Getting married is one of the most precious experiences that a person can cherish in their lifetime.

The memories related to the wedding day are simply unique and everything that comes next has to be as well. Marriage is the best way to crown two lovers’ dreams and, with that said, the honeymoon that comes after in most cases has to represent the cherry on a beautiful cake made of sweet emotions and passion.

Many couples get more excited for the trip than for the ceremony itself, not because they underestimate the importance of the process of getting married, but because the honeymoon is the perfect occasion to focus on themselves and their lovers, rather than enjoying a whole, stressful, day alongside their loved ones.

After all, the honeymoon is, for a lot of couples, the start of their married life, and, with that in mind, it has to be memorable in every possible aspect.

This means that it takes an effort to find the perfect destination and to plan everything in detail to surprise and please each other.

Here Are Three Best Ideas For A Perfect Italian Honeymoon

It has to be said that, currently, there are a lot of destinations and itineraries built just for married couples. One of the most appreciated is living a luxury honeymoon in Italy. This guide wants to be a little manual to the perfect trip in this amazing location.

1. Follow an expert’s suggestions

trust a professional travel agency

The first thing that we are going to suggest is that you trust a professional travel agency to plan your honeymoon in Italy. This has to be the trip of a lifetime and while you’re busy planning your wedding, by trying to organize also your honeymoon, you can miss something, even if you are experienced with self-planned travels.

The amount of stress-related planning in all aspects that couples have to take care of prior to their wedding is basically unimaginable, and you don’t need to add to it by also planning a holiday. By talking to the operators of an expert agency, you will be able to live your Italian honeymoon at its best.

Also, since tourist guides in Italy are freelancers, it is better to let the agency plan your travel experience than to contact them one by one and try to do everything yourself.

2. Choosing carefully what to see

Visiting a place like Italy

Visiting a place like Italy means finding a middle ground between your preferences, the kind of experience you decide to live, and the weather in the period in which you choose to depart.

Winter lovers can easily find their comfort zone in luxury villas among the mountains, in the most exclusive ski resorts of the country, while the couples that just wish to relax can start their trip in spring or summer, in order to catch sunny days, visit historical sites or enjoying Italy’s best beaches.

Attractions such as the Colosseum in Rome, the leaning Tower of Pisa or Brunelleschi’s Cupola in Florence can’t be missed, as well as the beautiful island of Capri and the luxurious Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, depending on the period in which you visit the country.

3. Italian food delicacies

Italian food

A trip to Italy cannot be complete without a taste of their amazing cuisine. Italian food culture is admired in every corner of the planet. Because of this, you can’t miss the opportunity to bring your partner to the best restaurants and in the most beautiful locations to taste the country’s specialties.

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