Organizing a visit to Oktoberfest is not very difficult. Selecting high-quality dates is key.  

The best tip we can offer is to avoid Saturdays because slower days are more enjoyable due to the large crowds. If you plan to go to Oktoberfest during the weekend, Sundays are ideal.  

Many people consider Trachten- und Schützenzug to be the most beautiful part of the first Sunday. Discounted prices for rides are available on family days. 

Another crucial aspect is reserving accommodation in advance. Despite the vast number of hotels in Munich, rooms are still hard to come by and expensive during Oktoberfest.  

Check out our trip planning guide for more information on optimal hotel locations and other important factors to consider. Once you are done, you can consider grabbing  

Chapter – 1: When Should You Go to the Oktoberfest? 

The Oktoberfest is consistently crowded, especially at the beginning of the event.  

For a more relaxed visit, consider coming in the final week of September. If you enjoy costumes and traditions, you should consider attending on a weekend:  

The festival starts with a large parade on Saturday featuring carriages, floats, and many people in traditional attire, while the following Sunday includes an outdoor concert with Bavarian music. 

Chapter – 2: Reservations and Admissions 

To start, there is a common misunderstanding among non-locals:  

Entry to the Munich Oktoberfest does not cost anything.  

Outside of Bavaria, in recent years, there has been a proliferation of commercial “Oktoberfest” events that require you to buy tickets in advance, which is not necessary at the original event.  

Oktoberfest tickets do not exist. Table reservations are typically free, but some vouchers must be bought beforehand. 

Shady scalpers can charge high prices for table reservations at the Oktoberfest beer tents due to overcrowding closures on Fridays and Saturdays, where reservations ensure entry.  

There is never a requirement to make a reservation to enter the big beer tents.  

Twelve out of the fourteen big beer tents and the three at Oide Wiesn must leave significant parts of their tents open for patrons without reservations. 

Chapter – 3: What Should You Plan Beforehand? 

It’s not difficult to plan a trip to Oktoberfest. Selecting high-quality dates is crucial. Because of the large number of people, quieter days are more pleasant, so it is crucial to avoid Saturdays.  

Sundays are the best choice for visiting the Oktoberfest on a weekend.  

Many people consider Trachten- und Schützenzug the most beautiful day, which falls on the first Sunday. Reduced ride prices are highlighted during family days. 

Another crucial aspect is securing lodging in advance. Despite the large number of hotels in Munich, there is still a shortage of rooms during Oktoberfest, and they can be expensive.  

Chapter – 4: The “Personalities” of the Tent 

At Oktoberfest, there are many different personalities represented by the numerous tents.  

If you intend to make reservations, it’s important to remember this. If you are American and want to socialize with fellow countrymen while traveling, there is a tent specifically for Americans. Yet, for those with a daring spirit, exploring different tents may pique their interest.  

You have the option to go to the Lowenbrau Tent for their renowned beer, families can explore the Augustiner Beer tent which is child-friendly, or for wine enthusiasts, the great Weinzelt Tent is the place to go to the famous beer fest.  

To see all the tents and their unique characteristics, please click here

Chapter – 5: The Cultural “Dirndl Tying” 

You don’t need to have German or Bavarian ancestry to embrace the Oktoberfest spirit through your attire. But, if you decide to fully commit to wearing a dirndl, you need to be cautious about how you fasten the bow.  

According to the Bavarian tradition, when a woman ties a bow on the front left side, it indicates that she is unmarried. Women in committed relationships or marriages wear their dirndl bows on the right side. Additionally, a bow tied at the front signifies the wearer’s purity.  

Waitresses and widows fasten their dirndls at the back. 

Chapter – 6: Drinking Test in the Beer Fest 

As previously mentioned, Oktoberfest is mainly a celebration centered around beer. There is an abundance of beer for people to drink. While water and soft drinks are available, they are usually costly. However, most individuals can only consume a limited amount of beer.  

The most effective way to increase your capability is to mix your beer with lemonade. Filling your stein halfway with lemonade and then adding beer is a simple task.  

The outcome is a revitalizing mix that is delicious, aids in keeping you hydrated, and enables you to consume liquids for an extended period. 

Chapter – 7: Singing… Is a Must 

There is not just a plethora of drinking at Oktoberfest, but also plenty of singing.  

Numerous traditional songs specific to Oktoberfest are performed at every beer tent during the festival. Most of the customers let go of their reservations and enthusiastically join in.  

To fully immerse yourself in the Oktoberfest atmosphere and feel like part of the community, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the lyrics of these songs to participate in the celebrations. By clicking here, you can listen to some of the top traditional Oktoberfest songs.  

You can still participate in singing classic American songs like YMCA, Sweet Home Alabama, and Take Me Home, Country Roads if you are not familiar with traditional German songs. Don’t worry about not knowing them. 

Chapter – 8: Don’t Put Your Feet on the Table 

In general, placing your foot on a table is seen as inappropriate, if not completely disrespectful. This is Oktoberfest, so anything goes. Placing your foot on a table indicates that you are ready to chug a full one-liter stein of beer. Once you have placed your foot on the table, you will be supported by those around you and cannot retreat.  

The crowd’s cheers when you succeed will make all your hard work worth it. Remember that at least 5,000 audience members will be present and ready to mock you if your try is unsuccessful. Therefore, exercise care and wisdom when contemplating resting your foot on the table. 

Chapter – 9: Don’t Wear Any Open-Toed Shoe 

Despite the pleasant weather in Munich in late September, it is not recommended to wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Remember that Oktoberfest is primarily a beer festival, so it’s likely that many attendees will be intoxicated.  

With the abundance of beer being consumed, individuals can easily become disoriented and inadvertently bump into others. Having your toes uncovered puts you at risk of getting hurt.  

Additionally, there are numerous instances of spills, leading to the tent floors becoming dirty and unpleasant. Ensuring that your toes are securely protected is the optimal choice. 

Final Chapter: Don’t Sleep Outside, No Matter What 

When you are slightly drunk, you may find the benches in the park to be cozy and welcoming. However, do not develop a mistaken belief of being safe.  

The parks are filled with thieves who are quite eagerly waiting to steal from a drunk partygoer searching for a place to rest. Having all the necessary information on how to survive Oktoberfest, you are prepared to go to Munich and experience the yearly festival firsthand. Cheers!

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