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7 Vital Items To Remember To Pack For Your Next Big Hiking Trip

| August 22, 2022 | Adventure

As you gaze out over this stunning landscape covered in snow, imagine yourself up on the mountain.

You are so mesmerized by this view that you decide to camp here and get up in the morning to enjoy it. Unpacking your gear, setting up your tent, and relaxing inside your tent are the first steps for any type of hiking trip. 

The moment you realize you forgot your nightlight, your thermals, or nothing to cook those delicious meals you bought is when you realize you forgot something!

Without something so important, how would you feel in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but snow? 

Pack And Plan For Your Next Hiking Trip

We’ve got you covered, traveler! The weather may not be under our control on top of the mountains, but we can certainly help you be prepared and carry all the necessary items. 

When climbing through the snow, you need everything from important things to basic things. Your backpack will be free of things to carry, so you can enjoy your adventure trip as much as you like for your next hiking trip.

Essential Checklist For Your Next Hiking Trip

With this hiking essentials checklist for things to carry while trekking, you will be ready for your hiking trip or for a cold snow trek in no time!

1. First Aid Kit

The most important thing that every hiker, in fact, every traveler should have, is the first aid kit. 

Don’t forget to include everything you need to treat minor ailments such as bruises, cuts, scratches, headaches, dehydration, and other types of stomach bugs and insect bites. 

It is advisable to carry insect repellent spray and sunscreen, depending on where you are hiking. 

First Aid Kit

To stay hydrated, you will need rehydration tablets and salts if you eat or drink something that is contaminated or makes you sick.  

Also, do not forget to take safety hiking shoes and an extra pair of clothes with you for a hiking trip. 

Safety shoes will save you from many dangerous wild animals and thorns, while the extra pair of clothes can be used for covering yourself if you feel extra cold.   

2. An All-Purpose Knife For Camping 

An EDC knife or a robust camping knife is another must-have tool. Additionally, it allows you to protect yourself from the elements during the hiking trip. 

It is essentially used as a tool for catching food and cutting down vegetation for sustenance. 

It is important to pick knives that fold up easily for ease of carrying and to ensure that their blades are high-quality steel.


3. Set Of Fire Starters 

Even though it is possible to build a fire from scratch without any tools or matches, it is extremely difficult and time- and energy-consuming. 

If you can make room for some small survival kits in your survival gear, you will be glad you did. During the winter months, camping outdoors can be very cold, so fire-starting kits can be beneficial for a hiking trip.

You will also be able to keep wild animals at bay as they are scared of fire. 

Fire Starters 

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4. An Emergency Sleeping Bag For Survival 

Unlike standard sleeping bags, survival sleeping bags pack up for a hiking trip much shorter but provide greater protection from the elements and are insulated against very low temperatures. 

Therefore, you never know what situations you will get into, and hence, you should always carry a survival sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag

5. Food And Water  

Always carry enough food and water that will help you survive for 2-3 days. In case you get lost or get trapped somewhere in the woods due to rain, you should be able to feed yourself. 

Having enough water is also essential as you will need to hydrate yourself a lot.  

Many a time, finding water sources is not much challenging while you are on your hiking trip. There are several sources of water, including underground resources, plants’ leaves, rainwater, snow, and ponds.

Food And Water  

Before drinking it, it is important to make sure that it is as clean as possible. 

Boiling the water over an open fire is always advisable, but a travel filtration system or tablets can be used to clean it even further. Therefore, carry a water filter to avoid getting sick.

6. An Everyday Carry (EDC) Bolt Action Pen 

An everyday carry or EDC bolt action pen is an essential part of your hiking gear kit. 

You never know if you need to note certain areas you have visited or things you’ve found that can help another hiker or make things easier for your next outing because it’s always beneficial to take notes during your hiking trip. 

Stainless steel bolt action pens are amazing hiking pens since they are robust. You can also choose a pen that is made from titanium or aluminum if you prefer a lightweight pen. 

bolt Action Pen

7. Signal Booster & A Portable Phone Charger 

No matter where you plan to go on a hiking trip, and no matter how much you might want to be cut off from home, having the option of being able to contact home is always useful. 

Most of the time, there’s no signal in the hiking areas, or if it’s available, then the strength might be poor.

Having GPS directions available is always helpful in case things get tricky, and you need to find your way quickly to a destination. 

Phone Charger

Always keep a solar charger or a power bank with you so that in difficult times you can charge your mobile quickly and connect with the world to get help. 

Also, keep a compass with you that can help you find your way out of the woods if your GSP does not catch the signal or if you get into any other network or battery troubles.  

One item that many hikers overlook is a pair of prescription sunglasses. These are important because they provide both UV protection and clear vision while you’re out on the trail. Plus, if you wear prescription glasses, you’ll need prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. So, make sure to add a pair of prescription sunglasses to your hiking checklist to ensure you have all the necessary gear for a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

It’s always helpful to go fully prepared as it also gives you the confidence to face difficulties and also helps you enjoy hiking without worrying about situations!   


A hiking trip can be an exhilarating experience for nature lovers. Following the tough, unexplored trails and climbing up the mountains, the view from the top rejuvenates one’s heart.

We should always plan everything ahead and carry all the essential things that might be required during our hikes. To make sure when we are in need of anything, we have it handy.

The essential hiking checklist is what you will require for perfect planning. We hope you have found this checking useful enough to refer to it while you plan to hike anytime soon. 


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