Panda Express is a very popular fast-food chain restaurant that mainly specializes in making American-Chinese cuisine. They have their outlets in over 2,200 locations and are also considered as the largest Asian restaurant chain situated in the United States, where it was originally founded. It is mainly located in regions of Asia and North America.

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Their restaurants were originally located in the food courts of shopping malls but now they primarily operate in other formats and environments as well. Their outlets can also be found in airports, amusement parks, universities, casinos, and such venues.


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Here are a few of the most popular menu panda express items (along with their prices) that they are known to offer:


  • Any 1 Side & 1 Entree – $9.90+


  • Any 1 Side & 2 Entrees – $11.75+

Bigger Plate

This is exclusive to panda express menu:

  • Any 1 Side & 3 Entrees – $13.65+

Family Meal

Family Meal
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  • Any 2 Large Sides & 3 Large Entrees – $43.75+ (This is the best menu for panda express that you can get for a family meal).

Cub Meal

Cub Meal
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  • Broccoli Beef Cub Meal – $7.75+
  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Cub Meal – $7.75+
  • Orange Chicken Cub Meal – $7.75+

A La Carte

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  • Sizzling Shrimp – $7.70+
  • Beyond The Original Orange Chicken – $7.70+
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak – $7.70+
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp – $7.70+
  • The Original Orange Chicken – $6.15+
  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken – $6.15+
  • Broccoli Beef – $6.15+
  • Honey Sesame Chicken Breast – $6.15+
  • Kung Pao Chicken – $6.15+
  • Beijing Beef – $6.15+
  • Super Greens – $5.50+
  • SweetFire Chicken Breast – $6.15+
  • String Bean Chicken Breast – $6.15+
  • Mushroom Chicken – $6.15+
  • Black Pepper Chicken – $6.15+
  • Eggplant Tofu – $6.15+
  • White Steamed Rice – $5.50+
  • Potato Chicken – $6.15+
  • Steamed Ginger Fish – $7.70+
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast – $6.15+
  • Brown Steamed Rice – $5.50+
  • Chow Mein – $5.50+
  • Fried Rice – $5.50+
  • Chow Fun – $5.50+
  • Wok Seared Steak & Shrimp – $7.70+
  • Quinoa Brown Fried Rice – $5.50+
  • Firecracker Shrimp – $7.70+
  • Crispy Almond Chicken Breast – $6.15+
  • Almond Diced Chicken – $6.15+
  • Firecracker Chicken Breast® – $6.15+

Tip: There are various panda express menu sides that are available to buy as well, which you can definitely try out!

Appetizers and More

Appetizers and More
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  • Chicken Egg Roll – $2.50+
  • Veggie Spring Roll – $2.50+
  • Cream Cheese Rangoon – $2.50+
  • Chicken Potsticker – $2.50+
  • Hot & Sour Soup – $1.90+

Tip: A few sections I mentioned about panda express menu prices, you should go back and check them out if you missed out them.


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  • Sanzo Mango Sparkling Water – $3.40+
  • Dasani – $3.00+
  • Manzanita Sol – $3.40+
  • Bai Coco Fusion – $3.40+
  • Sobe Yumberry Pomegranate – $3.40+
  • Sanzo Lychee Sparkling Water – $3.40+
  • Sobe Green Tea – $3.40+
  • Sprite – $3.00+
  • Diet Coke – $3.00+



You need to remember that the panda express menu items that I discussed above may vary in availability according to the region you reside in. Moving on, here’s a quick overview of the places where the Panda Express outlets are located.

AlabamaMarylandNew YorkWyomingMaine
CaliforniaOklahomaNew MexicoWashingtonNew Carolina
ColoradoIdahoPuerto RicoGuamTennessee
FloridaNew JerseyNew HampshireNebraskaOregon
MissouriNorth DakotaDistrict Of ColumbiaSouth Dakota South CarolinaWest Virginia


Here are a few reviews of Panda Express’s service:

1. I always love noodles, especially fried noodles but I never knew that I could find something like that over here in Utah. I had Indian food at Indian restaurant here but I never tried any Chinese restaurant. So today we went to Panda Express for lunch plus we were hungry for warm and comfort food since it was raining and cold outside. I was happy because the restaurant is open on Sunday because I found out a lot of food places here are closed on Sunday. So I ordered for Chow Mein noodles with Honey Walnut Shrimps and General Tso’s Chicken with an egg roll. I liked it here because the staff is friendly and their service is very fast. They were very generous with the portion of food they served you. The noodles were tasty so did the shrimps. I recommended this place for people who looking for comfort food.

2. The orange chicken is so yummy. I order white rice but the noodles are really good too. My fav is the broccoli and beef. They are always cooking fresh food and replenish the line often. I try to bring my own chop sticks because theirs are just unfinished wood.

3. We traveled from out of state 11 hours and stayed at the Motel 6 down the street from this Panda. We decided on Panda for dinner and it was seriously some of the best Panda we ever had, not to mention their wontons were on point! It was so good we went back again the next day! I would highly recommend this location!

4. About 80% of the items on the menu are chicken. That works for most people. I really like the new Shanghai beef. This is a good place to get a quick, not too expensive, meal.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the services of Panda Express:

Does Panda Express Deliver Particularly To My Location?

A: You can order for Panda Express through Grubhub if you want, and they will deliver to your location.

How Much Do The Popular Dishes Offered By Panda Express Cost?

A: The prices vary greatly depending upon the location of the outlet. To view the most up-to-date prices of menu items offered by them, you could try checking out the official website of the outlet located near to you.

Can I Get A Free Delivery For Panda Express?

A: Yes, you may be able to do that. But that would require of you to order through a middlemen (or service) like Grubhub, etc.

Does Panda Express Use All White-Meat?

A: Panda Express is known to use all white meat chicken. For instance, while dark meat is generally more common.

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