Every traveler has distinctive choices for destinations. Some like to visit ancient historical places; some like to explore the new cities and enjoy a night out with a hard rock party. But for the passionate young travelers, the budget traveling tips and drinking. These two are common types of arrangement by which you can feel practically almost every enjoyment and explore a new place. Friendship with the local people, a whole night party, drinking, hopping in the local pubs, disco and lounge, and exploring the city life all can be part of your adventurous travel journey. So let’s see which are the party cities in the world? And how to enjoy it there.

15 Incredible Party Cities In The World

You like to travel to party cities, which does not mean you have to open a wine bottle or get drunk every day. These party cities are famous because of their attractive nightlife, lounge, and safe environments. If you do not like to go to the disc or the bar, walking down the street while holding the hands of loved ones is also a great feeling.

Let’s see the list of fifteen unbelievably popular biggest party cities in the world:

1. Miami – Florida

Miami - Florida

For the live music and the underground party lover, Miami is mad heaven. Florida beaches all have good hangout places. And every beach has multiple hanging out sports like restaurants and lounges.

Miami is a famous tourist place. People are gathering here from around the earth. So along with the nice sunbath, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the whole day with your friends in a live electronic music concert or at a dance party.

Nightlife Enjoyment Facilities: Clubbing, dance party, dance festival, electronic music concerts are great attractions.

2 Best Nightlife Areas: Downtown Miami and Wynwood.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Space and E11Even.

2. Sydney – Australia

Sydney - Australia

Like beautiful natural Australia, you can simply see the glamorous country and enjoy the whole night in Sydney. New years eve or the summer season celebration every day in Sydney is the party day.

If you are planning to visit Australia, you should preserve a single day for the only night out in Sydney. At every party, you can make friends with the local people. And can be invited to house parties and even getting a romantic partner is not also unusual. This is why we are ensuring Sydney the second place in our list of worldwide party cities.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Night club, live musical concert, Dance, musical concert, party, and clubbing.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Grasshopper and The basement

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Candelaria and Marquee Sydney

3. Bali –  Indonesia

Bali -  Indonesia

Seaside tropical countries are always the favorite destination for travelers who are living in a cold climate. Moreover, the nightlife enjoyments facilities make these countries perfect party cities with all types of facilities and enjoyments. 

Along with the nighttime amusements, you will get complete travel packages within a reasonable budget. Beach clubs and nightclubs are all-time organizing parties and music shows. So you do not have to think about the night’s enjoyment. Just walk down the streets and enter any pub or lounge.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Party, music and dance bar, casino, beer garden, rooftop bars, live musical ventures.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Morning, visit the sea beach and enjoy the bars and pubs. At night just walk down the streets and enjoy the wild nightlife of Bali.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Red Ruby and LXXY Bali.

4. Ko Phangan – Thailand

Ko Phangan - Thailand

The whole of Thailand is the perfect tourist place. But this single island is one of the attractive places for nightcrawlers who like the vibrant nightlife. Therefore this single small island is ensuring their permanent place in the list of party cities. 

If you are searching for a tourist place where you can enjoy the whole day and night with parties and clubbing. There is no seasonal boundary. Every season is party time.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Party, Nightlife entertainment, dance bar, strip club, and Casino.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Koh Phangan night pubs, bars, and beachside roads

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Loi lay floating club and Original pool party.

5. Rome – Italy

Rome - Italy

Make a plan to visit the ancient city of Italy and enjoy the magnificent monuments during the day. And see the same building at night, and you are going to be surprised at how the ancient builders made this. The whole night you can enjoy yourself by roaming in the central city. 

See how the history of the ancient is starting to melt in the modern lifestyle. The nightlife is so colorful and vibrant; that after you are visiting the street side lounges, you will be sure that it is no wonder one day in the past this city is introducing a very modern civilization.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Clubbing, night city tour, a drinking bar and pubs, nightclubs, and disco.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Piazza Navona and Jazz clubs

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Qube and Voodoo Bar

6. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona - Spain

For small budget travelers, Barcelona in Spain is the perfect night hangout place. You will get all the night entertainment but without spending too much money. All the party streets in 

Barcelona is full of young crowds. 

In the daytime, you can spend your whole day on the beach in Barcelona. This is the reason Barcelona is in the top budget-friendly party cities lists.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Live concert, dance party, street party, and pre-organized bar and houses party.

2 Best Night Life Areas: EL Born and Las Ramblas

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Sala Apolo, Pache Barcelona

7. Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo - Japan

Welcome to one of the most innovative and fastest technical party cities in the world. Tokyo is popular because of its attractive nightlife standards. The gesture of the whole city is entirely different from day and night.

 If you want to enjoy the hard-rocking party, pick up the Friday or Saturday night plan with your friends.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Clubbing, dance bar, techno parties, underground disc.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Ginza and Roppongi night streets.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Zen Tokyo and King’s Shisha Lounge.

8. Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen - Denmark

Want to enjoy the ambiance of the whole UK? Then choose this attractive travel destination in Denmark. Among the whole of Europe’s party cities, Copenhagen is one of the best picks. 

The live music concerts, underground music parties are making this place a good travel hangout spot. From the whole of Europe, travelers are gathering here to enjoy the colorful nightlife of Denmark.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Colourful streets, pubs, underground clubbing, live music, and dance concert.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Pompette and Culture Box

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Joy And Rust

9. Paris – France

Paris - France

When you are in the largest city of France, undoubtedly you will get plenty of night-out options. And Paris is the top fashion town in the world. Every Pub and lounge is filled with beautiful young crowds. 

If you do not experience the colorful French house party and cities with the best nightlife ambiances yet? Then choose this city in the list of top party cities in the world.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Music festival, hot clubbing, disco, lounge, and house party.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Marseille and Strasbourg.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Le Montana and Concrete

10. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is the palace where you can enjoy the whole night by simply hearing electronic music. Do you love to move your body with every bit of music? Hence is this the right place for you?

In every corner of Amsterdam, you will go to find the disc and the lounges. Who does not want to enjoy the party right sitting in the middle of the top red light district in the Netherlands?

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Summer festival, nightclubbing, dance and the music festival, underground hot disco.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Dance dance dance, Strip Clubs

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Amsterdam Night Club and Escape

11. Los Angeles – USA

Los Angeles - USA

Los Angeles In the USA is one of the top party cities around the world. Los Angeles is not only the best party city. This is the most vibrant, colorful city around the globe. When you are in Los Angeles, you can spend the entire day and night simply exploring the city. 

The best night out in Los Angeles city is to take a walk on the city road and enjoy the jazz music in the pub and lounge.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Jazz music, country music festival, hot clubbing, underground disco.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Downtown LA, Hollywood city

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Hollywood club crawl and Sound club.

12. Berlin – Germany

Berlin - Germany

Welcome to the never-ending party city on the list of the top party cities. Whenever you visit the city, no matter what time and what festival is running on, summer and winter, every time is the party night in Berlin. 

Techno parties are the biggest attractions of the city. So if you are in Berlin, you do not have to wait for the Hardrock night-outs. Just enter any nightclub and dance the whole night with rock music.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Clubbing, techno music concert, live music show, underground disco everything is here.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Barlin craft beer bar and Unter Den Linden.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Monkey Bar and Lido.

13. London – UK

London - UK

London nightlife offers a very subtle taste for the night party crawlers. The whole UK’s travelers like to visit the London bar and the pubs because whatever you are having on your mind. These night party places offer entertainment for different kinds of tastes. 

The traditional to the contemporary types of entertainment, everything is available in the night hanging out places. This is the reason the travelers are always giving high scores to London among all the party cities in the world.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Street parties, nightlife and party, dance, underground party, and disco places.

2 Best Night Life Areas: North London streets, Downtown of the city, are the best places.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Village Square Karaoke Bar & Cocktail Lounge and Corsica Studios

14. Las Vegas – USA

Las Vegas - USA

Are you in the city of sin? And you are thinking of enjoying your nighttime? The all night clubs in Las Vegas are overloaded with people around the globe. And every day is the nightclubbing day. The clubs are the casinos open every morning and night and organize the best parties in the world. First adult resort is available in Las Vegas.

So choose the hanging-out spot based on your specifications and relax because this place has plenty of options for the night owls. So for better enjoyment, just walk down the colorful streets of Las Vegas and enter the pub and night party lounge where you feel comfortable.

Batista one of the top restaurant situated there.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Live music, street parties, dance bars, house parties, underground disco, clubbing.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Downtown cocktail places and casinos are popular hanging out places.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: XS nightclub and EBC at night

15. India – Goa

India - Goa

Among all-party cities list, Goa is coming at the end of our list. The small city in India is one of the best hang-out places for night party lovers. The Arabic seas and the tropical weather are the biggest magnetic attraction for tourists. Calangute beach and all the north shore beaches of Goa are famous for their attractive nightlife. 

The best part of Goa traveling is you will get plenty of options for alcoholic beverages here. And the beachside roads are full of pubs and discos. So you do not have to search for night hanging out. Just walk down the beachside road and select any promising options with a big crowd.

Night Life Enjoyment Facilities: Disco, nightclub, beer bar, Pubs, Lounges, Goa Carnival(February middle to last week), and casinos.

2 Best Night Life Areas: Baga Beach and all north shore beaches and beachside roads have many good places for night hangouts.

2 Must-Visit Clubs: Baga beach Candlelight dinner and Tito’s bar.

Wrapping It Up:

These all are the best pick party cities around the world. The best part is that most of the places are budget-friendly and if you are searching for any place like these ones, plan accordingly. The tropical reigns are all-time, providing the best hangout facilities for the party hoppers and travels. And do not forget to share your traveling experiences in the comment sections.

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