About Orvis Hot Springs:

Location1585 County Rd #3, Ridgway, CO 81432, United States
Contact No.+1 970-626-5324

Orvis Hot Springs is the ideal destination for relaxation if one is visiting Colorado. Theirs is a clothing-optional and natural form of Hot Spring located right at the base of the San Juan Mountains. 

Here, one can enjoy and experience fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery while soaking in their ten unique ponds and pools.

If you are looking towards having a relaxing and rejuvenating experience of your lifetime, then this is the perfect place for you!

Welcome To Orvis Hot Springs!

Location1585 County Rd #3, Ridgway, CO 81432, United States
Contact No.+1 970-626-5324

With stunning views of the San Juan mountains, the Orvis Hot Springs happens to be a beautiful destination. Just down the road from Telluride and Ouray, guests can enjoy dining and shopping in small Colorado towns. 

This clothing-optional natural hot springs resort actually sits near the mountains. The place actually offers multiple guests access to ten ponds and pools. Campers who actually stay on the site have 24-hour access to the hot springs. 

The Orvis Hot Springs used to be a sacred space for the Tabeguache tribe to heal. People from the Tabeguache tribe would soak in the natural hot springs and enjoy the curative powers and calming effects of the springs. 

Both Ouray County as well as the local town got their names from the Ute Chief Ouray.

Today, these hot springs have continued to offer multiple therapeutic results, whether you are seeking a nice relaxing soak or aiming to heal ailments. 

How Many Pools Are In Orvis Hot Springs?

There are ten pools and ponds – all filled with natural Lithium water. Never treated or heated, these pools can help visitors calm down and rejuvenate. The Pond is the biggest pool at 5 feet deep and 40 feet across. There is also a smoking pong, which happens to be the only place where smoking is officially allowed. 

Both outdoor and indoor soaking areas have different water temperatures, from 65 to 112 degrees. There are also massage therapists on the site for additional relaxation.

Ratings & Reviews

Orvis Hot Springs has a rating of 4.7 stars on Google and have been reviewed by a total of 1,511 people.

Here are a few of the Orvis Hot Springs reviews:

Our go to place in CO for hot springs. We love to cold plunge and sauna! This is the place to do it. We normally camp in our rooftop tent and it costs $60/ night per person. That gives you access for two days. Staff is wonderful, friendly, and very mellow. It is clothing optional, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, this is probably not your spot. Everyone is very friendly and respectful. There are no electronics allowed inside, so it creates a space of serenity and safety.

By Flagstaff Local

Must-visit spot! Amazing facilities, clean, welcoming, and staying overnight to enjoy the pools until 3 am is worth it. If you’re coming through, check it out! Highly recommend. Also they have really good massage services – I enjoyed my experience. Best time to visit would be early spring.

By Tatiana Gubenko

I am in love with these hot springs. You feel like a different person when you come here. You feel free and comfortable. Everyone is extremely kind and helpful. It is very peaceful here. After experiencing these hot springs, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

By Sabrina Spear

Things To Carry

Here are a few essentials that you should carry on your Hot Spring trip (these things are meant to be carried in general and not just when you are visiting Orvis Hot Springs):

Carry A Water Bottle

Carry A Water Bottle

You might know this already, but hot temperatures lead to dehydration. For instance, in summer, we feel thirsty all the time. 

This is an essential thing that needs to be packed no matter what!

Get The Adequate Required Pass

Get The Adequate Required Pass

It depends on where your Hot Springs is located. If reaching your intended hot spring place requires you to hike up a trail, then you are going to need a permit or a pass for it.

You are going to have it displayed on your car’s dashboard or even have a permit ready on hand to show it to the rangers when they ask for it. 

Tip: Visiting Orvis Hot Springs does not require any additional forest passes!

There are many Natural Hot Springs Colorado that does require passes and some which don’t. It differs from place to place so you must check out the regulations on your destination’s official website.

Keep reading until the end to find out more about Orvis Colorado!

Sun Protection Essentials

Sun Protection Essentials

This becomes more important if you are going to visit one of those day-visit-only springs. You are bound to get sunburnt when soaking out in the open and right under the sun for a long time!

Winters aren’t an exception to this point as, well.

Carry A Bathing Suit.

In most of the springs, clothing is optional, but it is for the better if you go prepared. You will not have to fall into uncomfortable situations this way – for instance, if you arrive at the pool and you see small children soaking in the pool, you would not want to soak nude if that is the case. For example, if you are visiting the Orvis Hot Springs, then you do not need to carry a bathing suit as the place is clothing-optional.

Tip: If you want to make the most out of your trip, then I would recommend that you stay there overnight in their cozy and beautifully appointed rooms, which are each decorated with linens, furniture, and decor.

Some Essential Tips To Remember

Here are a few essential things that you must keep in mind before visiting any Hot Spring (and not just while visiting Orvis Hot Springs):

Do Not Trash The Place

Do Not Trash The Place

Remember to carry a trash bag with you to the Hot Spring so that when you need to dump wrappers and other objects that you carry to the place, can be done so by using the trash bag. 

Even if there is discarded trash in the area that was not littered by you, it would be great if you cleaned them up as well!

Plan In Accordance To The Weather

You should definitely plan your trip to the Hot Springs after checking the road and weather conditions of the place. There are places where the roads are not maintained during the winter, which will make it difficult for you to navigate through the trails to reach your intended destination.

Keep It Shush

Keep It Shush

It is supposed to be a relaxing and spiritual journey for all, so make sure that you are not carrying portable speakers or other such things to the place.

Do Not Carry Your Bath Essentials To The Spring

Do Not Carry Your Bath Essentials To The Spring

Do remember that this is not your bathtub, so you must not carry your bath essentials like soap and shampoo to the place. The water of Hot Springs is very delicate, and the introduction of any foreign substances (like shampoo and soap) can really disrupt the natural water composition of the place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Orvis Hot Spring:

1. How Hot Is The Temperature Of The Pool At The Orvis Hot Springs?

Ans: The temperature of the Orvis Hot Springs Colorado water is about 65-112°.

2. How Many Pools Are There In Orvis Hot Springs?

Ans: There are ten clothing-optional pools, where the temperatures range from 65-114°F. There are also massage services and natural lodging options available in the area as well.

3. Are We Supposed To Wear Swim Attire In Hot Springs?

Ans: Wearing proper swim attire is indeed a necessity before getting into a hot spring pool. Also, you need to make sure that you are taking a shower before going into a hot spring pool.

4. What Is The Largest Natural Hot Spring In The World?

Ans: The world’s largest hot spring is the Frying Pan Lake (which was renamed to Waimangu Cauldron in the year 1963). It is located in the Echo Crater of the Volcanic Rift Valley of Waimangu Cauldron, New Zealand.

5. Can Bacteria Thrive In Hot Springs?

Ans: There’s a breed of bacteria known as Thermophilic bacteria that especially thrive in places with high temperatures — between 45-80C°. As you might have guessed, they are indeed present in Hot Springs as well.

Dream And Travel: Orvis Hot Springs Calling!

Orvis Hot Springs in Colorado is beautiful in their own way – it’s natural, it’s pretty, and it’s empty off-season. So what are you waiting for if you haven’t been to this part of Colorado? Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories about visiting Orvis, Colorado.

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