Traveling internationally is currently the trend. But of course, there is a lot that you have to go through to get the passport and approve the visa. You might want to take a trip as soon as possible, but you don’t have a passport. But what if I tell you that you can take a trip abroad without requiring a passport?

Yes, you heard it right. Even if you don’t have a passport, going abroad is not a big deal for them as well. You just have to make a plan and pack your bags. Here we have come up with a list of places to go without a passport. 

Ten Places To Go Without A Passport

The standard time for processing the passport is nearly eight to eleven weeks. But if you try to expedite the process, it can be around five to seven weeks, but not less than that. You have to check the expiration date before planning the trip, as some countries need passports that are valid for more than six months from the date of your trip.

You must be thinking there is not enough time to plan the trip, or it is very time-consuming, but let me remind you there are plenty of places to go without a passport. 

Puerto Rico

The year 2022 has been the strongest year for Puerto Rico in terms of tourism. They generated almost $8.9 billion in revenue from their tourism. This is a 39% rise from what they had in 2019. They have grown immensely popular for remote work and leisure travel.

Visitors get to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, have a culinary adventure, and attend a lot of summer festivals like Festival del Mojo Isleno and El Festival de las Flores. There is a common confusion among people about which place to visit, Mexico vs Puerto Rico. But if you are choosing Puerto Rico, do not think you will be missing out on something.

Solvang, California

If you want a taste of Europe without the hassle of making a passport, then Solvang is your destination. This is also popular as “The Danish Capital of America.” Dolvang is most known for its thatched roofs, Scandinavian handcrafts, traditional windmills, shops, museums, and restaurants. And there are a lot of things to do in Solvang, so taking a trip here would always be exciting.

San Fransisco, California

Plan a trip to San Fransisco, and you will not be disappointed. This is the home to the country’s largest and oldest Chinatown. Tourists can wander in Grant Street, which the iconic Dragons Gate frames, and you should never miss the China Live marketplace.

San Diego, California

The northern part of the state is San Fransisco, and the southern part of the state is San Diago. If you are visiting San Fransisco, then you should not miss the southern part. Particularly, head to San Diego, which is popular for its almost perfect weather throughout the year. One of the main highlights is the old town of San Diego, where you will get to learn about Mexican culture and history as well as get to taste their cuisine.

U.S. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands in the U.S. have been included as one of the official parts of the U.S. territory since 1917. So, for any U.S. citizen, there is no need for a passport.  There are three main islands in this Caribbean destination, St. Thomas, St. Ceoix, and St. John. All of these are amazing tropical places to visit, and this is not only because of their beautiful beaches but also because of their rich history and culture.

Epcot at Walt Disney World

Orlando hosted about 74 million visitors in the year 2022 and became America’s most-visited destination. Maybe this is because Disneyland is costlier than Disney World. Even though this could not be a replacement for any travel destination, the section of World Showcase in Walt Disney World’s Epcot Park has 11 small subsections of different countries. Along with that, there are a lot of popular restaurants here, so pick the best disney world restaurants and dine in.

Key West, Florida

If you are planning a trip to a secluded island and want to relax and enjoy a tropical cocktail lying by the beach, then Key West is your destination. This is the southernmost point of Florida. When you are visiting Key West, you should never miss Dry Tortugas National Park. you have to take a seaplane or a boat to get there. Or you can even trek if you want to witness the raw, beautiful nature the place beholds.

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii tourism made a comeback after COVID-19, and it got the maximum number of tourists in Match 2023. There was a rise of 14% as compared to March 2022. There are lots of things you can do and see in Oahu. Even if you like places that have a history and rich culture backing their story, Oahu will not let you down. You get to witness the breathtaking Oahu waterfalls, and also take some hikes.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another city filled with culture and rich history. The city’s American, African, French, and Spanish heritage is reflected in their art, music as well as food. The French Quarter showcases some beautiful historic buildings and Jazz clubs. Some of the most popular attractions of the city include St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, and Bourbon Street.

Washington, D.C.

Washington is another place that you can visit without a passport. The Embassy Row is home to embassies of more than 170 countries. These embassies often offer cultural events, and tourists can even witness those. These embassies are situated in grand buildings, which represent the architecture of the respective countries.

So, if you are planning a trip abroad but do not want to go through all the trouble of making a new passport or renewing the old one, these are some of the places to go without a passport.


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