Vijaynagar Forest, popularly known as Polo Forest, is a dry mixed deciduous forest near Abhapur village in Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha district, Gujarat, India. It is located at the foothills of the famous Aravali range and near the bank of the Harnav River. it is estimated that the total acreage of the forest is around 400 square kilometers or 99,000 acres.

The forest is mostly dry forest; however, after monsoon, it turns lush. Therefore, the queries like 'polo forest weather ' or 'polo forest temperature ' can be answered easily answered from the above information. Sources claim that the forest houses around '450 species of medicinal plants, around 275 of birds, 30 of mammals, 9 species of fishes, and 32 (species) of reptiles. Amongst those statistics, it is believed that there are leopards, hyenas, common civet, jungle cats, etc. Hence, Polo Forest boasts a diverse range of animals.

Historically, it is believed that the Parihar kings of Idar established a town somewhere around the 10th Century AD. However, the town is now abandoned, yet the remains of the civilization can still be found there. The name of the forest is believed to have come from the word 'Pol', which means gate in Marwari language.

Every year, the Indian Government organizes a festival named Polo Festival. This is one of the most prominent attractions of the forest, and every year, thousands of tourists flock to the area to witness such a marvel. Therefore, we have compiled an ultimate guide to help you plan a trip to the iconic Polo Forest.

How To Reach?  

Ahmedabad and Udaipur are the two nearest cities to Polo Forest. The Polo Forest distance from Ahmedabad is around 160 Km, and from Udaipur is 120 Km. Therefore, given the overall distance going by road would be the best option for you and your friends or family.

You can hire four-wheelers from either of the nearest metro city, which would take you to your destination. This can cost you up to somewhere around ₹5000, depending upon the kind of car or facilities you can avail. Apps like Gozocabs, CabBazar, etc. offer attractive prices, starting from just ₹3000.

However, do not worry if you are on a budget, you can take busses as well. There are regular buses from Ahmedabad and Udaipur that can take you to Vijaynagar. From Vijayanagar, you can take a shuttle to Polo Forest.

However, we would ask you to be prepared as the buses can be unreliable at times. During certain seasons the roads can be undrivable; as a result, GSRTC might divert the route or cancel the busses for the time being.

Accommodation And Food?  

Accommodation and Food

When it comes to food and the accommodation side of things, Polo Forest offers limited options, and it is understandable why. You do not have to pay any money as Polo Forest entry fees, the only money you will be paying is for food and lodging.

One of the best options in this category is the Gujarat state forest department's campsite. For booking, you need to contact Himmatnagar forest department in advance. You have to mail the department with the dates, number of people, and types of rooms you want to avail. The confirmation depends on availability.

Other than that, there are other private 'Polo Forest hotels' that you can check out. However, these accommodations are way more expensive than the aforementioned option.

In Polo Forest, the food that you would find is mostly from dhabas and these accommodations. Therefore, if you look for exotic cuisines, then you will be sorely disappointed since the food will be basic.

Activities To Do And Places To Visit.  

Unlike the food and lodging, Polo Forest Gujrat boasts a diverse range of activities and places to visit. Surrounded by the beautiful Harnav River, the forest boasts a range of activities, from trekking to visiting old temples that would keep you exploring for days if that is what you want.

Shiv Shakti Temple:  

Shiv Shakti Temple

Also known as the Sun Temple, it is one of the more popular destinations you can visit in the Polo Forest. The temple is estimated to have been built around the 15th century and lies in complete ruin. Still, the three-dimensional figurines are rare and therefore is an interesting spot to visit.

Vanaj Dam:  

Vanaj dam

One of the central spots for tourists, the dam is located quite near some villages which are still untouched by modernity. Therefore, if you are looking to experience a more rustic way of living, definitely check those villages out.



If you are looking to test your physical prowess, then this is the activity you should go for. One of the iconic activities of this forest, this can truly make you feel like an adventurer.


Do you want to explore cave formations that have formed over millions of years with your friends or families? If yes, then this is your jam. With a range of naturally formed caves to explore, it makes for a thrilling and fun activity to get into.

Polo Festival:  

Every year Government of Gujrat celebrates Polo Festival by organizing well-planned travel events which include adventure activities. There is a Polo camp city that is set up where travelers can stay and enjoy the festival.

Traveler reviews:  

Traveler reviews

"Good for one day Picnic from Ahmedabad. Following is the itinerary I followed - Left Ahmedabad @ 6 .30 AM and reached @ 9 .15 AM. You will find an auto at the entrance. They will charge INR 400 for the complete sightseeing of Dam, River, and check dam. I asked for drop @ Dam only which costed INR 100. Dam is a good picturesque place with 10 Min walk in forest. After Dam went to the river side by Auto ( INR 50 ). Had Aloo Paratha @ riverside which was very good. Hired a local guide ( INR 300 ) for treking. It is not a long but a enjouable trek. He gave us 2 options one was a bit difficult and other was a stright road. We choose the first one. After trek we walked to check dam and sun temple ( Closed due to construction) . Left Pollo @ 12.30 Noon. They have Motor gliding which we dint opt for." – Aniket L, posted on Tripadvisor.

"Best Place for one day picnic. I like trekking, so we trekked there too and climbed the mountain. or forest. Many people don't know there is a small trek one can do with the help of a guide. The atmosphere there, the sights there, The thing it's Incredible."- Ranjeet Chauhan, posted on Tripadvisor.

Final Thought.  

Polo Forest is an iconic destination if you want a more unconventional experience while traveling. Located in remote parts of Gujrat, it is famous for providing a unique collection of activities that is sure to keep even jaded travelers happy and satisfied. With a whole range of activities that are sure to cater to individuals of different age groups.

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