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10 Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica – 2022 Travel Guide

| May 12, 2022 | Destinations

Costa Rica is a small and beautiful country in Central America. It is popular among many US-based travelers due to the proximity and outstanding weather during the summer and fall.

It is surely one of the exotic tourist destinations that you can visit easily. Moreover, you can find many aged people from the US living permanently in Costa Rica due to cheap living benefits.

As a result, you can expect to easily plan for a budget trip to The Republic of Costa Rica. I would rather suggest you visit the country this summer only. Here is the list of the top places to visit in Costa Rica while on a trip.

Go through the list below, as it can ease the process of setting an itinerary for the trip.

Top Ten Places To Visit In Costa Rica In 2022 You Should Know About

Here is the list of the ten places that you should visit once during a trip to Costa Rica. Remember, it might need some four to five days to cover all the places. So, if you have time constraints, you can complete these in two or three turns. 

1. Monteverde


Monteverde is a large cloud forest in Costa Rica that is well maintained as a tourist destination. It is one of the important places to visit in Costa Rica because you can spot the sacred Quetzal bird.

If you are looking to travel from San Jose to Monteverde, you can book bus tickets easily. There are a few travel and bus operators that run direct bus services between these two locations. Expect the journey to be a scenic one with lots to explore as far as Costa Rica’s countryside is concerned.

All you need to know is the details regarding the bird-watching season before you reach this place. Well, another thing about Monteverde that you should keep in mind is the weather. You should always take rain gear for your trip as the place is mostly wet. You can indulge in zip lining at this place too.

2. Corcovado


If you are looking for one of the exotic places to visit in Costa Rica, the  Corcovado National Park can be your best choice.  It is located in the Osa Peninsula. It is the largest park in the country that you should not miss.

This place is quite remote but can be appropriate for you if you are looking for calm beach sides to hike. 

3. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Rarely do the tourists miss Santa Teresa when they are in the little Central American country. It is one of the top places to visit in Costa Rica. You can find yourself at the Nicoya Peninsula, and Santa Teresa can be one of the best surfing zones you have ever visited. 

Moreover, Santa Teresa can be one of the top places to visit in the country if you are looking for outstanding nightlife.

 4. Manuel Antonio

 Manuel Antonio

From lush green rainforests to the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio can obviously be one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. You would love to visit the place as it is one of the best eco-tourism hot stops in the country.

As per the activities, you can relax in the village or go out for sport-fishing. Moreover, you can expect to have a fun time spotting the wildlife of the place. 

5. Arenal


As Costa Rica falls under the zone of the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is quite obvious for her to home a volcano. Well, you can witness it at Arenal. It is one of the important places to visit in Costa Rica.

Now, this volcano is dormant, and it has not seen any lava explosion in the last seven years. However, if you are lucky enough, you can witness some smoke coming out from the top.

6. Cahuita


Cahuita is yet another small town, and it is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica with family or traveling alone. You can get some outstanding hotels and resorts in the place and a good chance to relax. 

Cahuita comes on this list of places to visit in Costa Rica as it homes a  National Park. You can go for a hike there and spot wild animals. 

7. Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach

From surfing zones to luxurious resorts, Jaco Beach has forever been one of the exotic places to visit in Costa Rica. Well, it can always give tough competition to the places to visit in San Jose, Costa Rica’. 

However, you would need to land in the capital city to visit Jaco Beach. Even things are the same for most other places on the list.  

8. Tortuguero


If you desire to watch the sea turtles of the  Carrebian Sea, Tortuguero is one of the important places to visit in Costa Rica for you. The best thing you can witness here is the co-presence of the green sea turtles and the leatherbacks. You can also spot the hawksbill turtle here. 

All you need to do is to visit the place from the months of July to October. It is actually the turtle breeding session that you cannot afford to miss. 

9. La Fortuna

 La Fortuna

The La Fortuna is a magnificent waterfall that you can visit while a trip to Costa Rica. As per the itinerary, you can add this place with Arenal as it falls in the middle of the hiking route. 

It is a good location for those desiring to find adventurous places to visit in Costa Rica. 

10. Dominical


If you are looking for a picturesque Pacific beachside with outstanding opportunities for seaports, the Dominical can be the best place for you. Well, the best part of Dominical is its easy access. This is what makes it different from the other parts of the Osa Peninsula. This can be the best place for solo travel for women.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Is The Best Area To Visit In Costa Rica?

Tortuguero and Corcovado are the two best areas to visit in Costa Rica.

2. What Is The Most Beautiful Part Of Costa Rica?

The Pacific coastal part is the most beautiful part of Costa Rica.

3. What Are The Best Months To Go To Costa Rica?

December to April are the best months to reach Costa Rica. 

4. What Should I Avoid In Costa Rica?

Do knot buy drugs in Costa Rica. Neither should you speed up much while driving in Costa Rica.

Final Words

A trip to Costa Rica can be the best idea to execute in the ongoing summer. So, if you have already saved some bucks for tripping, spend no more seconds and book a Costa Rica trip.

You can either opt to purchase a complete package tour or talk with a travel agent. You should be aware that Costa Rica is easily accessible, and you can get a lot of flights to San Jose, the capital.

Afterward, you can take taxis and other booked vehicles to reach the locations given in this list.

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