over across an area of 72 acres. The area has great significance as it has been known to be a hideout for the infamous gangster Al Capone also known as Scarface. 

The resort which has been set up there is directly sourced of the hot spring water. Tourists are fascinated by the namesake trees surrounding the pool. The property comprises individual teak baths, which have features such as adjustable temperature control. Three additional concrete soaking pools are available as well. 

Hotels And Resorts In Ojai

Traveling to Ojai and not spending a few days there? Doesn’t sound that cool. If you have a plan to visit this heaven on earth of a place, you should make sure to invest some of your time and have an experience of a lifetime. 

You do not have to worry about comfortable lodging as there are a lot of options available. Some of the most beautiful and lavish hotels are present here to serve all your needs. 

1. Casa Ojai Inn

Casa Ojai Inn

The most visited Ojai hot spring resort is the Casa Ojai Inn which is located at an ecstatic location. The aesthetics of the property are magnificent. The property offers spacious rooms, full kitchens, spa tubs, and patio access. 

The property is built of Californian adobe architecture and is packed with stained wood furniture. It provides its guest with all possible and exclusive amenities. 

Tripadvisor Review:

“This is a wonderful Inn located on the very quiet edge of the main drag through this quaint town within walking distance of a few restaurants & shops. My first impression was it's very safe there. I never once felt that anywhere in Ojai was unsafe, especially at the inn. I routinely went out to the pool alone late at night, so it meant a great deal to feel that safe! The room was nice, very clean, & had great comfy furniture. Parking was right at the front door so that was awesome.

We're a very picky group to impress, but this was a very nice stay for us. The customer service must be mentioned. Every contact with staff members throughout the week was a great experience. They were a wealth of knowledge to us Ohioans visiting Ojai for the first time. And they took care of our every need. I'd certainly go again to stay there as it was just an all-around great time for us. Highly recommend the Casa Ojai Inn!”


2. Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

One of the most lavish and expensive properties located in the county is the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. The resort is laid across an area of 200 acres lined with oak trees. 

The accommodation and other facilities offered in this property can be equally compared with any luxurious 5-star hotel in the world. The resort has a few 1500 square foot spa penthouses that offer a majestic view of the valley as well as in-room spa services. 

Tripadvisor Review:

“The best hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Amazing location, amenities, food, cocktails, service etc. The spa is also one of the best I’ve ever been to. We come back regularly and it’s always an absolute joy. Ojai Valley Inn is truly the of the best! Can’t say enough positive things. Definitely worth every cent.”

– Cee

3. Ojai Retreat

Ojai Retreat

The Ojai Retreat is more of a bed and breakfast property and is extensively popular. If you book a room here, you are in for an unparalleled experience. It is a premier property that allows guests to relax, unwind, and find serenity. 

Guest are provided with organic breakfast each and every day. Ojai Retreat also organizes various community events that create an opportunity for tourists to connect with the localities.  

Tripadvisor Review

“Guest are provided with organic breakfast each and every day. Ojai Retreat also organizes various community events that create an opportunity for tourists to connect with the localities.  

The front desk lady was so nice and very helpful with information about the area. The room was comfortable, and spacious, everything we needed. The grounds were gorgeous, with nice walking trails. The breakfast was superb, with very healthy choices. The views… amazing. The bed is comfortable. The entire property is quiet and peaceful. We will definitely be back. A hidden gem in Ojai.”

– Tracy F

Final Thoughts

I am sure now that you know quite a lot about this paradise, you cannot wait to visit Ojai. The Ojai hot springs are really one of the most spectacular sights on this planet. Tourists, not only from Los Angeles but also from different parts of the world, plan and take a trip to this place. 

Here, they can get an opportunity to experience the rawness of nature and feel the peace inside them. So, when are you booking your tickets? 

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